BREAKING NEWS — ACPD Officer Hurt in Motorcycle Wreck

by ARLnow.com October 13, 2011 at 1:21 pm 5,300 23 Comments

(Updated at 1:30 p.m.) An Arlington police motorcycle officer has been hurt in a crash on Route 50.

The accident happened near the intersection with Garfield Street, around 1:00 p.m. Initial reports suggest that only vehicle — the motorcycle — was involved.

The officer was said to be conscious but “in a lot of pain.” He has been rushed to a local hospital via ambulance.

Currently, the westbound lanes and one eastbound lane of Route 50 get by the accident scene. Cones are being set up and investigators are taking photos of the motorcycle, which is laying on its side.

  • 1234

    Nasty day to be on a bike — hope he recovers quickly.

  • tom smart

    Although I feel sorry for the policeman, it wouldn’t surprise me if he was speeding. I speak from experience where an undercover policeman was speeding on his motorcycle and he ran into the side of my car. before the police on the scene knew that he was an undercover detective, they placed the fault of the accident on the detective. but when they discovered that he was one of theirs, they did a 180 on who was responsible for the accident. this is not an exaggeration of what happened. as a friend of mine once said, the police, albeit needed for society, are nothing more than legalized mafia. i’m sure i’ll get flamed for this but the story is true and obviously disturbing. The guy tried to sue me for half a million. but in the end he settled for hospital bills. thank god for geico and umbrella policies.

    • MC 703

      Sweet story. Post the link to the www story.

  • Wow, looks like there’s about 20-30 cops on the scene. Good use of county resources! Your tax dollars, hard at work!

  • J.C.

    I hope the cop’s OK, too. But, I don’t doubt tom’s story for a minute — something about wearing boots can go to a cop’s head. I once pulled over on the Beltway & backed up slowly along the shoulder to retrieve something I saw on the side of the road. (Yeah, you shouldn’t do that, but it was 7 a.m. on a Sunday morning, it was very uncrowded, and looping around exits would’ve taken me many miles out of my way.) Anyway, I got pulled over by a boot-wearing state trooper driving a cruiser who *maniacally* screamed at me for doing that. The guy was so out of control it was totally inappropriate for the situation. Surprisingly, he let me go without a ticket, but it such an irrational screaming episode, I was truly shaken. I saw his badge number and considered even filing a complaint, but opted not to as it could come back to haunt me. Through it all, I will always wonder about the personalities of guys who like wearing boots like that — the phrase “jack-booted thugs” didn’t come out of nowhere.

    • MC 703

      He has probably seen way too many accidents in which feeble-minded drivers backed up on a major interstate.

      You were thoughtless and selfish. You saved 10 minutes but could’ve killed someone.

      • Courthouse Res

        I can’t believe you admitted to this on here. There is NEVER, EVER a reason to back up on a highway. You know, I was driving on 66 East last week and saw someone doing it Westbound and I thought, “what a complete moron, just head to the next exit, my god.” People these just amaze me, and I’m only 27.

      • Aarohn

        Well said MC.
        JC deserved a ticket or arrest for a dangerous moving violation. Shame on him

        • Steamboat Willie

          A ticket or arrest? Apparently the officer on the scene disagreed and went with a screaming tantrum instead.

          Shame on him? Seriously?

          And he didn’t back up on major (as opposed to what kind?) interstate – he backed up on the shoulder.

        • J.C.

          Really, Aarohn? Arrest (& imprisonment?) for backing up on the shoulder (@2 mph with flashers on)? I could see whacking me with a ticket & fine, but putting me in *jail* just for that? You must assume cops and jails don’t have more important things to attend to.

    • Larchmont

      Not what J.C. would do.

  • sitruc

    I had this crazy idea where he could have put it down simply from slippery conditions.

  • Nope

    Horrible. I wonder if this officer was participating in the funeral procession that left St. Agnes Chruch around 1:00. There were 3 motorcycle police officers in group with several marked police cars.

  • wat

    According to a friend that was nearby when this happened, the cop ran into a car that was stopped at the intersection.

  • Chris

    It seem the years of reading Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew mysteries and years of watching CSI and Law and Order have paid off for the readers of ARL Now….. How did they solve crimes before the internets?

  • JamesE

    Looks like this motorcycle cop…….. was in the slip lane

    • Cyrus


  • While my comments might sound lame. Pretty much regardless of what happened, let’s not forget that this officer would put his life on the line to save anyone of us.

    • CW

      You know the guy?

  • MomOfTeens

    Hope the officer is ok. And hope whoever does the writing for ArlNow learns proper grammar. The motorcycle could only be “laying” on the ground if it were a chicken. “Lying” is the proper usage. Sorry, former English major who gets annoyed when folks who write for a living don’t know basic rules of grammar.

    • MomOfTeens

      *Oops, I meant a hen, lol – see, we all make mistakes!

  • Louise

    ArlNow, I think correct grammar would have you say the motorcycle was “lying” on the ground, not “laying”.

  • Skeptical

    A chicken or someone with a highly eccentric sense of appropriate public behavior.


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