Where Are the Best Holiday Decorations in Arlington?

by ARLnow.com December 23, 2011 at 3:45 pm 12,122 25 Comments

We’ve been asked several times: Where are all the Christmas lights? Which streets in Arlington are lined by the most impressive home holiday decorations?

Truth is, we don’t know. But maybe you can help out.

Let us know in the comments which streets and homes have the best decorations. Also, feel free to send us photos of decorations via email or Twitter and we’ll post some of the best ones here.

    • I should clarify – this list is mostly areas outside of Arlington, but there are some in Arlington, and some not too far. We’re hoping to take a drive through a few displays this evening.

    • ArlAHORA

      Cool site but man the photos suck, peeps need to learn to use a tripod and manual exposure.

  • George

    Years ago when I still lived in Arlington, there was a house over by the Arlington hospice that would go all-out Clark Griswold during the holidays, with light up statues, lights, trees, etc. on the house and all over the yard. That guy always “won” during our annual family drive-bys to see Christmas lights decorations in town on Christmas eve.

    • Louise

      Yep, that’s the one on Abingdon. It’s awesome!

  • TGEoA

    When we were teenagers, we would love to drive through the neighborhoods that did luminaries with a rake outside of the passenger window to knock them all over.

  • Louise

    I saw an AWESOME house last night on S. Quincy, about 4 blocks south of Columbia Pike. There’s also the one at N. 16th and Abingdon, on Abingdon, a few houses N. of 16th.

  • Here’s more….

    there’s a guy on 24th St – one block off of Lee Hwy (towards Wash Blvd) between Illinois & Kensington. He’s got his light display hooked up to a computer system. If you tune your radio to the station he has posted in his yard you can see the lights blink in time to the music.

    1713 N Quebec St. in Cherrydale has a very unique display!

    39. 1610 N Abingdon St, Arlington
    Small colorful house with old fashioned decorations. Working train on porch.

    • Alisa

      I swung by the house on 24th, and the owner was out there in a Santa suit handing out candy canes. He also has a little part of the display where you can donate for a local animal shelter. If you do, you can press a red button and get a flashy little extra display as a reward! Very nicely done…

      • I am the owner of the light display at 5612 24Th St N and YOUR ALL ON THE NAUGHTY LIST!

        Just kidding! We would like to thank everyone who has come by and seen the display. And to thank all who have donated to our charity. The Animal Welfare Leauge of Arlington. We have raised over $700.00 thru Christmas Eve. The show will be up thru Jan 1, and be static unitl Jan 7.

        Again, THANK YOU ALL!

        Tom Straub

        • chipotle_addict

          Must be nice living 2.5 blocks from district taco.

  • Cherrydaler

    Hard to beat the house at 1713 N Quebec. They’ve outdone themselves this year with an “Occupy Cherrydale” theme- which includes 25 Santas holding signs that are very timely and seasonal. We live across the street and appreciate that the neighbors always keep it fresh and up-to-date- for pretty much every holiday….

    • Tabby

      Oh, thanks for the tip. Heading over there now to set up my tent.

  • LILI

    N QUEBEC St. They are awsom the have an OCUPY Cherydale theme going so many santas and light it worth the drive- every year they out do themself!!

    • Tabby

      Oh dear.

      I mean O der

  • Capone Allante

    None of them beats this:


    • Cyrus


  • courthound

    There are some very nice displays on Kirkwood between Lee Highway and Washington Boulevard.

  • soarlslacker

    Santa riding the fire truck down 23rd St. The other night was great. You heard the fire truck horns, you saw the flashing lights, you came out on your front porch, and there was Santa. It was great to see so many people had their kids out on their porches and were holding them up so they could see Santa.

  • Zelora

    Check out the Hall’s Hill area and also the neighborhoods on BOTH sides of George Mason Drive below (south of) Lee Highway. They’re pretty light-happy.

  • Dave in SA

    Take a look 4258 S. 36th St in Fairlington just off Quaker Lane and King St.. In years past, they have been covered by national news. Went there a couple of nights ago. Now, all of the neighbors have engaged. Much bigger and brighter.

    • Jealous

      This is done by the husband of a colleague–it’s quite different from most with an Xmas theme that you have to figure out–very clever. His work has been seen in Time magazine and I think CNN. The sad thing is, this may be the last year he does his displays since it takes so much out of his hands and fingers (not to mention pockets!). Really worth seeing.

  • Kate Mounteer

    Yes, the house on N. Abingdon at N. 16th Street (just off Glebe Rd.) is the BEST!!!!

  • Kate Mounteer

    OH, also, my favorites close to home are on N. Jackson Street near 1st Street and of course, the same house that rules Halloween on N. Jackson below 10th.

  • The best lights in Arlington are in Alexandria…

    I put on a caravan on Christmas lights each year, and while there are many good efforts in Arlington, the best in the area is http://www.collingwoodlights.com/index.php. There is also a nice collection in Pimmit Hills of Tysons (you can use Google).


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