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by ARLnow.com September 29, 2011 at 8:39 am 4,005 18 Comments

Free Coffee Today — 7-Eleven stores are offering a free medium coffee, any flavor, from 7:00 to 11:00 this morning. [Facebook]

Marshals Service Sheds Staff Cars — The free ride is over for dozens of employees at U.S. Marshals Service headquarters in Crystal City, the Wall Street Journal reports. The law enforcement agency is sending more than 100 take-home vehicles, including SUVs and high-powered sedans, from its headquarters to its field offices. Since the cars were law enforcement vehicles with emergency lights, they allowed Marshals Service employees to use HOV lanes on their commutes to work. Now, only about 30 headquarters employees will have that privilege. [Wall Street Journal]

Lackluster Fundraising for Arlington GOP — The Arlington County Republican Committee has been running a fiscal deficit since the beginning of the year. Even with the November election approaching, the organization was only able to raise $4 during the first 28 days of September. [Sun Gazette]

Grand Opening for Yoga Studio — The new Little River Yoga studio at 6025 Wilson Blvd will be celebrating its grand opening on Friday with a weekend of free classes, massages, and giveaways, according to owner Stair Calhoun. [Little River Yoga]

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  • GOP lurker

    There is little point to donate to the GOP in Arlington. There is little point in fielding a candidate, actually. Why spend the time and money in a GOP wasteland, when the resources and energy are better spent elsewhere? Aside from the lurkers, Arlington is just an extension of the District and overrun with hard core liberals. $4 raised was too much. Give it to a district where the race is a little tighter.

    • Peter Harnish

      It is good strategy. Karen Merrick needs little money from Arlington to go against Favola. Our GOP money is going downstate to the elections that will flip the senate.

  • Southeast Ben

    I hear Caribou Coffee and some others are as well.

  • NomNom

    $4? I picked up more change off the street than that.

  • Lou

    The renovated 7-11’s have really stepped up their coffee game.

  • drax

    Running a deficit? Those Republicans are soooo fiscally irresponsible.

    • SomeGuy

      The county committee is likely backstopped by parent organizations at the the state and/or national level, so they’re not “too big to fail.” Our federal government, to whom I think you’re trying to compare a county committee, doesn’t have that kind of a backstop unless you count the Chinese and/or the printing press, both of which have potential broad negative consequences.

      • Lou

        Yeah, he doesn’t really grasp the nuanced differences between taxed money and donations.

        • drax

          Of course I get the nuances, Lou. It was a joke. But there’s still some truth in it – donations and tax revenue are both affected by the state of the economy.

      • drax

        And the excuses start flowing.

        • SomeGuy

          If it was a joke with only “some truth in it,” as you say in your response to Lou above (and how I took it too), then you recognize it wasn’t a purely valid point. Therefore, diminishing clarifications as just “excuses” is also not valid.

          • Steamboat Willie

            Ahh, so the inability to run an enterprise in no way undermines the message of a political party and many of its candidates who crow constantly about how their business expertise is an important qualification for running a government?

            Got it.

          • Lou

            The “enterprise” is not insolvent. They do not need to show a profit. They are not a business.

            Try harder.

  • CW

    Curious about the Marshals article.

    -If these were “employees” (not “officers”), i.e. just desk jockeys, then why were they allowed to drive around in legit law enforcement vehicles with lights and sirens in the first place?

    -Conversely, if these “employees” were in fact officers, I’d think it would be a bad idea to take away their take-home official vehicles. I don’t know a ton about the Marshals, but I’d figure that they might need to occasionally rush to a call, to, say, try to apprehend a fugitive.

    • Steamboat Willie

      $4? That’s incredibly hilarious, not unlike scoring a 4 on a high school math test. Zero would be better for both, because 4 suggests an effort was made but the result was an unmitigated failure.

      Maybe the Arlington County GOP should have sold those balloons from their sad and lonely booth at Clarendon Day.

      • steve85

        Yeah we don’t need to send any more idiots down to “Redmond Va”. They already stealing our money and not bringing it back up here. Maybe they should not even have a field up here. Now that would be a good idea

  • JimPB

    And who pays for the gas for those gas-guzzling SUVs and high-powered sedans for the drives between home and work?

    And what is/are the need(s) for the SUVs? for high-powered sedans (do U.S. Marshals regularly engage in high speed pursuits)??? Or is the function (expensive) of these vehicles to evoke the image of the U.S. Marshal of the west? (By the way, I’ve read that the homicide rate was higher in the cities of the East than in the “wild” west.)

  • ChrisG

    Thank you ARLnow and Sun Gazette for the fundraising assistance.


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