Arlington Resident Re-Signs With Steelers

by ARLnow.com November 7, 2011 at 12:56 pm 3,087 17 Comments

NFL punter and Arlington resident Jeremy Kapinos, who had been jobless since the beginning of the football season, re-signed with the Pittsburgh Steelers last week and played in last night’s game against the Baltimore Ravens.

Kapinos, 27, played for the Steelers last year after starting punter Daniel Sepulveda was injured. He finished the season with a loss in the Super Bowl. Kapinos was released from the team during the preseason to make room for Sepulveda on the roster. But Sepulveda re-injured his right leg during practice last week, and Kapinos was brought back to replace him.

Kapinos punted three times last night for an average of 33.3 yards per kick and a long of 41 yards. Kapinos’ last kick pinned the Ravens back at their own 8 yard line with only 2:34 left in the game. The Ravens, however, were able to drive down the field and score a game-winning touchdown with seconds to go on the clock.

“I’m happy to be back to work and especially with the Steelers,” Kapinos told ARLnow.com this morning, adding that last night “was a tough loss.”

  • novasteve

    When you talk averages, is that net yards? meaning p unt minus the return yardage? Because 33 yards gross isn’t very good.

    • Brian

      Do you know much about football? Did you watch the game?

      Twice he was called in to punt when his team was in opposing territory. (on the last punt the Steelers were already on the Ravnes 34 yard line!) If he just punted normally it would go out of bounds for a touchback and the Ravens would get good starting position.

      He kicked two high, short punts that could not be returned and pinned the Ravens back in their own territory.

      If he had just booted the ball out of the end zone, his average would look better to people like you but he’d be out of job.

      • Lou

        Umm, actually if he had kicked that last one out of the end zone, his average would have been lower. It would have only been 14 net, instead of 26. But you know about football, right?

        • Brian

          The only average reported in the story is his (Gross) Punting Average, not his net. This is the same average that ‘novasteve’ said in his comment, the one I was responding to, ‘wasnt very good’. Thus, I was essentially telling Steve that a better gross average means nothing if it results in a lower net.

          Try to keep up, Lou. Your reading comprehension needs considerable improvement if you allow yourself to get mixed up so easily.

          • Lou

            Actually, I was ahead of you. I was addressing his last kick, which was fair-caught, as opposed to your example of him booting it out of the endzone. So both options have the same effect on the gross since neither carries return yardage.

            Do you want to keep going with this?

          • Brian

            I’d love to, but not really. I’m sure we could both use our time more wisely

            Anyway, good luck to Jeremy.

  • Jackson

    I hope his distance improves as he is below the average punt return distance for all teams. See http://msn.foxsports.com/nfl/sortableStats?div=NFL&table=punting&stat=puntAvg&dir=descending

    • brif

      His 3 punts were returned for a combined 3 yards. The steelers can live with his below average punt distance if those punts don’t get returned.

    • Lou

      Out of three punts, one was from inside Baltimore’s 40. When 1/3 of your kicks only go 26 yards, by design, it might screw your average against the rest of the league half-way through the season.

  • Courthouse Lady

    Not as cute as Sepulveda, but OK. Go Steelers!

  • brendan

    also — some of his punts, the last one for example, were pooches so that can throw the average way off. only 3 kicks in, start talking about averages after a couple weeks.

  • Josh S

    Thanks for following up on this story. I had, of course, completely forgot about him and it’s nice to learn that he was able to re-sign with a team. Best of luck to him. (Even if I was rooting for the Ravens last night…..)

  • CrystalMikey

    I thought I recognized that name when I was watching the game last night. Congrats to him (even if I was also rooting for the Ravens).

  • JamesE

    All the bandwagon Steelers fans in this area that have never even been to Pittsburgh have a real reason to cheer for them now.

  • Jake

    Get a real job – get real priorities

  • John Andre

    So…He didn’t sign with the REDSKINS!!! You know…I’m getting awfully tired of this “Snyder Swoon” that keeps recurring year after year after year! The Redskins start out good…then start losing, losing, losing…then miss the playoffs! It doesn’t seem to matter who’s coaching or quarterbacking…their last “quarterback of the future” [Heath Shuler] is representing western North Carolina in Congress, and they haven’t had a long term QB for a multi-year extended period since Theismann. Well, I grew up in western Wisconsin a Green Bay Packers fan…and today’s Redskins are doing all they can to return me to my cheesehead roots! Until we get a QB like Aaron Rogers, an offensive line like the Hogs and a team which can keep winning all season, I’ll be rooting for the Green & Gold.

  • YinzerLocal

    Punting stats are the most inaccurate measure of performance. (Actually, so are QB ratings and just about every other stat in football). Jeremy has always rocked for us. I dig that my neighbor plays for my team.


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