Yorktown Aquatic Center Opening on Sunday

by Katie Pyzyk January 9, 2012 at 10:26 am 6,067 42 Comments

In mere days, anyone looking to dive into a new exercise routine for the new year will have another option. The Yorktown Aquatic Center is set to open on Sunday.

The facility replaces Yorktown’s older pool that had been in use for decades. Visitors now have access to an eight-lane competition pool and a separate instructional pool. There’s also a separate diving area with two springboards and a scoreboard. At least 175 people can overlook the pools from the spectator area. The facility also houses a “wet classroom” which will be available to rent for pool parties.

Sunday’s grand opening open house celebration will run during normal facility hours, from 12:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. You can get the full operating schedule here. The pool is located on the Yorktown Boulevard side of campus, and can be accessed from the parking area on 28th Street.

  • JimPB

    What entity is managing pool operation — schools and/or recreation?


    • unless it’s changed

      Just like their fields, the pool facilities are county – parks/rec. The school itself doesn’t own the property but has priority access during school hours/swim seasons, etc. Unless that’s changed which is possible… but the school has not ever owned the field/track area or the pool.

      • peter & paul

        Actually, the pools are managed by Arlington Public Schools. See http://www.apsva.us/Domain/98#wk

        But it gets confusing sometimes because other programs that use the pools — such as the masters swim program — are operated by parks. So you can’t use your APS swimcard if you want to participate in evening master’s swim. Instead, you have to pay a separate entry. That’s kind of annoying because if you swim more than twice a week, it pays to buy a 3-month, 6-month, or 1-year card rather than a 20-swim card. So you have to pay twice if you’re in masters and you also swim during the open swims.

    • John

      The high school pools are now operated by Arlington Public Schools.

      • Loocy

        The high school pools have always been operated by the public schools.

  • Southeast Jerome

    Do it cost money?

  • Confused

    Memberships for Arl residents don’t seem to include ones for just one person:


    Anyone know?

    If not, then it looks like 2 Arl residents for 3 months is $180. Not much of a discount over non-residents ($200), even though our taxes built the pool.

    • Southeast Jerome

      Single Arl Resident membership fees are listed there above. 97.50 185.50 315.00 for 3/6/12 months.

    • peter & paul

      1-year pass for a single arlington resident is $315; non-resident is $500. So fee for resident is 36% less

      One-day entry fee is $5 for Arlington resident,; $7 for non-resident. So daily fee is 29% less for resident.

      A two-adult membership package for residents is $575 a year; doesn’t look like any kind of multi-person package is offered to non-residents.

      • Confused

        Yeah, I misread the page. (forehead slap.) Thanks. Didn’t realize the top chart was for Arl residents too.

        Not a bad deal, but shower fee? Shouldn’t they be _encouraging_people to shower before swimming?

        • More Red Herrings

          The shower fee is only because they couldn’t recoup enough of the costs on the pool decal – and you don’t even want to know where they want you to put the decal. . .

          Just be happy that they haven’t decided to charge you yet for chlorination, breathing or air drying

        • peter & paul

          they do encourage you to shower before you swim, and no, you don’t have to pay extra. I guess that must be for someone who wants to just take a shower and not swim. A service for the homeless? For people getting their plumbing fixed? dunno.

          • Greg

            Haha. Don’t let the homeless find out!!

            They have the track and other facilities. I don’t know how many shower only passes they sell, but I can see there might be some level of need. They probably get questions about it, which prompted them to post a fee.

          • Novanglus

            That’s exactly what it is — a discounted fee for people who need to shower but not swim (showering is included if you swim).

            Homeless regulars already know about the pool showers. But they tend to stick to the A-SPAN showers in Shirlington and Courthouse — which are free, easier to get to, and provide more privacy. Still, I make a point to recon the pool locker room before I let my kids go in to change.

  • Narlington

    Parks and Rec is running the pool, the fees are posted on the website for the pool. Parking will be a pain at this pool, very limited in the area thanks to the neighborhood making it all zone 10 around the school.

    • peter & paul

      ride your bike

    • GetReal

      Parking should be fine. The Yorktown Civic Association/County Board Members/Civil Engineers/etc addressed this issue prior to the start of the project. It was determined that there was enough parking to support the fields/pool/students/etc.

      • More Red Herrings

        Just like Mary Hynes and Libby Garvey assured us 5 years ago when they spent all that money on schools that there wasn’t a capacity issue?

        • Novanglus

          There was no capacity issue looming 5 years ago. This is an unforeseeable surge, with a bunch of causes:
          – this is one of the few places in the nation that saw job gains all the way through the recession, attracting workers from everywhere.
          – commuting (gas) costs are higher, making outer suburbs less affordable.
          – foreclosures in outer suburbs have forced people back into smaller apartments closer to DC.
          – some exurban jurisdictions have been harassing Hispanics (even legals and citizens), causing them to return to Arlington.
          – gen-x and gen-y couples are popping out kids earlier and more frequently than the self-absorbed baby boomers did.
          – with the home addition boom of last decade, Arlington has a lot more houses that can accommodate large families.

      • Really!

        Are theses the same people who built a school that doesn’t have enough space for all the student and trailers are going to be used? Or the neighborhood assoc who made there streets zone 10 until 1 am? Or the fact that the neighborhood shot down plans for a parking deck?

        Just asking, cause right now there is no parking for students and teachers.

        • One Who Knows

          You might want to check on a few of your “facts”.

          You are right that there is inadquate parking for students and teachers and it will only get worse.

          The neighborhood association was the ONLY group that advocated for parking solutions at Yorktown during the planning process that INCLUDED a parking structure. The school AND county boards AND Yorktown PTA ignored the dicussions and refused to adequately plan for parking. The school board (Libby Garvey was the neighborhood rep at the time) said that parking didn’t fit into “the plan” and besides it was too expensive. They said that the students would be “encouraged” to take buses and public transportation and that the teachers could carpool. Yeah right….

          As for the zoned parking, that is the only recourse that the HOMEOWNERS in neighborhood now have to mitigate the lack of parking in front of their houses. On this one, don’t blame the neighbors–look right back at the School Board and County Board (Greenbrier Park and swimming pool owner) who love to spend our tax dollars but don’t take the time to plan and iron out the big issues.

          P.S. The neighborhood association also raised the high school capacity concerns during the planning phase and was pretty much told to “sit down, shut up.”

          • GetReal

            Well said!

          • Josh S

            They love to spend our tax dollars?

            Well, yeah, isn’t that their job?

            I don’t get the comment.

    • Loocy

      There is an ART bus(52) that stops in front of the school on a route that goes from Ballston to East Falls Church via George Mason, Yorktown Blvd, Little Falls, etc. I’m not saying that it wouldn’t have been better to have had adequate parking, but that is an option.

  • Roxx

    Finally – love the W&L pool but cant stand the manager/guards that work there

    • Slowpoke swimmer

      I’ve never had a problem with the mangers or lifeguards, they all pretty nice and welcoming. When do you go to the pool?

  • Marie

    Will opening of Yorktown pool reduce crowds at W&L? Didn’t swim when both pools were open so have no idea.

    • Southeast Jerome

      Are there any “off times” at W&L to avoid the crowds?

  • Skeptical

    Will the open hours be predictable? I quit using the Arlington pools completely about five years ago because it was simply impossible to know when they would be open. At the time, I was only told that I had to call ahead to make sure there wasn’t a team practice or a meet or some other screwup delaying opening or hastening the end of public swim — which is ridiculous. I suppose that even the Arlington pools have heard of the Internet by now.

    • peter & paul

      this page has pretty detailed info on lane availability, and you can sign up for e-mail alerts for special closings


  • CW

    I have never been to an Arlington pool. My assumption is that these facilities are mostly occupied by the local wannabe triathlete crowd when their $8000 cervelos are in the shop. This leads me to believe that going to one of these facilities to swim laps would not be enjoyable. True or false?

    • Josh S

      It’s been awhile since I’ve gone, but I think there is a mix and they always have lanes marked slow and fast. You do have to be prepared for three people in a lane. And to be lapped. I was always just about the slowest person and while I felt embarrassed I never felt intimidated.

      • CW

        Interesting…sounds doable…might check it out.

        • More Red Herrings

          I’ve gone a dozen or so times over the past few years. The percentage of Michael Phelps wannabes at the pools is much lower than the Lance Armstrong wannabes on the bike trails.

          • CW

            Makes sense, I guess. While anyone can get on wayyy too much bike and chug along courtesy of freshbikes (I’m looking at you, guy with his gut dragging on the top tube of his cervelo), to make it in the pool they have to at least be able to keep afloat. That probably deters a good number.

    • Hope

      False, there are a mix of all types of people. I don’t think I see many super atheletes though.

    • Loocy

      I used to swim there with some regularity. Plenty of slow swimmers, pregnant women, elderly, etc. There may have been a few wannabe triathletes but I certainly didn’t pay attention to them. As others have mentioned, they try to group the swimmers in lanes according to how fast they want to swim. It becomes self-regulating, since it is more fun to swim with people who are approximately the same level. I am a slower swimmer but never felt unwelcome or muscled out.

  • pool manager awesome

    The shower fee is for people who want to use the showers but not swim. You are still expected to shower before you enter the pool(per VA health code regulations) the homeless can use the facility by either paying the $2 or getting voucher from ASPAN

  • John

    Can I pee in the pool?

    • Loocy

      No. Peeing is forbidden at the Yorktown pool. Those who wish to pee in the pool may do so at the Washington-Lee facility only.

  • Sigh

    This article, the New Years Resolution folks, and maybe a little nostalgia for the old YHS pool are doing the trick: the pool was very full this morning; lots of circle swimming. To answer a question way up in the thread – yes, many W&L swimmers will head to the new Yorktown pool. I really should say “return”. Many Yorktown swimmers left for W&L, understandably eager for clean water and air, several years back. The new YHS pool will be crowded. Please be courteous and read up on the lap swimming rules/etiquette towards the bottom of this page: http://www.apsva.us/Page/2258

    • NoCircleSwim

      went to Yorktown just after it opened, way too much circle swimming, please read the rules!


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