Applicants Wanted for Tree Lover License Plate

by Katie Pyzyk November 4, 2011 at 3:55 pm 4,876 37 Comments

Now’s your chance to apply for a Virginia Loves Trees license plate. But there’s a catch: it’s not actually available yet.

Arlington’s Urban Forestry Division encourages residents to apply for the plate. It should become available if 450 pre-paid applications are received and the General Assembly approves it next year. It will then be submitted to the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles.

If the idea is accepted, the specialty plate will carry an additional yearly cost of $25. The revenue sharing plates allow Virginia Loves Trees to collect funds from each additional plate sold or renewed after the first 1,000 are issued. $15 from each sale will go toward urban forestry programs.

Until the plate is approved by the General Assembly, the design is considered a prototype and may end up changing slightly. You can apply for the plate either online or by mail.

  • MB

    I’m holding out for Virginia Loves Coal or Virginia is for Offshore Drilling.

    • Aaron
      • MB

        Holy ()*@#@#.


        (That’ll each me to open my mouth.)

        (Well, okay, it won’t. But I just need to remember that I can never underestimate Virginia.)

        • Greg

          Because I’m sure you’re typing on a solar powered laptop, right?

          • drax

            Right. Because he can only get power from coal, that means he prefers it that way. Great logic there, Greg.

  • Bender

    Urban Forestry?

    Might be more of it if Arlington quit pursuing this policy of chopping down trees to construct high-rise buildings everywhere.

    • Bluemontsince1961

      That’s the truth, Bender!

    • Agent Michael Scarn

      Yes, because it’s so much better to have the thousands of people Arlington County has moving in every year in one-story ranchers. Urban planning is not your knack, is it?

    • drax

      The chopped-tree to human housed ratio is probably alot better for highrises than the sprawl development those people would have to live in if there were no highrises….

      • Voice of Reason

        Why must there be only the two extremes? Plenty of prewar neighborhoods in Arl that have lots of trees. If builders could just build more of those–keep the trees and leave some parkland here and there.

        • Bingo!

          • Josh S

            Because even the prewar neighborhoods resulted in more trees being chopped down than any highrise. The trees you see in those neighborhoods are largely less than 70 years old.

            Trees come, trees go, It doesn’t make much sense to try to appeal to some kind of historical “ideal.” Unless you are appealling back to perhaps before the last Ice Age, when their were no humans in North America to chop down, or plant, trees.

            If your overall concern is for the environment and water quality, then you really should get on the density band-wagon. It disturbs less land, places people closer to where they want / need to go, requires smaller footprints for the supporting infrastructure, etc.

            If you just have an aesthetic need for trees, well – plant some, advocate for parks, don’t advocate for roads or road widening, consider moving away from the center of a multi-million soul metropolitan area with one of the healthiest economies in the nation. Because until we run out of oil growth will happen.*

          • Voice of Reason

            Josh, I actually agree with you that growth is going to happen–because the demand for housing will keep growing as job growth continues and as people keep reproducing.

            I think it’s obvious that the demand for detached housing will also keep growing, because some people just will not live in a condo. Even now we have people living in *Gainesvile* who commute to DC! I’ve even heard of people coming in from Harper’s Ferry. They do this because they want a real house.

            So if one concludes that demand for detached homes won’t go away, then neither will supply. In which case, what kind of detached home is least environmentally bad? I would argue it’s one that has the smallest footprint and leaves as much of the woodlands as they are.

        • drax

          I didn’t say there had to be two extremes. I was just responding to the comment.

    • Perhaps a plate that reads on the bottom “Arlington loves concrete and steel!”.

  • anon

    Next plate: Legalization – Virginia Goes To Pot

  • DSS10

    I’m waiting for the Virginiastan plate!

  • JimPB

    The real thing is better than the look — put the $25 into a tree or bush.

    • Charlie

      Quit being so reasonable.

  • wat

    inb4 the following license plates

    r – trees
    [email protected]/Pine8le/Pinaple

  • Steamboat Willie

    or this:

    • JB

      Yeah, that’s a good one, but I believe there was an article or blog some time ago about that plate and how the censors at the DMV can revoke a plate after the fact, which I think they may have in that case.

      Which still leaves my second favorite VA plate…

      • Josh S

        I’m terrible at the license plate decoding. What’s this one say?

        • JB

          It’s from Silence of the Lambs…If you haven’t seen it, and don’t like horror thrillers, then don’t worry about it, but if you do, then watch it again and you’ll appreciate what a great plate this is (open it full size – it even has a little thread and scissors).

  • dezlboy

    Where’s my “Backyard Hens – Better Eggs” plate?

  • Paul Bunyan

    I’ll buy one, but I want it made out of wood. Preferably sequoia.

  • Lindsay

    Mppr 850 team Andy Rooney is a fan of ARL now!

  • brian

    If you support this movement, then you support CO2 (carbon dioxide emissions) since trees and plant life survive off of CO2.

    • drax

      Um, brian? Plants consume the CO2, thereby DECREASING the amount of CO2 in the air.

    • Wow….

    • JB

      Not bad logic for a 3rd grader.

  • Newtdog73

    Taste like spotted owl.

  • Marcia
  • dezlboy

    or this:

  • steve85

    Another Tree story. what is the the 50th one of the week. Im pretty sure the “other” Virginians south of the HOV lanes will vote for this to happen.

  • YTK

    So Arlington is finally going to re-plant the trees they murdered so that we could admire the sunrise/sunset view of the newly-built tacky townhouse/hi rise rooftops and breathe in the polluted air from all those thousands of cars our newest residents are driving down our clogged roadways every morning and evening?


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