Arlington Celebrates DADT Repeal

by ARLnow.com September 20, 2011 at 8:55 am 4,269 26 Comments

As of midnight last night, the law known as Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell was officially repealed.

Gay and lesbian service members may now publicly reveal their sexual orientation without fear of being kicked out of the military. The repeal comes nine months after President Obama signed the initial DADT repeal law and two months after the president certified that conditions for the appeal — including extra training for military personnel — had been met.

To celebrate the end of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, the Arlington Gay and Lesbian Alliance will be holding two separate events. Tonight from 8:00 to 11:00 AGLA will host “Yes We Did DADT Karaoke” at Freddie’s Beach Bar & Restaurant (555 23rd Street S.) in Crystal City. The free event is also sponsored by the Arlington Democrats and the Arlington Greens.

Tomorrow AGLA will hold another DADT repeal celebration at Hard Times Cafe (3028 Wilson Blvd) in Clarendon.

“Join AGLA for an evening of celebration, socializing, great food and drinks,” organizers said. The Wednesday event will be held from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. on the restaurant’s second floor.

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  • Valerie

    perfect photo

    • CW

      Is that seriously real?…

  • UnlimitedCustoms

    Another check on 0’s list to destroy America.

    • AllenB

      Thanks for the chuckle.

    • drax

      Death panels!

  • KalashniKEV

    Legalize it.

    • drax

      So you’ll be at the local Republican celebration?

      • Bringmetheyuppies

        Are you kidding…now he can finally be free to join up!

  • Tgeoa


    • ShirliMan

      Are you suggesting that gay members of the military should be cannon fodder?

  • At comment #10, not a lot of celebrating going on here at ARLNow.

    • drax

      But now this one goes to 11!

      • AllenB

        And now 12!

        • brian

          I don’t see any counters

  • Won’t there still be a certain risk of personal or off-duty retaliation by service members who do not accept this command decision, especially among the combat units where the highest percentage opposed the repeal? I don’t understand the psychology of homosexuality, but it would seem prudent to hold off the public declarations and celebrations until there is more widespread acceptance.

    • Vicente Fox

      If said service members want to be thrown out for insubordination, I suppose so.

    • Skeptical

      There is no “psychology of homosexuality,” as far as I can see or learn. Some people are just hormonally or neurologically wired to be attracted to their own sex. Evolution must like the idea since it is around in just about all species, believe it or not.

      I’m pretty embarrassed when I think how automatically I assumed gay people had something “wrong” with them when I was still college-age — since people who were out of the closet could lose their jobs, I had no idea how many people I liked and respected were gay. Being thrust into an environment where gay people were accorded respect and dignity made it possible for me to change my mind. When all the currently serving gay people come out, I bet we’ll be dumbfounded at how many there are. If we wait until everyone is OK with it, we’ll wait forever.

      • AllenB

        Great comment and great attitude. Thanks.

  • mickey644

    Contrary to whoever put the Iwo Jima Memorial Picture on this DADT article, the memorial is NOT to celebrate DADT, but a MEMORIAL to the 25,000 Sailors and Marines that were wounded or died on Iwo Jima. To use this picture with this article is unquestionably disgusting and dishonorable to those men and all who have honorably served this country. Someone owes them a public apology…

    • George Washington

      What about the gay soldiers who died at Iwo Jima while honorably serving this country?

      • Skeptical


      • Mickey

        Could you list them? Do you have proof that there were any gay Marines there? The point is that the Iwo Jima Memorial is just that….any other “symbol” such as a helmet, picture of a soldier, etc. is appropriate. Using our memorial is tantamount to showing a picture of Arlington Cemetery. And yes, I know several gay military personnel are there. Don’t miss the point of a memorial.

    • George Washington

      * Sailors and Marines

    • CW

      You’re a fool and a bigot. The United States government has shown, through its repeal of DADT that there is nothing disgusting or dishonorable about one’s orientation, and if you were active duty and expressed your hateful stance through actions, you’d be court-martialed.

      • Mickey

        There is nothing dishonorable about being gay. There is something dishonorable to use a memorial to the men that died or were wounded on Iwo Jima for a celebration of DADT. Why is it always “personal” when you have nothing to say and missed the point?

  • TDP

    Hurray! So happy people can serve freely.


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