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Morning Notes

by ARLnow.com February 23, 2012 at 8:35 am 3,205 32 Comments

Frida Kahlo Opening Tonight — An exhibit of 259 personal photographs of renowned Mexican artist Frida Kahlo will go on display at Rosslyn’s Artisphere cultural center (1101 Wilson Blvd) tonight. It’s the first time the photos have been on display in the U.S. A public opening is being held tonight from 7:00 to 10:00 p.m. The exhibit will run through March 25. [PBS Newshour]

Kapinos Re-Ups with Steelers — NFL punter and Arlington resident Jeremy Kapinos has re-signed with the Pittsburgh Steelers. Kapinos, who lives in Arlington in the off-season, is reportedly making between $600,000 and $1.26 million for the one-year deal. [Steelers Depot]

Hotel Palomar Now ‘Le Meridien’ — Rosslyn’s Hotel Palomar has been officially rebranded as a high-end, European-style ‘Le Meridien’ hotel. The restaurant in the Le Meridien Arlington, formerly known as Domasco Restaurant, has also been rebranded; it’s now being called ‘Amuse.’ The hotel is being managed by Starwood, following the purchase of the property for some $45 million by HEI Hotels and Resorts. [USA Today, Washington Business Journal]

Revised Ultrasound Bill Passed — Yesterday the Virginia House of Delegates voted for an amended bill that requires women seeking an abortion to get an ultrasound, while removing the defacto requirement that the procedure for early pregnancies involve and invasive, transvaginal ultrasound. Gov. Bob McDonnell (R) revoked his support for the original bill following protests and national media attention. [Huffington Post]

  • Clarendon Cruiser

    sporting the mono-brow in advance of the Kahlo exhibition |:)

  • Burger

    Hmm…must mean the Steelers are going to cut Svepbulda (sic)

    • DarkHeart

      And the median income of Arlington goes up again.

  • Zoning Victim

    I said McDonnell would have the sense to refuse to sign a bill that required women to undergo a transvaginal ultrasound and people laughed. The one predictable thing about politicians is their propensity to change their values in the face of a massive political backlash.

    One of the most perplexing things about politicians is how they seem incapable of figuring out what’s going to cause a massive political backlash and avoiding the whole issue from the outset.

    • Josh S

      One reason to not want to be a politician – you’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t.

      I think that what he did is actually what we want politicians to do – compromise.

      • drax

        Usually we want compromise, but most people don’t leave much room for compromise on the abortion issue.

      • jackson

        I don’t think he compromised as much as tried to save face. It had the votes, so no compromise was necessary, but someone probably told him if he wants to be on the short list for VP choices for Romney, he needs to back off the “agina-vay” issue.

        • drax

          Quite true. Though this has already hurt him anyway.

      • Zoning Victim

        I agree with that and think he did the right thing in the end, but it would have been nice if he could have had the foresight to bring this compromise to pass as soon as Delegate Englin brought this (hopefully) unintended consequence of the bill to light instead of waiting for the rather obvious public reaction before acting.

        • drax

          Or simply not support forcing women to have, and doctors to perform, a procedure in order to get another legal one? Think he should have had that kind of foresight?

          • Zoning Victim

            Yes, just leaving the whole thing alone would be preferable, but he is a Republican.

    • Swag

      What’s sad is that the transvaginal ultrasound was being used because a standard one wouldn’t work so early in a pregnancy. Now we’ve legislated a requirement not just for an unnecessary procedure, but a useless one as well.

      • drax

        Yep. That’s your Republican majority at work.

      • Deb

        In all the issues raised about the cost of health care…this is not a needed cost….so I guess the STATE will pay for the Ultrasound? 🙂

  • Teresa

    Forgive me if this is a duplicate, but:

    I didn’t think McDonnell would have the guts to not sign it, but after becoming a laughing stock, he suddenly realized he had no idea about what he was ready to sign. Thank you, Saturday Night Live (and Jon Stewart)! LOL. I don’t think protests alone would’ve changed his mind. Being made fun of on national t.v. – well, that’s another story.

    And to the posters who thought you had to have an ultrasound before an abortion “to find out where the fetus is” – LOL. Apparently not!

    • ArlingtonCountyTaxpayer

      what amazes me is that years from now people will talk about how the press, oh wait, the comedians of television, were so influential and getting people to wake-up and realize what is going on.
      this whole thing is bothersome but so is it that people are getting their info from comedians. that is so sad.

      • Teresa

        I agree. That the governor had no idea what he was going to sign until he gets made fun of on t.v. is really sad. This from the same guy who thinks TSA pat downs are invasive! LOL. That the GA determined they could dictate what medical procedures should be involved is just downright scary, too.

        • novasteve

          When you fly you aren’t ending someone else’s life like an abortion does. If people died every time someone stepped on a plane….

          • jackson

            If fertility clinics discard extra fertilized eggs, do you consider that murder?

          • Teresa

            Better start making blankets for all the little “homeless personhoods”.

          • Teresa

            Good lord. :Rolleyes: Sometimes you really over-reach with your analogies. This is why people make fun of you. I was talking about someone who thought that TSA patdowns were invasive. And then to find out that same person was going to support something completely unnecessary and a LOT more invasive – well, to women anyway (it’s obvious you don’t care about that part) – that is, until they were made a laughing stock on the national front. Well, there’s a word for that. If you don’t believe FORCED transvaginal ultrasound isn’t invasive,then, fine, your perogative – I can’t help you. Abortion is legal. FORCING an unnecessary medical procedure on someone isn’t. Even the governor had to admit that one. Guv = 1; novasteve = 0.

      • drax

        No, I think it’s awesome that comedians now talk about politics and important issues instead of just pointless crap. That’s a good thing.

      • Swag

        What’s said is that the comedian-based information is more accurate and reliable than the 24-hour network-based information.

        • Ballstonienne

          No, what is sad is that people need celebrity comedians to motivate them. The accuracy between Comedy Central and the news is the same. But people read about stuff on CNN and then don’t do much about it. But is Colbert is lampooning something, they know it is same to jump on the bandwagon. It’s like the opposite of peer pressure. Peer release. Safety in numbers, whatever.

  • NoVapologist

    Transvaginal Ultrasound would be an awesome name for a band.

    • Josh S


    • nunya


  • Steamboat Willie

    The blind leading the stupid comment of the year so far:

    Sen. Jill Holtzman Vogel (R-Winchester), who introduced the measure, said she did not realize that the ultrasound would not be external, and she said she still was not certain that would be required under the legislation.

    “I had no concept about this other issue,’’ she said. “It didn’t come up in the committee, it didn’t come up in the subcommittee. I’m still not sure if it’s right or not right.”

    • Zoning Victim

      Great, not only are our elected officials practicing medicine without a license, now it appears they don’t even bother to get any advice from the medical professionals.


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