Morning Poll: Too Cold for Flip Flops?

by ARLnow.com September 7, 2011 at 8:09 am 7,384 54 Comments

According to the Capital Weather Gang, yesterday was the coolest day in the D.C. area — and the first day where the temperature failed to reach 70 degrees — since May 14.

Although warmer weather is forecast for the rest of the week, we were wondering if yesterday’s fall-like temperatures are prompting locals to pack away that Arlington summer staple, the flip flop.

At what temperature do you consider it too cold to wear flip flops?

  • Lou

    Why do they call them Flip Flops? Is it because of that noise they make? That’s dumb.

    • JohnB

      What do you call your socks?

      • Steve

        My girlfriends?

      • Rosslyn Boom

        foot condoms

        • steve85


    • Cyrus

      /peers out window
      /shuffles over to open window
      /Hey kids, get off my LAWN!

  • KARLington

    You’d prefer they were called…Thong sandals? Bar cruisers? Or a more accurate onomatapoeic name like fwip-fwips?

    • Let’s just call them a breeding ground for fungal bacteria.

      • BoredHouseWife

        I think trippys is a more apt name.

    • Curious George

      Toe floss?

    • steve85

      Thong sandals. Lls. That was funny

    • Richard Cranium

      I second “fwip fwips”!!!

    • Love

      Fwip Fwips… definitely a winner!

  • Aaron

    You can have my brown flip flops when you pry them from my cold, desensitized feet!

  • At any temperature, they are just not that cool.

    • Rosslyn Boom


    • FunnyMunny

      Bingo! They are the footwear equivalent of sweatpants. Nothing says “I’ve given up” like wearing sweatpants for something other than exercise.

  • Steve

    I can’t wait to the nanny staters ban wearing flipflops in commercial establishments. Not exactly hygienic is it?

  • Ray

    It’s always too cold for flip flops.

  • Andrew

    There should be an option for only at the beach…

    • Rosslyn Boom


  • Josh S

    There should be an option for never…..

    • rossl

      it’s never too cold for flip flops. except in 32 inches of snow. then maybe it’s too cold.

    • Rosslyn Boom


      • Rosslyn Boom

        psych, flip flop look bad

  • steve85

    Hey Arlnow are those your personal flippers in the pic. They look horrible. Lol

  • Rosslyn Boom

    People wear flip flops for bad reasons. They are never stylish, people are lazy and do not want to throw on socks.

    If you are walking on the boardwalk, cool, wear flip flops because you are at the beach

    ‘But it’s so comfortable?’ Wear mesh shorts too out at the bar and complete your idiotic look.

  • Jay Jay

    I wear flip flops during the winter as well, as long as there is no snow on the ground….they are just easier….just slip them on real quick, go walk the dog, come back in, etc…

    • Tabby

      What’s the etc.?

      • Yaj Yaj

        Slip them on for work.

  • charlie

    i assume the survey is inferring “outside and other than on a pool deck”.
    flip flops show you have no class, are lazy and don’t care about your presentation to the world.

    • Rosslyn Boom


    • who cares?

      showing you care about others’ footwear means either you concern yourself with too many things, or the wrong things… I’m sure every time someone puts on flip flops, they’re presenting themselves to the entire world

      lighten up francis

      • charlie

        this is what undermines our whole society. we are a bunch of lazy slobs.
        go to Europe and see how beautiful people dress when going to the Farmers Market.
        go to Dulles Airport and pick someone up coming thru Customs — you can IMMEDIATELY tell the European visitors from the Americans who are returning — they are better dressed. and look great.

        • Aaron

          You’re comparing “average” Americans to the wealthiest of Europeans. The people who come to the U.S. on holiday from their overseas holes tend to not be representative of their countries.

          • Hattie McDaniel

            This isn’t the 1950s, Einstein. Most European countries have a more affluent middle-class than the US does.

          • Heraldo

            Also, there’s been an extremely favorable (for them) exchange rate for several years now, making vacations in the US a relative bargain.

        • who cares?

          hate to break it to you, but putting on calf-high socks and busted sneakers, instead of flip flops, isn’t going to solve that problem… Europeans look better in general, not much we can change about that, i don’t need to fly half way around the world to figure that out, maybe because we spend 40+ indoors working keeping our bodies nice and pale

          i still don’t understand how flip flops undermine our society, men don’t work in them (unless of course their job involves that kind of footwear)… i would say obese people undermine our society more than flip flops

          • Tammy Hillfinger

            I saw a young man not long ago dressed in a business suit and flip-flops.

          • who cares?

            your comment means nothing without context, i’ve seen guys sporting athletic wear carrying bat bags wearing flip flops… does that mean they played in them?

            same goes for men/women wearing tennis shoes on the metro/walk to work

    • FYI

      Implying, not inferring.

      • Conan the Grammarian

        You know, that used to be a pet peeve of mine too. Maddeningly, it turns out that infer can be substituted for “imply”. Still doesn’t sound right to me though.


  • AJ

    it’s too cold for flip-flops when my toes turn blue.

  • I’m confused by the flip-flop hate. Sure, sometimes they are lazy and in poor taste. But not a soul on here has mentioned men vs. women. Us chicks can get away with them very easily. As far as not being hygienic in public, how are they any different than the many other styles of sandals we wear? For men, they are much less acceptable, but still have a time and place. Out in shorts for a sidewalk lunch on a Saturday? Flip-flips look way better than socks if you as me.

    • FunnyMunny

      For men, that time and place would be at about 7am between the bathroom threshold and the shower entrance. Unless they are over 21 and then the answer is never.

    • charlie

      yeah but girls at least look hot in them. and usually the rest is better maintained. and the cute nail polish…

      • Revlon

        Men wear nail polish, too.

  • Smilla

    Flip-flops (we call them “foot flops”) are fine for the beach, at a campsite, or in your own home, but nowhere else. They are not shoes, people!

  • Clarendon Cruiser

    I’m somebody who has to wear boots all day, I look forward to wearing my flip flops…all the time, after work.

    What’s the difference between flip flops and expensive women’s shoes that expose as much skin, but they are considered ‘formal’?

    • Rosslyn Boom

      men should not be lazy

      • Tabby

        Something tells me the state of CC’s feet would not be flop-friendly.

        • Clarendon Cruiser

          I could post a photo – but I respect the fact that most people’s stomachs are full from lunch, and may not be soon after my posting.

          @RB how is me lacing up boots every day lazy? Do you wear combat boots all day?

  • Novanglus

    Easy question. If it’s cold enough for the cliche clarendude black NorthFace jacket, it’s too cold for the cliche clarendude brown flip-flops.

    • cunninglinguist

      Where do the cliche clarendude mesh gym shorts fit in this scenerio?


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