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Low Water Pressure After Main Break in Shirlington

by ARLnow.com October 11, 2011 at 11:00 am 4,105 11 Comments

Many residents of the Shirlington and Fairlington areas of South Arlington are experiencing low or no water pressure after a water main break.

The break happened near the intersection of Walter Reed Drive and Arlington Mill Drive in Shirlington yesterday. Crews have been unable to fully fix the rupture because the size of the water main — 14 inches — is “rare” and the nearest replacement part that the county was able to find was four hours away.

Much of Fairlington and parts of Shirlington are currently experiencing low or no water pressure. Most Shirlington businesses, however, are “in good shape,” according to Arlington County Department of Environmental Services spokeswoman Myllisa Kennedy.

Kennedy says crews will be making repairs throughout the evening. Work is expected to wrap up during the overnight hours, she said. The work has reduced Arlington Mill Drive to one lane in each direction near the water main break.

Residents with discolored water are encouraged to run the taps until the water clears up. Anybody who is concerned about their water can call the county’s water emergency hotline at 703-228-6555.

Update at 3:20 p.m. — A status update from Arlington County:

Emergency repairs are underway on the water main break at Walter Reed Drive and Arlington Mill Drive. Crews installed the new pipe and valve; however, while they were reopening the valves another portion of the pipe broke. Water in the area has been shut off while the team reassesses the situation and continues repairs.

Abingdon Elementary School has been notified of the situation. For the latest information about the schedule at Abingdon ES, visit Arlington Public Schools at www.apsva.us.

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  • DudeInBrownFlipFlops

    I wonder how this will affect restaurant week…

    • Josh

      Water in the Shirlington Village appears to be unaffected.

  • zzzzzz

    Actually, I noticed low water pressure yesterday (in N. Fairlington) but today seemed back to normal, or close to it.

  • Chris

    I live in Fairlington and my water pressure is about 50% of normal. As long as it’s still safe to drink, it’s nothing I can’t handle for a few days.

  • We do not have water at the Animal Welfare League of Arlington. Luckily we have a several reserve 50 gallon tanks that were filled with water that we are able to clean with. We had to buy drinking water for the animals and we only have one toilet at the shelter that functions because it is the only “tank-type” toilet that we can pour water into to flush.

    We will be very happy to have water restored ASAP!

  • 1234

    Wouldn’t you think that keeping an inventory of pipes like that might make some sense? It’s not like the county doesn’t have the storage space after taking over the land around the water tower at the top of the Walter Reed hill to store similar stuff.

  • Wheaties

    Ahh, that explains why my daughter’s bath water was yellow last night. We chose to forgo the bath last night and hope it was better today. Water seems fine for us now and we live in N Fairlington. Thanks for the info.

  • Richard Cranium

    Meanwhile those greedy bastards over in Donaldson Run won’t release some of their excess liquid gold . . .

  • hokies304

    Thanks Arl Now. I noticed a yellow hue to the water in Shirlington last night. I posted in the forum about this same issue. It’s good to know something is not wrong at my apartment complex.


  • Hokie

    I live right around the corner from it (walkable in 90 seconds)- I had water this morning, still have water now- and it’s at 100%. Weird.

  • John Andre

    How is it that these replacement parts are in “short supply”??? Huge water mains have broken in other metro jurisdictions in recent years, most notably in Montgomery County. Loss of water supply can be highly inconvenient if not potentially catastrophic.


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