Shuttles Start Running Between Arlington Hall, Pentagon

by ARLnow.com September 6, 2011 at 4:15 pm 7,532 17 Comments

Shuttle buses are now running between the Pentagon and the National Guard Readiness Center (Arlington Hall), in a move that officials hope will help alleviate some of the traffic burden in the Barcroft neighborhood.

In July we reported that Barcroft residents were concerned about the influx of an additional 1,200 workers, whose jobs were being moved to Arlington Hall as a result of the Base Realignment and Closure Act. Congestion on George Mason Drive was part of the concern, and the fact that parking is only available for one in four new workers was another part. In response, Rep. Jim Moran requested that the military speed up approval of shuttle buses between the facility and the Pentagon Transit Center.

On Aug. 19, Moran’s office was notified that the shuttle service had been approved. Today, those shuttle buses started running, according to Moran spokeswoman Anne Hughes.

Adding service between Arlington Hall and the Pentagon will “undoubtedly reduce the use of single occupancy vehicles commuting to and parking near the bureau facility,” Moran said in July.

  • G Mason

    I think it’s great that they have these shuttles, but I wish they would turn off their engine when parked rather than idol all along George Mason Dr from Columbia Pike to Arlington Hall. Running or biking through this stretch is awful due to all the exhaust fumes.

    • jan

      That’s illegal in DC. Is it legal in Arlington? Shouldn’t be. Ticket them.

  • Anything that can reduce traffic in the Barcroft neighborhood is most welcome. Traffic around here is getting worse, especially as the National Guard building has expanded its staff.

  • Happy to read this news.

  • smoke_jaguar4

    Where do the people who work at Arlington Hall eat lunch? I don’t see any good options within walking distance. To get to anything off-post would require a car or shuttle to Glebe and US50.

    With all the workers at the NGRC and FSI and some medium-density condos nearby, this area is ripe for some decent retail and TOD.

    • brown bag

      Pike Pizza at George Mason & Columbia Pike, which is actually a Bolivian place serving saltenas; Sauca at c-pike and S Buchanan; several places at Buckingham. You just have to walk fast. Maybe they should put in some bikeshare bikes

      • G Mason

        Good idea. They don’t have to walk too fast though. Everyone knows government employees regularly take 1-2 hours for lunch break.

        • brown bag

          not sure what govt emp you’re talking about. I’m a fed emp and usually eat at my desk

      • jan

        now there’s a good idea!

  • Ted Williams

    FSI has its own cafeteria. A little expensive but not bad. Access and use is restricted to FSI students and staff only, however.

  • Jersey Mikes

    I wish Arlington County would install 2 hr meters on G. Mason to prevent all the single vehicular drivers who park on G. Mason and then have to use the crosswalk (as Arlington’s finest provide the Crossing Guard Support) to get to work. This has made congestion in the area so miserable during rush hour.

    • shirley

      you can’t even use the park at South 7th Street because the parking is all taken by commuters.
      And some places on George Mason there is not enough room for two lanes of traffic and a parking lane — get rid of the parking lane.
      This is where THES will chime in about how parking can be run by the community. problem is that there is no community along George Mason and the rules don’t apply to the side with the park.
      So nothing will happen. But see, our professional staff should step in and say, “hey, that park can’t be used because of the all day parking. so let’s put in meters. ” Without polling the neighborhood and doing meetings. It is straight forward — problem and solution. I hope County staff will take George Mason from the commuter parkers and return it to the community so we can use the park. (and even those of us NOT cruising at the park).

  • Arlwhenver

    Tis’ lovely to behold the tolerance of Arlingtonians for the Federal presence and largesse that has made the County filthy rich.

    • brown bag

      What is wrong with trying to make things work better? Better to suffer in silent gratitude?

    • drax

      I’m not filthy rich.

      • Richard Cranium

        You’re complaining about not being filthy rich while there are soldiers in Afghanistan?? How DARE you, sir!

  • on arlington hill

    Does this mean the 2 crossing guards outside the National Guard building will still be there? I’m all for pedestrian safety, but stopping traffic on George Mason when they see a person 300 feet away and stop traffic for 2-3 minutes, it’s ridiculous.

    And yes, I know there are soldiers in Arghanistan.


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