Reagan National Airport Sets Passenger Record

by ARLnow.com February 22, 2012 at 2:45 pm 3,825 14 Comments

Reagan National Airport has set a new air service record.

The airport served a record-breaking 18.8 million passengers in 2011, according to the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority. That’s a nearly 4 percent increase over 2010, which compares favorably to the national passenger growth average of 1.5 percent.

The growth may continue in 2012, thanks to new and expanded service that’s coming to DCA starting on March 25.

US Airways is in the process of adding non-stop service to 11 new cities via Reagan National. And JetBlue is increasing service to its existing destination, while providing new daily service to Tampa.

“Even during these challenging times for the aviation industry, we are very pleased that in 2011 we were able to not only continue to provide excellent air service for the region but also to attract new airlines and service,” MWAA President and CEO Jack Potter said in a statement.

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  • BreakPause02

    DCA should have less, not more flights. BWI and IAD are fine. DCA is too close to residential areas.

    • Move

      DCA was there before you were.

      • really old guy

        Not before me, you whippersnappers!

      • NPGMBR

        Its about time. I agree that DCA needs more flights. I shouldn’t have to go all the way to BWI to get a flight at a reasonable price. Now all this new competition will push fares down at DCA.

        Its unfortunate for the folks the live in the immediate vacinity of the airport but hey, I can’t feel very sorry for them. Kinda hard to miss an airport.

    • charlie


      DCA is beyond necessary.

      as for cheap flights, people need to suck it up.

      if you want cheap clothes, you drive to leesburg outlet or potomac mills. same with flights — want it cheap — fly out of BWI. i can assure you that you waste more money and time then you save. duh.

  • DarkHeart


    • I’m with with you there!

    • Charles

      More people means only that it’s more crowded and nasty for everyone. I mean, it’s not like more people causes prices – of anything – to come down. Civic leadership fails again.

  • I fly up to Boston a few times a year from National, and recently noticed that Delta is no longer flying its shuttle. JetBlue is surprisingly expensive (you have to time it just right), leaving USAirways to carry the bulk of passengers.

    I’m wondering what happened. Was this part of the USAirways-Delta trade for gates at LaGuardia Airport?

  • CourthouseChris

    Fun Fact: The distance from Arlington to Boston is the same as Arlington to the westernmost tip of Virginia.

    • Josh S



      • ArlingtonChick

        Yup, true. I lived there. We were closer to 6 state capitals than we were to Richmond. Also, fun fact, that county is damp–beer and wine only, no ABC stores there!

  • Jay W

    I live in Arl so National is the only airport I use. The noise doesnt bother me add more flights. What the latest about southwest taking over AirTran’s gates? It’s a same that usair is only cheap options to most cites but I have used spirit & AirTran a few times with no issues except for a weather delay in atl on a AirTran connection so I try to only use non stop now

  • Car-Free-Diet

    It’s Reagan Airport, just as the name of the Performing Arts Cener in DC is named after another American President. The partisanship on this website is nauseating, bunch of stuck-up snobs.


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