Spotted: FBI Exercise in Waverly Hills

by Katie Pyzyk February 27, 2012 at 10:30 am 5,957 25 Comments

Several readers contacted ARLnow.com this morning about activity in the Waverly Hills neighborhood. A number of people dressed in FBI gear were spotted at a house near N. 16th St and Glebe Rd.

There’s no need to worry, though. Neighbors report it appears the FBI was using the private residence for a training exercise.

Photo courtesy of Lucy Brookover

  • yo


  • CourthouseChris

    What’s that tactical-cricket-bat looking thing on the left foreground guy?

    • CW

      Looks like an adze or similar one-handed bladed tool.

    • nom de guerre

      Are you referring to the item on his left hip? If so, it looks like a percussion grenade, sometimes referred to as a “potato masher.”

      • drax

        Maybe it’s an actual potato masher. You never know when your gonna want some yummy mashed potatoes.

      • No…

        It’s a lint roller. Fibbies hate to get German Shepherd hairs all over their 511 pants.

  • John

    I think the house they are using will be demolished soon. A BCN house should take its place in the coming months.

    • ??


      • ArlForester

        Its a local builder. http://www.bcnhomes.com/index.php

        • ??

          I’m shocked. These actually aren’t that bad. I had expected the usual orgy of siding, needless gables, and garage doors.

          • Trank the Fank

            You dislike garage doors?

          • ??

            When they dominate the house by being right out front, yes.

  • nom de guerre

    Rumor has it that they are using this as a staging area in preparation for the lunchtime raid on the Westover Beer Garden.

    • MC 703


    • BlueLoom

      Good one!

    • Richard Cranium

      The SEAL prong of the assault will, I assume, be launched out of D.R.

    • Sue


  • Thes

    Why is the FBI dressed up like the Army? I thought they were civilians. When did they become a paramilitary organization?

    • Crab

      When the HRT was first organized in the 80’s.

    • Too Easy

      About the same time ACPD did.

  • tina

    What a handsome group of guys!

  • Charlie

    I hope BCN isn’t violating any tax laws by pretending this is a charitable donation.
    The best thing BCN could do for Arkington is to leave town and building poorly designed houses that are just ugly and only get bought because that portion of the market is desperate for product.

    • Done and Done

      ‘Arkington’ – isn’t that the new phrase for Donaldson Run?

  • don

    This same block had the FBI team there about a year ago at another site for a tear down house.

  • TF

    Does anyone know if the FBI warns neighbors that they will be doing this? My high-school-age son came home several months ago to find the FBI shooting into the house next door. He was scared. Fortunately he had the presence of mind to call me at work and to call 911, who told him it was just a training exercise.


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