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Jogger Struck By Car in N. Arlington

by ARLnow.com December 19, 2011 at 10:45 am 4,044 47 Comments

A female jogger was struck by a car in the intersection of Old Dominion Drive and Lorcom Lane on Sunday, a tipster tells ARLnow.com.

The accident, which involved the pedestrian and 3-4 vehicles, was first reported around 5:05 p.m. on Sunday, according to police radio traffic. The woman was lifted onto the striking vehicle’s windshield but only suffered a broken wrist and other minor injuries, said the tipster. At least one of the drivers also suffered minor injuries.

The intersection was shut down temporarily following the accident. We’re told the jogger and a driver were both taken to the hospital.

An Arlington County Fire Department spokesman was not immediately able to confirm any details about the incident.

  • Mike

    Two wide streets crossing at an angle is a bad combination. I always feel a little nervous at this intersection. In particular, cars traveling SW on Lorcom and making a soft right onto westbound Old Dominion often barely slow down, even when making a right on red. Drivers tend to focus more on oncoming traffic than pedestrians. Same goes for cars making the left onto Lorcom from Old Dominion.

  • I live at this intersection and heard the accident when it happened, but didn’t know what started it. Thank you for reporting.

    very dangerous crossing for pedestrians, a lot of people making quick right on reds.

    as an aside, I tried to call 911 and got the all operators are busy for a minute or two. they called me back but seemed a little odd that you couldn’t get through at 5pm on a sunday.

  • Eric

    did she live?

  • brendan

    With the US Squirrel Patrol shutting down the parkway at Spout Run on the weekends, they have created an absolute mess w/ traffic from lyon village through cherrydale and up to chain bridge.

    The county has adapted to a huge increase in traffic by simply putting up a few detour signs rather than giving any thought to the potential impacts a five to ten fold increase in vehicular traffic creates in those areas. Spout Run and Lee Hwy, Lorcom & Old Dominion, Lorcom & Military and Lorcom & Spout run are all completely overwhelmed w/ detour traffic, creating dangerous situations for everyone involved but neither the Squirrel Patrol nor the ACPD seem to have any interest in addressing the issue.

    • Sam

      Here’s an idea – motorists can pay attention at dusk to see if there are any pedestrians and pedestrians can be more aware of cars. Don’t need anyone addressing the issue if people act responsibily.

      • Sam

        Or responsibly

      • brendan

        yeah but w/ the parkway closed half the people taking the detour are confused Maryland drivers looking for the quickest way to get on 495…

    • J.J.

      Nonsense. All of you Arlingtonians had the opportunity to stand by your Arlington County Police officers a year ago when signatures were being gathered to change the form of government in Arlington. You could have signed on to give police officers and firefighters a real chance to bargain against an all-powerful County Manager for a REAL pension. That was your opportunity to say “thank you” for saving your lives since 9/11.

      Instead, you decided to bring charges against people who were practicing democracy.

      So NOW you think the Arlington police should place themselves in harm’s way to control traffic at these intersections? After you stood against the police.officers in their time of need?

      I don’t think so. ACPD officers need to think of their families, of how they are going ot work a 2nd job to survive a poverty-level retirement. It’s just not worth it to them to control traffic for a populace that can’t even show its gratitude when the officers need it. Now you get to see what happens when you don’t stand with them along the blue wall.

      • Quoth the Raven

        I see – so if we had voted the way ACPD wanted, then ACPD would work harder and do their jobs better. But since we didn’t do that, ACPD is free to blow off their responsibilities? Is that your point here?

      • Brendan

        Ah. So this is all revenge? Brilliant explanation and display of professionalism. Ftr, I did support the police and firefighters in their fight with the county. And you might want to tone down the revenge thing b/c I think you just gave some personal injury lawyer a pretty good argument if someone files suit against the county for negligence.

      • BlueLoom

        I believe that our sworn officers (police, fire, EMS) do the jobs they have sworn to do, irrespective of the county’s form of govt. You do these brave men and women a huge disservice by suggesting that they would give anything less than 100% just b/c a political campaign you believed in did not turn out the way you wanted it to.

        • jan


          I agree with you.

        • Arl police officer

          As a police officer I give 100 percent and them some to protect and serve this county, and anyone who feels the police don’t can just look at the downward trend in crime. I just hope the j j is not a police officer because if he is, he is the jackass that would make all cops look bad.

          I not only serve this county but I live here as well do I agree with everything the county does of course not but this place is run a hell of alot better then others in our state.

          Police work I my eyes is not about the money, however more would be better. It is about a calling to serve others in a time or need or a time of correction. I did not get into law enforcement to get rich I got in to serve others.

          • brendan

            well put.

          • Bluemontsince1961

            Arl police officer,

            Well said and thank you and the majority of the Arlington police who are top flight and care about the safety of Arlington residents.

      • OX4

        “That was your opportunity to say “thank you” for saving your lives since 9/11.”

        Oh great. We have a new Godwin’s law.

        • TGEoA

          What is it with cops and firemen? What other groups have the nerve to demand people to thank them for doing a job they VOLUNTEERED for in the first place?

          Self entitiled jerks.

          • self entitled jerks?

            really? Really TGEoA? I don’t think firemen and cops walk around begging for thanks for what they do. If your comment was in response to the Arl police officer’s statement, I don’t see him asking for a parade in his post either. You should ease up on the caffeine if it is going to make you lash out with such an outrageous comment like that. Firefighters and police officers do a very difficult and thankless job every day. They deserve a “thanks” now and then any way.

            Ive seen your posts on here before, and they are usually spot on… what’s gotten into you today? Loose a couple thousand in the stock market? Did your executive length socks get eaten by one of your prize winning poodles? What do you do for a living? it must be important for you to be able to live in arlington and be on arlnow to post your views on everything 24/7… so before anyone doubts your contribution to society… let me please thank you for what YOU do…

          • Narlington

            Self entitled jerks?

            Did you volunteer for your job, and don’t you from time to time go to your boss and ask him/her for a pay raise? Why can’t police and firefighters? They live here in arlington County as well it does cost a few bucks to live in such a place, just as you need extra money and a raise from time to time why can’t the police ask for it. And when they don’t get one why can’t they ask for a thank you every now and then it cost you nothing accept time.

            I know that there is a little hate out in arlnow land but really police and firefighters. I think we all could use a little thank you now and then. So to all the people in arlnow land Thank you for what you do.

          • fireman

            thanks for the support, Narlington. Unfortunately, too many cops and firefighters are being priced out of Arlington. Housing is so expensive, many are living in the far reaches of suburbia (and beyond).

          • Bluemontsince1961


            One of the things I strongly believe is that Arlington should have good and affordable housing for our police, firefighters and paramedics, who do much to serve and help our community. It is a shame they have to live way outside of Arlington because they can’t afford to live here.

          • CW

            Unfortunately, any time someone brings up the idea of keeping firefighters, teachers, etc. able to afford living in the County as being a good reason to support affordable housing, they get slammed as Socialists and told that they are really just using fake red herring examples to support their subversive liberal agenda of using taxpayer money to support criminals.

            At least that’s what I’m told every time I try to make that point! Maybe actually hearing it from a fireman will make people think differently?

        • WTF?

          What were they doing before 9-11?

    • DarkHeart

      What are they doing on the parkway anyway? Last weekend I was escorting some visitors to the beltway when we ran into that detour which surprisingly didn’t take the more direct route of Lorcom, Nelly Custis and Military.

      • charlie

        the detour is inexcusable.
        Spout run to Lee Hwy to Glebe to Chain Bridge Road?
        Lee HWY on Saturday afternoon was CHOKED UP.
        Put the cars on Lorcom Lane and Nellie Custis — get those Maryland drivers out of here as quickly as possible.

      • Arl police officer

        Fixing the wall so that large rocks don’t fall and kill a driver on the parkway.

        • Narlington

          I think thats a good reason, I don’t want to get hit by a boulder.

    • InfoLacking

      Anyone with any idea of how long they’ll continue to be closing parkway on weekends and diverting all traffic? Coz traffic is horrible. Never mind. Google is my friend … but NPS is not:

      Landslide Repair Work is almost complete on Northbound George Washington Memorial Parkway between Spout Run Parkway and the First Overlook; Non-rush Hour Delays Expected. More closures for this project are anticipated during the next month.

      • Brendan

        If the humpback bridge is any indication, another five to six years.

      • CriminalNegligence

        The amount of time this “landslide prevention” work is taking is ridiculous. Usually, when I pass the blocked lane on GW Northbound prior to Spout Run, no one’s visible in the work area (and this is in the middle of a weekday). What a bunch of slack-offs.

        • Narlington

          why aren’t you at work in the middle of the work day?


        • CW

          Yeah! Hurry up! Slap some mud on it and those rocks will be all right! Rabble!

  • Terry

    No surprise here. I run in North Arlington all the time and walk to and from Metro every day. I have at least one close encounter daily because drivers do not pay attention and think they have the right-of-way simply because they are faster.

    • Choogirl

      Agree. I actually get yelled at by drivers for walking/running in the crosswalk, with a walk signal, because they want to turn right immediately. Arlington should consider right turn lights to make life safer for pedestrians.

      • Suburban Not Urban

        Sorry C… Arlington county considers you a great traffic calming measure – your safety is not a priority.

      • CMG

        how about no right on red, period. NYC does it, except for a few marked intersections where it’s allowed. Sorry, but I think drivers have become too greedy and impatient to be allowed to make that judgement call when it’s safe to turn on red. Everyone stops until it’s green.

        • Bluemontsince1961


          Back when I was growing up in Arlington, there were no right turns on red except for a green right turn arrow. There were rarely any incidents back then of impatient drivers turning right and hitting, or narrowly missing pedestrians.

          • CW

            I think it’s time to bring it back.

          • Bluemontsince1961

            I agree, CW

  • Andie

    I was right there when it happened. The pedestrian was ok…banged up and very scared but she is alright.
    It was one of the people in the cars who had the broken wrist, not the pedestrian. The driver of the vehicle who caused the accident broke her wrist. She (the driver w/the broken wrist) was taken to the hospital but left before they could treat her. I think that there was more in play than bad driving that caused the accident…

  • Juanita de Talmas

    Still trying to grasp how 3-4 cars were involved. Can one of you witnesses elaborate? Thanks.

    • The first car struck the jogger and then other cars started swerving, stopping short etc. Not all the cars hit the jogger.

  • AJ

    Horrible intersection. Took several months of complaining before the county installed the warning sign for drivers on Lorcom just before the intersection, when what I kept telling them what was needed was a right turn arrow that stays red when the pedestrian crosswalk is activated.

    it’s just a matter of time before someone gets seriously hurt.

    • AJ – Almost every evening, I hear cars honking, because some driver doesn’t know you can go right on red from lorcom to old dominion. Additional signage/lights would be appreciated.

      • Garden City

        There is no law that says you must turn right on red. You have every right to stop and sit until the light turns green.

  • Debbie

    A few years ago I was rearended by a car as I stopped at the red light before going right onto Old Dominion from Lorton Lane. The guy behind me didn’t even brake before hitting me!

  • B-Side

    What was this girl wearing? Living in NoVA I always see runners on the sidewalks in BLACK attire. When I am walking I can barely see them run by me. Just like bikers, they need to start wearing bright color, reflective clothing and blinking lights.

    When I walk my dog, she wears a blinking light and I carry a mini-mag light to warn vehicles of our presence.

    Plus there is no reason to be running on major roads the majority of the time (Clarendon blvd. & Wilson blvd.) you are not cool when you get hit by a vehicle. Might as well be wearing a helmet.

    Be safe running.


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