Progress at Site of Arlington Mill Community Center

by Katie Pyzyk January 27, 2012 at 3:45 pm 3,470 14 Comments

Work on the new Arlington Mill Community Center in South Arlington is progressing.

Crews are currently in the process of installing sewer and water lines, along with other infrastructure along Columbia Pike, South Dinwiddie Street and Arlington Mill Drive. Excavation has begun on the area that will be the garage; work on the garage foundation and walls will start soon. A new traffic light also will be installed at the intersection of Columbia Pike and S. Dinwiddie Street.

Although 9th Street has been reopened for residents of Park Glen Condominiums and to access the nearby trail, Arlington Mill Drive will be closed for the remainder of the project.

The five-story community center is still on track to open next year, along with the 122-unit affordable housing complex being built on the site. Together, the buildings will form one of four mixed use “Neighborhood Centers” developed within the Columbia Pike Special Revitalization District.

  • arlcat


    • Ty


  • Barry

    How many people who work in the shopping plaza across the street from Arlington Mill will be able to afford to live in Arlington Mill? A dozen?

    This residential complex was designed not to serve the housing needs of the people who work in the neighborhood but to not offend the homeowners and condo owners who live nearby.

    • ArlingtonSouth

      I am a homeowner/condo owner nearby and I’m a little upset that I’m about to get 100+ “Below Market Rate” residential units built near my home.

      In true Arlington NIMBYism, I will be on the phone with the county DAILY should crime, loitering, etc occur.

      • drax

        Because poor = crime.

        • speonjosh

          Uh, actually, yes.

          I’m as liberal as the next guy (well, more so than most, I guess) but I don’t think it makes any sense to deny the correlation between socioeconomic level and crime. This is one reason why we strive to raise people’s socioeconomic level. Isn’t it?

  • arlcatowner

    you bet!

  • Barry

    You don’t understand…The deal was almost all the below market rate units go to people a couple years out of college, not to the people who work up and down the Pike serving obese Yuppies gigantic portions of Mexican and Central American food.

    • ArlingtonSouth

      The Arlington Partnership for Affordable Housing (APAH) is the project developer. Ninety-nine percent (121 of 122 units) will be affordable to households earning at or below 60 percent of the Area Median Income (AMI).

      This link indicates that the AMI at that level is between $43,000 and $72,000. 1 Person – 6 People.

      Thinking about households a couple of years outside of college are certainly above the $43,000 – $50,000 range in Arlington. This will go a long way to providing affordable housing in the area, but the way you make it sound, the hard workers of the Pike are at the poverty level at best.

      I tend to disagree.

    • Obese Yuppie


  • South Awwwlington

    Is there a published site plan map or artist’s rendering for this (aerial view)?

    • speonjosh


      • South Awwwlington

        I have searched all over Arlington’s website and http://www.columbiapikeva.us.

        Can you point me in the direction of the information?

  • Julie

    Barry is right, lots of people a couple years out of college earn $40,000 – 50,000, more or less, especially if you work for a non-profit, you are doing sales, or you are an intern.

    The restaurant workers from across the street aren’t gonna be living at Arlington Mill.

    There are a few truly affordable housing units but those were only part of the deal because the County owns the land.


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