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Ways to Give Back This Holiday Season

by ARLnow.com November 17, 2011 at 12:00 pm 2,886 20 Comments

Looking for a way to give back this holiday season?

The county’s Volunteer Arlington program lists several holiday-related volunteer and donation opportunities that are open to interested members of the public.

  • Thanksgiving Meal Delivery — The Arlington Knights of Columbus chapter is feeding some 2,000 needy people on Thanksgiving, and they need volunteers to help deliver meals or serve food in their North Arlington facility.
  • Angel Tree Program Setup, Sorting and Distribution — Help the Salvation Army provide gifts to needy children and elderly citizens who would otherwise be left out on Christmas.
  • Gift Wrapping at Pentagon City Mall — A gift wrapping service provided to shoppers at the Fashion Centre at Pentagon City by Arms Outstretched Ministry. Proceeds benefit wounded warriors, deployed military personnel and their families.
  • Secret Santa/Adopt-A-Family — Help provide gifts to needy families via the Arlington Partnership for Affordable Housing.
  • Arlington DHS Secret Santa — Donate gift cards to the Arlington Department of Human Services to make the holidays “a little happier for some of Arlington’s most vulnerable residents.”

  • JamesE

    I already gave back to the county when I paid the car tax.

    • drax

      Thanks, Scrooge.

      • JamesE

        It was a lot, they should be thankful.

        • Clizzledizzle

          I know! I just bought a new car, my 12 year old (t)rusty Hyundai had finally kicked the bucket, quite a shock!

          Arlington still beats anywhere else around here though. after 2 years of renting Mr and Ms Clizzle may very well end up buying a house in North Arlington this weekend.

    • Humble Pie

      So you’re saying that the government, and not private charity, should pay for all the services provided to the poor, sick, disabled, and elderly? So you are a socialist, and apparently not a very generous one at that.

      • Banksy


        Another “thank you” for posting this, ARLNow.

      • JamesE

        I’m very generous according to my property tax statements.

        • drax

          Taxes are not generosity, Scrooge.

  • Ballstonian

    Thanks for posting this. I found another one:
    Food & Friends:

    • Ballstonian

      Actually, that one appears to be in DC.

      • bb

        The Food and Friends central kitchen is in DC. They make deliveries in Arlington (and suburban MD and other places in NoVA as well). I know this since I volunteered to drive for them during Snowpacalypse.

        • madisonmanor

          Yep – you are correct. The kitchen is in DC but they serve the whole area. The really nice part is that the staff that manage the volunteers in the kitchen have always appreciated the people that show up to help out prepping the food. Easily one of the more enjoyable volunteer experiences you can have.

          • novasteve

            Yeah, I’ve volunteered at food and friends before. nice place to do volunteer work. It’s a little sad that it reflects upon the area that at least when I volunteered there (at night), they insist you take their shuttle back to Ft. Totten metro rather than walk. But don’t let that discourage anyone. I’m sure the area is safe, they just want to limit liability and encourage people to volunteer.

  • MarkB

    Great Post ARL! Everyone in Arlington should be looking for ways to give back to those most needy during the holiday season. Thanks again for posting, this is a great way to spread awarness of our local charities.

    • novasteve

      Should that not include the needy themselves? You know with their time since they don’t have much money? Should it be only the “well off” giving back to the community?

  • novasteve

    I’m curious, do the poor do anything to “give back” to the community whose taxes from their hard work goes to support the poor 365 days a year, not just on Christmas? A pittance, like cleaning up litter? Is that asking too much?

  • Suburban Not Urban

    The Marine Corp.’s “Toys for Tots” lots of pickups across the county

  • Thank you for sharing these opportunities!

    For anyone who is interested, there are more holiday volunteer opportunities listed on our website:

  • Beth M

    Any good suggestions for volunteer opportunities for young teenagers? They have community service requirements at school.


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