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Artisphere’s Opening Night of Kahlo Exhibit

by Katie Pyzyk February 24, 2012 at 10:35 am 3,213 16 Comments

Last night the public got its first look at Artisphere’s exclusive exhibit of personal photos from famed Mexican artist Frida Kahlo. Nearly 2,000 people showed up for the opening night.

Dignitaries from Kahlo’s native Mexico, such as Alejandra de la Paz from the Embassy of Mexico and Jefe Delegacional en Coyoacan (similar to a mayor) Raul Flores Garcia, also attended. Coyoacan is a suburb of Mexico City, and a sister city to Arlington.

The exhibit contains 259 of the artist’s personal photographs. Artisphere is the only venue in the United States to display these photographs. The free exhibit will run through March 25.

Photos courtesy of Artisphere

  • Stitch_Jones

    Well, at least we have actual art at the Artisphere now. Still don’t think it will be any sort of draw, but at least it is a credible show.

  • Rick

    Were they paid to show up? Was it a catered event perhaps?

    • Dean

      the first hour was catered – but only opened to invited guest – the last three hours from 7-10 were open to the public and it was packed – really long lines to see the exhibition – no one was paid to go, that is for sure.

      • Rick


        You didn’t get my joke but thanks for the info nonetheless.

  • Baja

    It was a well-attended, smoothly orchestrated event with complimentary light apps and drinks. I wish that the Mexican officials would have made a few remarks or at least better identified themselves with name-tags or lanyards or something; it would have been fun to chat with them!

  • Lee-n-Glebe

    In other good news, I got a flyer at home for a series of art/performance Summer Camps to be held at the Artisphere. Summer camps usually sell out around here, and are a great use of the facility.

  • ArligntonCountyTaxpayer

    wow, did they just double their 2011 attendance?
    good. finally.
    glad someone is finally THINKING about how to run that joint as a business and not as a game.

  • Tabs

    I have four weeks to let my unibrow grow in!

  • novasteve

    One of the conditions of being able to stay at the new year round homeless shelter is that they have to show up at the artisphere to make events look like people are attending.

    • Marjorie Hobart

      If this substitutes for humor, it’s lame. If you are serious, you are the most uncharitable person I’ve heard from lately.

      • Marjorie Hobo

        Why? Culture would do wonders for the homeless.

      • Tabs

        Marjorie, please don’t mind the mad smoker behind the curtain.

  • Ed Sullivan

    We have a really big shooooooow for you tonight…

  • SoMuchForSubtlety

    Awesome event. If you haven’t been and you have any interest in Frida Kahlo you should go!

    • awesome?

      They got a huge crowd for a *tiny* exibition: great. What did that crowd pay? nothing. In addition to paying nothing, they get free food, wine and beer.

      How does that show ANY fiscal sanity on the part of Artiphere?

      It doesn’t.

      Will anyone else have to pay to see that tiny gallery of photos? no, it free always

      Net gain for Artisphere? zero. Net loss for the taxpayer? unknown.

      takeaway: for an event that get them more attention and attendence than they’ve got for anything else, they still manage to loose money. Honestly, why are they trying so hard to fail? Someone please fire the idiots who staff that place. Or just shut it down.

      • Harry

        Your right, I hear there’s a place across the river that does something similar. What’s it called? Something like the Smithsonian I think?

        Seriously though, I have no problem with the county providing an art space for taxpayers. Even though DC is right across the river, a lot of people don’t like going into the city for traffic, fear of crime, tourists, etc. As long as we can keep filling the space with world-class shows like this (with local artists in the smaller galleries), and attract crowds like these, I think Artisphere will be around for a while.


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