Roads Blocked by Fallen Trees

by ARLnow.com September 8, 2011 at 8:17 am 4,966 14 Comments

(Updated at 8:40 a.m.) At least two local roads were blocked by fallen trees this morning.

Washington Boulevard was closed between George Mason Drive and N. Harrison Street, near Virginia Hospital Center, due to a large tree that fell onto the roadway overnight, taking power lines down with it. Authorities have warned that the closure could last “well into the day.”

In the North Rosslyn area, a tree fell across N. Scott Street at the intersection with Lee Highway. The road is closed while crews work to clear the debris, authorities said.

Last night, S. Barton Street in Arlington Village was also blocked by a fallen tree (see photo).

Photo courtesy Breandan M.

  • I’m starting to get weary of all this rain. Bring back the sun and summer for a few more weeks please!

    • Bluemontsince1961

      Ain’t that the truth! I’m building an ark and pairing up the animals! Sheesh, I’m sure even Seattle doesn’t see this much rain in one week!

    • ArlGirl

      People made a big deal about Irene – this is almost more annoying and we’ve definitely had more flooding from this than Irene…

  • JamesE

    Terrible commute, took me 45 minutes to get from George Mason to Sycamore on lee highway, here are some blurry photos I took as traffic was completely stopped.

    • JamesE


      • CW

        Don’t forget to put up the new county decal! I keep forgetting mine…

        • JamesE

          I am paying Oct 5th at 11:59, then putting the decal on at the last minute as well.

      • TomInArlington

        Glad I wasn’t driving near you as you were taking cell phone pictures. Maybe that’s what the other folks were doing earlier in the morning when the accident happened at 66/267 split.

        Do throw cigarette butts out the window as well?

        • JamesE

          Yeah I could have totally lost control and killed someone as I was going 0 mph

    • Chris

      Yeah – what happened on Lee Hwy?
      It was backed up a loooong way for over an hour. Then, at 11:00, Lee Hwy opened up again — and all was running smoothly.

  • Tre

    Nice ‘vette, hoping you have a different winter car.

    • CW

      He has one of the AWD models, haven’t you seen those?


    • JamesE

      I just work from home if the roads get bad in the winter


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