Arlington, VA

(Updated at 11:55 a.m.) Arlington residents really, really like their electronic gadgets, according to a recently-released consumer spending analysis.

Arlington ranks sixth in terms of average per-person monthly spending on electronics, according to consumer financial website Arlington residents spend an average of $67.58 per month on electronics, compared to the national average of $48.00 per month.

The only cities that spend more on electronics, on average, are (in order of first to fifth): San Jose, Ca.; Austin, Tex.; Nashville, Tenn.; Madison, Wis. and Plano, Tex. Residents of San Jose — in the heart of Silicon Valley — spend an average of $91.08 per month.

District of Columbia residents were also on the top-spending list, but weren’t quite as big spenders as Arlington residents. D.C. came in 12th on the list at $61.42 per month. Arlington, we should note, is home to the Consumer Electronics Association — one of the primary trade groups for electronics manufacturers.

(Arlington is technically a county, but often gets included in ‘top city’ lists because it is considered a Census Designated Place.)

Hat tip to Steven S.


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