Multi-Vehicle Accident on Wilson Boulevard

by ARLnow.com February 25, 2012 at 3:03 pm 6,517 21 Comments

(Updated at 4:25 p.m.) A multi-vehicle accident has closed a stretch of Wilson Boulevard near Clarendon.

One of the vehicles involved  — witnesses say it was a D.C. taxi cab — lost control while driving toward Clarendon on Wilson Boulevard. The vehicle slammed into a car just outside Arlington Autocare, causing one of the store’s windows to break. It continued through the intersection, took out a traffic light control box, smashed several cars in an auto dealership lot, and slammed into the side of the Doctor’s Building before coming to rest.

At least one person was transported to a local hospital. Initial reports suggest the accident may have happened when the cab driver suffered some sort of medical emergency.

The stretch of Wilson Boulevard between 10th Street and Washington Boulevard is currently closed. Traffic signals at the Wilson Boulevard and 10th Street N. intersection are expected to remain dark for at least several hours while crews work to install a new traffic control box. Police have set up cones in the intersection to allow traffic to flow through, without turning.

A man who was boarding up one of the windows at Arlington Autocare said there were customers inside the store at the time of the accident. According to the man’s account, the cab hit a car in front of the store which was then pushed into the store’s window, breaking it. Had that second car not been there, the man said, the cab may have plowed right into the store, injuring those inside.

  • Chris O’Connell

    I got a couple of photos of the scene. There was a cab involved and Wilson between the main intersection towards 10th is closed by the police.

  • novasteve

    Are they tearing down The Doctor’s Building or is just just a vacant unit in it?

  • Sarcastic Individual

    There was a hole in the door of Arlington Autocare. Something really major must have happened, it was all over the intersection.

  • ian mckellan

    damn taxi got owned

    • wow

      People actually say “got owned” these days? Wow.

      • Josh S

        At least he didn’t spell it with a p.

  • Just Me

    How do you hit a building, hit a traffic light control box, run over several cars in a lot, and slammed into the side of a building? If it wasn’t a medical issue I would love to know what happened.

    Thankfully no one else was hurt, it could have been really bad.

    • Tabs

      I read elsewhere that it was a medical issue.

  • Bullfinch

    They should just ban DC cabs in Arlington.

    • Stoneridge

      Good luck getting home after Metro closes or breaks down.

      • Greg

        Good luck anyway.

  • Skippy Mayer

    Had been wishing I had a camera to capture this season’s painting of the windows at Autocare. It’s still a handsome job for Spring. How about sharing a pic of it? The car missed the painted windows!

    • Arlwhenver

      Shhh…don’t talk — violates Arlington’s sign ordinance.

  • Sarcastic Individual

    So cab Ass’n stands for Cab Assasin?

  • ML

    This would be a good time for the used card lots there to take down their Christmas wreaths from 2009.

  • Jesse K

    To all,
    I was one of the people that saw the accident occur and pulled the driver from the vehicle after the crash. The driver had what appeared to be a seizure and was unconscious when he hit the cars and buildings (foot was on accelerator) before spinning and hitting the dumpster. I have yet to be contacted or updated on the status of the driver. He was breathing when he was taken away. Luckily know one else was hurt.


    • Well

      I would have left him in there until the authorities arrived. Who knows what crazy lawyer he’ll get and then he’ll try to sue you for injuries from pulling him out of the car.

      • Josh S


    • CW

      While you haven’t been contacted (note, in my experience, ACPD never contacts anyone with updates, so don’t hold your breath), I hope that you at least were asked to give a witness report.

      • Jesse K

        @Well-the car was smoking and we could see what looked like gasoline was leaking, so we wanted to get him out of the car.
        @CW- I gave a pretty lengthy report. The insurance company will have a big project on their hands.

  • Jesse K

    *no one


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