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Parts of North Arlington Without Power

by ARLnow.com October 20, 2011 at 2:46 pm 2,642 13 Comments

More than 3,600 Dominion customers in North Arlington are without power this afternoon.

Yorktown High School and Williamsburg Middle School were reported to be among the buildings that lost power. Traffic signals were reported to be dark at the intersection of Old Dominion Drive and 26th Street N.

No word on what caused the power outage or when power might be restored.

  • Jim S

    We called it in for our house (N Stafford at 31st) and the system estimated a fix between 5 and 7

  • Lou

    So much wind today, probably knocked out a transformer.

  • zzzzz

    FWIW, I saw a bunch of police cars heading north on Glebe in that direction a little over an hour ago, all with lights and sirens on at high speed. (Well, as high as possible given the number of drivers at Glebe and Fairfax that don’t bother to stop for police cars with lights and sirens on.)

  • novasteve

    It’s windy? Finally my apartment might cool down. I’ve got multiple fans, including a vornado going and it’s hot as hell despite it being much cooler outside than inside…

  • ODCASteve

    Our power is back (NW of Lee & Glebe)

  • Rick

    I reported to arlnow via twitter the light at old dominion and 26th was dark. I found it odd that 26th and Glebe and Glebe and Old Dominion both worked. Oh well

  • apsnumberone

    Between 1 and 2 today there were LOTS of firetrucks and more than one ambulance on N. Randolph between Glebe and Wilson. Couldn’t see what it was, but the entire block was closed off by police. Anyone know what it was?

    • It was a hazmat situation, but nothing major.

  • WhySoArlIsBetter

    suck it N.Arl

    • soarlslacker

      Yes. Those us use in SoArl are hoping the wind blows away the stink of the Waste Water Treatment Plant or the Potomac–since they both can stink and it is often hard to tell where the smell comes from on any given day. It doesn’t stink every day though!

    • Daniel J

      Rofl. Looks like we’ve got our own mini Civil War brewing – the northerners (99% Democrat) and the Southerners (98% Democrat). For war! For reasons we’ll come up with later! Death to our Northern/Southern Arlingtonian oppressors!


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