Ad In Clarendon Metro Station: ‘Go To Hell Barack’

by ARLnow.com February 29, 2012 at 2:28 pm 30,283 344 Comments

A Democratic lawmaker is speaking out against an inflammatory ad in the Clarendon Metro station that tells President Obama to “go to hell.”

The lighted ad, located near the end of one of platforms, promotes a DVD documentary called “Sick and Sicker: When the Government Becomes Your Doctor,” which sharply criticizes President Obama’s health care reform law and compares it to publicly-funded health care in Canada.

“Barack Obama wants politicians and bureaucrats to control America’s entire medical system,” the ad reads. “Go to hell Barack.”

The Democratic blog Blue Virginia first reported the ad this morning. It’s been in place at the Clarendon Metro station since at least last week, based on a search of Twitter posts.

Now, local Virginia congressman Jim Moran (D) is calling for the “offensive advertisement” to be taken down.

“This advertisement is inappropriate, disrespectful of the President, and should be removed immediately,” Moran said in a letter to the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority. “The families with children and thousands of tourists who take Metro everyday should not be subjected to such garbage. I understand WMATA vets these advertisements before allowing them to go up, but it seems someone wasn’t doing their job when this ad was approved.”

Though barely visible, at least one Metro rider tried to respond to the ad by writing on it in pen. “That’s President Obama to you!!” the anonymous scribbler wrote.

It’s unclear if the ad has been placed in any other Metro stations.

Update at 4:25 p.m. — Metro has issued a statement about the ad:

WMATA advertising has been ruled by the courts as a public forum protected by the First Amendment of the Constitution, and we may not decline ads based on their political content.  WMATA does not endorse the advertising on our system, and ads do not reflect the position of the Authority.

Update at 5:15 p.m. — Rep. Moran has issued a statement in response to Metro’s statement.

I am disappointed by WMATA’s defense of this inappropriate advertisement. If their current advertising guidelines do not prohibit profane advertisements on taxpayer-funded property, then WMATA should take the initiative and update them. Profanity has no place in the public forum.

The specific language in the WMATA-approved ad that should be removed is not political, it’s profane. It defames the President of the United States in a way that coarsens the public discourse. All Americans have the right to make their voice heard under the First Amendment. But when we are talking about an advertisement on tax-payer funded facilities, as is the case with Metro, it should meet the minimum standards of propriety. I repeat my call on WMATA to exercise appropriate judgment and remove this offensive ad.


  • Suburban Not Urban

    Big shock – someone at Metro not doing their job

    • Stillwell87


      • Loofah from Cork


    • Bonissa Meldi

      You hate Metro now? Just wait until it’s free!

    • Used to live in Clarendon

      Wait, someone at WMATA “didn’t do their job” by upholding the First Amendment rights of some a–hole with speech we detest?

    • One VA Patriot

      What a surprise, another civically challenged individual thinks a public forum has the obligation to restrict first amendment rights.

  • esmith69

    This ad looks like something right out of Fox News…

    • NPGMBR


    • AbeFroman

      I wonder how much outcry there would be if it were over an advertisement critical of some liberal cause.

      • rob


        • AbeFroman

          Ok, I F—ed up, I meant critical of a conservative cause. Sue me, thats what we Americans do.

  • Corey

    200 comments, here we come!

    • Lee-n-Glebe

      You win.

  • Good Grief

    Man, way to graze that line of free speech meets disrespectful.

    • Bonissa Meldi

      I wonder if these are the same folks responsible for the George Bush assassination fetish?

      • Used to live in Clarendon

        This was the guy who wanted to use eminent domain seize David Souter’s house in the wake of the Kelo decision.

  • Frivolous

    Man, socialized medical care… wouldn’t that be the worst… oh wait, it wouldn’t.

    • Elitist Canadians

      and Europeans with their fancy accents and sociliazed health care. Latte sipping elitists!

      • AbeFroman

        Its funny, I work with a Swedish guy, who when he lived over there, paid for the employer provided healthcare because he described an experience that was akin to how we perceive the VA medical provider experience.

    • drax

      The more important point is that Obamacare IS NOT socialized medicine! The government is not “taking over” health care or controlling it. It’s a pack of rightwing BS.

      There’s plenty to criticize about that law, but the criticism ought to be honest.

      • Tabs


      • novasteve

        It still violates the first and 10th amendments.

        • drax

          But that’s not what this movie is about – it’s about the totally false claim that this is a Canada-style socialized care system. That’s a blatant lie.

      • Patrick

        Really? The government running the exchanges, forcing everyone to buy insurance, determining what each insurance plan has to cover, etc. Sure sounds like the gov’t is controlling health care. Or maybe you are talking about the unions who have already been granted waivers from all these pesky requirements?

        • WeiQiang

          So, why are we not complaining about being forced to buy cars that include the cost of seat belts, third tailllights, back-up lights?

          The gov’t controls veterans’ healthcare and it provide world-class care.

          • Stan B

            Maybe you didn’t notice – but nobody is FORCING you to buy a car! They’re gonna put you in JAIL if you refuse to buy health insurance.

          • Unbeeweebable

            False. Fined, yes. Imprisoned, no.

          • BoredHouseWife

            that still is alarming.

          • Josh S


            It’s an attempt to get a grip on runaway health care costs. If person X has to get all their medical care from a hospital and those costs are then apportioned out to the rest of us, that also seems alarming and hardly fair.

            It’s hardly socialized medicine, with government-assigned doctors, etc.

          • Bob H

            You better re-read it. It’s imprisoned if you fail to pay the fine.

          • HayCaramba

            You get fined for not having car insurance. Same thing.

          • Embek

            No, the VA system doesn’t consistently deliver world class care. Not at all.

          • Lenny

            obviously you are not a veteran if you think the government is providing “world class” care to our vets.

        • drax

          Setting up an easy way to buy insurance, requiring you to buy it, and saying what has to be in the policy is FAR from socialized medicine or even “controlling” health care. Not even close.

          • Suburban Not Urban

            So if I come along and set up and insurance plan, and people ask me to be in it(for what ever reason) but the US gov’t says whoa this doesn’t meet our requirements you can’t do it. That’s not socialized medicine????

  • Quoth the Raven

    “Go to Hell”?? Like him or hate him, he’s the President and he is deserving of respect. Don’t like his policies? Great, feel free to voice any and every objection and opinion you want. But when the attacks become personal and crass, like this one, not only does the credibility of the attacker suffer, but we suffer as a society. The personal attacks on this President and on the last one just aren’t acceptable. Simply put, we’re better than this. Or at least we should be.

    • PL25rd

      +1000. You said everything I was thinking, but was too flabbergasted to put into words.

      • Yep Uhuh

        Hear hear

        • Southeast Jerome

          but forcing women to get ultra sounds is totally OK because I am doing it in the name of God!

          • NPGMBR

            LOL Great response!

          • Skeptical


          • Citizen Sane

            Nobody is forcing women to get ultrasounds. They just shouldn’t get an abortion if they don’t want an ultrasound.

          • You make my sanity hurt

            So Citizen, the rape victim with a entopic pregnancy is S.O.L., classy.

            This ad is insulting the office of the President and using profanity. Those 2 reasons are enough to remove the ad immediately.

      • Nothingeverchanges

        +1 Ditto

    • SouthArlJD

      Thank you, scumbag ad buyer who disrespects the President. I’m going to make a donation to President Obama’s reelection campaign as a deliberate diss to you. Enjoy.

    • Bluemontsince1961

      Back in the day when Nixon was President, I don’t recall anything like this happening. A lot of people hated Nixon but nobody ever put adds like this on TV, on the sides of buses, etc. Even those that hated Obama’s predecessor didn’t do this. It would be one thing if the individual put up an ad that disagreed with the policy. That I could understand. But whoever did this went too far, and I say that as someone that does not agree with President Obama or his policies.

      • Patrick

        BS Pres. Bush (43) was subjected to far worse then this.

        • Corey

          Looking forward to all the insulting advertisements liberals bought about GW. Also, looking forward to the mainstream allegations that GW was a secret Kenyan muslim not born in the US, groomed from a very young age to re-start the caliphate here in America, etc.

        • Bluemontsince1961

          Were those who hated Bush (43) putting up ads like this one in public Metro stations or on the sides of public buses?

          • tess

            Nope! But like I said in another thread, Republicans and the truth are strangers!

          • They just berated GW every night on television, the media, the internet, etc. He was subjected to much worse by a generally more rabid pack. While I agree the President’s office should be respected, the issue here should not be with the person taking out the advertisement. There is nothing legally wrong with it. The issue should be with Metro for not having an internal taste policy which would allow the advertisement to be published. Metro should just not allow any advertisement to disrespect the office of the President (regardless of party).

          • Bluemontsince1961

            “Metro should just not allow any advertisement to disrespect the office of the President (regardless of party).”

            I agree, Overgrown Bush.

          • sho

            so Bush’s children were called monkey children; there were assassination pools for Bush; his mother was accused of participating in beastiality. I could go on and on. But this isn’t about Bush, and really it is more about the Presidency than it is about Pres. Obama. There is a horrendous decline in respect for the office. There are far too many people who would happily beat the crap out of you for disrespecting the flag, while drawing racist and fascist pictures of Pres. Obama to wave around at their demonstrations.

          • Lenny

            So, where should Metro draw the line? If they turn this one down then what about the next one that “someone” disagrees with? While I agree that personal attacks are wrong they (Metro) have no choice. We live in a society that loves to sue each other. And Metro gets sued every day over a lot less controversial things than this. I’m sure that the ACLU would be drooling over that suit.

        • FedUp

          Stop making things up. I had never seen “Go to hell, Bush” anywhere in public.

          • Thes

            It would need to be “Go to hell, George” — first name basis — to be equivalent, by the way. And graffiti doesn’t count. We’re talking about a paid-for ad in a public transit system.

        • drax

          Please post examples.

          • Bonissa Meldi
          • azed

            A tiny British film that’s set in the future isn’t really comparable.

          • drax

            This doesn’t insult Bush. It just uses him as a character in a film.

        • Tabs

          No, no, no, no. Mockery? Oh yes.

          We’ve NEVER seen anything like the hatred certain people have against President Obama. Gee, what could it be…

          • Patrick

            Is that a veiled attempt at playing the race card? Well that didn’t take long at all. Who is this “we” you presume to speak for?

          • Skeptical

            It’s hard to call it playing the “race card” when there is an actual lawsuit in process (I doubt it will stand up to a court test) claiming Obama is disqualified to be President because he is African-American and the Constitution doesn’t give African Americans the right to be President. Or something.


            I never imagined, until I saw it, how many people were prepared to hate this man because he is not white; I really thought we had gone past that. But it’s out there.

          • Jerry

            I assume your posting of a single lawsuit by a single whacko implies that everyone who dislikes our current President shares the views expressed in the lawsuit.

            I assume, therefore, that you’d agree that everyone who disagreed with Bush subscribes to the views expressed in this lawsuit (including outer space and cyber space domination):


          • It is likely his politics.

        • Helen


        • Jay W

          As he should have been, I don’t like this ad but freedom is too important for rep Moran to trample because he doesnt like it. If you don’t like this movie than don’t watch it.

      • This atttack billboard on Bush is actually worse.


        • Patrick

          Like I said much worse then what Obama has been subject too.

          • idiot

            it’s an advert, in New Zealand, For “Hells Pizza” – Hardly the same

        • South Walter Reed

          And that’s from New Zealand.

        • MC 703

          That looks like it is in New Zealand

          • Scott

            Yes it does look to be New Zealand

          • Tabs

            Has anyone noticed that’s in New Zealand?

            About 5 people live there–hardly an impact on anyone.

          • schmex

            That’s an ad for a pizza place in NZ. Not saying that it’s right, but it’s not the same.

          • You are right. The point is still the same. This is hardly the first time a billboard was used to attack a President. Just use google.


          • Kyle

            And that’s a Canadian ad.

            Just saying.

          • Josh

            How do you equate commercial ads in New Zealand and Canada with a political hate ad in the public transit system of the nation’s capital?

          • Jerry

            Oh, so now it’s geographic. I get it. So this one is OK because it’s in New York, right?


          • drax

            Seriously, Jerry? That’s the best you can do?

            Jeez, I can do much better:



            Liberals are more creative with their insults.

      • Pablo

        Imagine what would happen if someone had yelled “YOU LIE” during a Reagan speech to Congress or had written “Go to Hell Ronnie” on a billboard. They’d still be getting death threats 30 years later.

        And as to bureaucrats and politicians who “want to control” the medical system to the point of probing pregnant women’s vaginas (yeah, they dialed back after getting caught), isn’t that Virginia Republicans?

    • novasteve

      So the “Warcriminal bush! SEnd him to the hague” people are guilty of the same thing then? Personal attacks aren’t acceptable by the government? So we have a new “personal attack”exception to the first amendment?

      • yawn

        please provide examples of any advertisment in the Metro that said this…..I assume you can or are you a hypocrite?

        • Quoth the Raven

          Oh give me a break. Are you honestly saying the attacks on Bush (and his wife and daughters, by the way) weren’t personal and disrespectful? Please.

          If you define the issue narrowly and ask “when did Bush get attacked in a metro ad in Clarendon?” then I can’t provide you examples. You win.

          But if the question is “was Bush attacked in similar disrespectful ways?”, then I think the answer is pretty clear.

          • yawn

            we aren’t talking about people attacking / insulting bush or obama – people have been equally disrespectful of both. But this advert on a public facility such as Metro is a new low. And I challenge you to provide an equivalent about Bush.

          • Quoth the Raven

            OK, I get your point. No, I can’t think of anything like this advert, so I agree with you there. I also agree that the attacks on the Pres (whoever it is) are wrong; that was the point I was making. Some on here seem to be claiming that Bush wasn’t ever personally attacked, and that’s just ridiculous. But I get what you’re saying and agree.

          • Jerry

            No, don’t get his point. He’s equivocating. It’s not “OK” if it’s somewhere besides the Metro and “not OK” if it’s in a metro station.

          • Zoning Victim

            The point is that it’s not a new low; it is simply a new medium. I’m not sure we can find a new low after the things people said and did during the Bush presidency. I fail to understand why your outrage centers on the fact that it’s a paid advertisement instead of the fact that this country has lost its respect for the office of the President. Fix the lack of respect problem and this ad never gets purchased.

          • Josh S

            I’m not sure it’s a new low at all. I’m pretty sure 19th century politics were worse.

            I don’t see how WMATA could be compelled to sell this ad space. Can’t they have a policy that would prohibit personal attacks on politicians or something like that?

            I think no matter how you slice it, it’s offensive and definitely reflects badly on WMATA for selling it in the first place.

          • Pattyj

            ZONING VICTIM—that respect was lost under both Bushes…This war was started, because, GWB was called baby bush…and, tthat came from a leader of another country….

          • Carol Anderson

            Really – What attach on First Lady Bush did you every hear?

          • Quoth the Raven

            Really. Sorry, but I recall a number of times Olbermann and friends took shots at her for supporting her husband, for supporting No Child Left Behind, etc.

          • Jerry

            Exactly. Thank you.

        • novasteve

          So are you saying the metro is a free speech free zone? Is it this group’s fault that moveon didn’t advertise on the metro?

          • Jerry

            The United States of America is a “free speech zone.”. Supposedly. Which is why, as drag so correctly points out, telling the president to “go to hell” should be considered an “insult” and less offensive than was done to W – that is, accusing him of being a war criminal.

            But it’s not worse, according to most posters here, who seem to want to say “well, no one ever said bad things about Bush by paying for an ad in the Clarendon Metro Station right around Valentines Day on a Leap Year in the same year that the Mayans claimed the world would end, and THAT is totally reprehensible and must be STOPPED!!!!

      • drax

        Calling the President a war criminal is an accusation, not an insult.

        • Tabs

          Right. It’s not condemning his eternal soul to the fiery depths of hell.

          • Jerry

            I guess. Assuming you’re of the Judeo/Christian faith and believe in that sort of thing.

        • Patrick

          How about the senate majority leader calling him “a loser”?



          • Josh S

            I had no idea we had such lurkers around here.


          • drax


          • WOW!!


    • Dezlboy

      I’m appalled. Please someone tape some cardboard over the offensive words.

      I wonder is Go to Hell to a President considered threatening the President. The FBI would likely check out someone who wrote that to the White House. No, not arrest them, just say hi to them.

      • Stan B

        It’s only a threat if the government is allowed to declare that Hell exists and is a possible destination after death.

        • Jerry

          Please stop using the proper noun “Hell.”. Our pedantic friends want to argue that this is somehow “different” than the billboard and other attacks on Bush because it’s in the Metro. So let’s nitpick in return, and point out that the ad didn’t capitalize “hell” and therefore it may not refer to any place of eternal damnation, in some religions. In fact, it also doesn’t suggest that he be damned, or even that he stay there. I mean, it could be that small h “hell” is a very pleasant place that perhaps the President would enjoy – you just can’t be sure from the ad.

          Absolutely as reasonable an argument as that made by the moron who suggested that the billboard in Manhattan with the “stupid face” picture of Bush wasn’t offensive because it merely said “This is Your President” or whatever it said.

          Nitpick where you want to justify your hypocrisy. Remember, it depends on what the definition of “is” is. Or “yes, but I didn’t inhale.”

          • Ray

            I’m sure he actually meant to say go to Hellburger

          • Tabs

            you’re raising an objection?

          • Been There, Done That

            I’m not a fan of B.O., but there is still no way I would want him to have to go to my ex-wife’s house. . .

    • marvasister1

      I agree one hundred percent. You have hit the nail on the head

      • Tabs

        You’ll have to be more specific, marvasister. This is moving too fast.

    • GoHokies


      Like him or hate him, he’s the President and you respect the position.

      I was not in favor of our last President, but I still gave the man the respect that the office deserved.

    • Mike

      I’m curious. How many people who are commenting that “he’s the President and he is deserving of respect” (which I agree with) were among the people at President Obama’s inauguration who sang “Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye” to President Bush’s helicopter as it flew over? Respect is deserved whether the President is your same political party or not.

      • Tabs

        I agree with you. And FWIW, I thought it was sick that people cheered the death of Osama bin Laden. (Oh, yeah, thanks, Barack.)

    • Luther

      Right on! You attack the President; you attack the Office of the President; you attack the USA and democracy. Shame on you.



        • Jerry

          Dude, stop. Just stop. And pay GeekSquad to come over and fix that stuck Caps Lock key. It’s worth the investment.

          • Ray

            Bill please take your meds and put the tinfoil hat in the recycling bin.

        • PUP



      Well the path that this nation is on, it seems like our oreo cookie leader is over half way there. some dofuss senator is all tied up in his skivvies, because he says families and little kids who know the language of a longshoreman should not be subjected to such horrendous slogans. Methinks this archaic clown should stop sucking at the public trough as has been all the pols in washington, and sink into the abysmal swamp where they all belong. 2 Year terms and let some other crook feed,Warren Buffet sure made a wise statement as how things should be done,should be printed for mandatory reading , he may have his faults , but his hammer sure makes contact with the truth.

      • Jerry

        Warren Buffet?? Seriously?? You go on and keep thinking he’s going to pay more taxes if the tax code is altered. He’ll just do what every smart person does and restructure his assets/compensation to conform with the new rules to minimize his tax burden. Completely legally. This is what’s commonly villainized as “using loopholes” but is, in fact, simply being rational.

    • AbeFroman

      Oh, I think he’s done enough to deface the office that he’s clearly chosen to forego some of the social protections that come with it.

  • DSS10

    Is ARLNow putting up these stories for page hits? You know with the political nit-wittery around here the usual suspects will be all over this like files on ….

    Can’t we just have more stories about cupcake store openings?

    • Corey

      Obviously. Just like every little story about Artisphere, the Columbia Pike streetcar, etc.

      Hits and comments from the right-wing trolls/curmudgeons. That’s it.

    • SomeGuy

      It’s a rare moment I find myself in agreement with you, DSS10. Seems like a lot of flame-bait articles like this one lately.

      Stirring the pot like this gets the right-wingers and left-wingers to boost page hits and comments, which in turn inflates the ad prices.

      • SouthPikeGuy

        But Jim Moran made a comment about it! You know that anytime Moran issues a statement it gets an article on here.

  • Rob Geeeee

    LOL. Awesome.

    • tess

      Would you think it was still awesome if someone had actually paid for an ad that said, “Go to hell George”? A lot of people wanted that to happen – still do – but not sure anyone paid for an ad to put up in a Metro station that was that childish and disrespectful.

      • Bluemontsince1961

        I don’t recall anything like this ad being put up in a Metro station when Bush Jr. was President.

        • tess


        • Ha!

          We prefer, “Bush the Lesser”

          • Tabs

            I would have, back in his younger days.

          • Jerry

            That’s, obviously, disrespectful to a (former) President. Remember, you have to respect the office.

  • Dot

    I’m with Congressman Jim Moran — Take it down.

    • tess


    • AbeFroman

      To hell with free speech right?

  • dallynd

    If it doesn’t violate current guidelines, it’s free speech. My guess is the language might be at issue. My guess is Obama would support their right to post it.

    • Ed

      Exactly. The First Admendment isn’t there to protect speech we all agree with.

      If the First Admendment protects putting pictures of Jesus in a jar of urine and flag burning, then it should also cover telling the president to go to hell.

      Jim Moran should maybe spend some time reading the Constitution he swore an oath to uphold, defend, and protect.

  • Keith

    Respect the position, but you do not have to respect the man.

  • cheeseeater

    Wow, that’s messed up! What about VA republicans sticking their nose into women’s health issues?! Give me a break.

  • tess

    “Sick and Sicker: When the Government Becomes Your Doctor” REALLY? Does anyone else see the hypocrisy here? I mean, we’re talking Vaginastan, where lawmakers feel like it’s their duty to tell women (and women only) what medical procedures they think they should have?! Good lord – how embarrassing.

    • Banksy

      “Vaginastan” — I love it! I live in Virginia (Arlington, thank goodness), and I’m going to start calling it that. I hate my state sometimes.

      • drax

        I like “The Commonwealth of Vagina” myself.

      • DSS10

        A couple of weeks ago I called the DMV to see how we could get a Virginiastan license plates authorized.

        They were not helpful….

    • Bandersnatch

      Vaginastan… FTW!

  • BallstonNOTBoston

    Wait, can Muslims go to hell?

    Who cares, go to hell, go to church, just don’t go to Liberty Tavern on Tuesday’s when I’m trying to get home from work.

  • pollosmoky

    Given that the VA state legislature is intent on controlling reproductive health care – at least for women – I don’t think they’ll be making much headway w/that line of thinking here. Obama’s health care reforms are in no way as intrusive/invasive as anything our beloved state senate has come up with!

    • Jerry

      Hahahaha. Just wait. You’ll see what’s in the legislation when they write it.

  • Mike


  • Swag


  • Jerry

    This is awesome. All of the lefties screaming about being disrespectful to the president and about “respecting the position” after all of the years of “President Dumbo” etc. comments for W.


    • CrystalMikey

      But were there disparaging ads against Dubya in the Metrorail system? I think not.

    • Corey

      People insulting the president on the internet is TOTALLY THE SAME as advertisements insulting the president on the metro. Good job dude!

      • JackFan


      • Jerry

        Yeah, Dude, it’s, like, TOTALLY DIFFERENT, because, like, you say it is or something, Way to go. I’ll bet you objected to this billboard just as strenuously:


      • Jerry

        Or this one:


        Like, it was, no where NEAR as disrespectful as, you know, the one in like THE METRO!!! Right, dude?

        • Salmon Ella

          Actually, neither of those examples are comparable to the Metro ad, which explicitly says, “Got to Hell, Barack.” One is about policy, and the other is just a bad painting, that is so bad it has to state, “This is our President.”

          • Salmon Ella

            OOps. Go To Hell…

          • Jerry

            You can’t be serious. You’re completely irrational if you don’t see the “stupid” face as offensive. Or the reference to “little brother.”.

            There is no difference in those or in saying “go to hell.”. Shades of gray. All you’re arguing is that it’s wrong because it’s being done to your guy.

          • jackson

            Thank god our constitution has the “Two wrongs make a right” clause! I agree! Let’s leave it up because a billboard in another city years ago attacked Bush. Wait, the billboard was ordered to be taken down? Well then, maybe this should come down too then?

          • Quoth the Raven

            And that’s really the precise point here, isn’t it? Even assuming that the attacks on Bush were similar or worse (and I think they were), that doesn’t make this current attack better or acceptable. Yes, there is some Free Speech component to this, but just because you CAN say something doesn’t mean you SHOULD.

        • Thes

          And how lightning fast would FOX News and every Republican member of Congress demand an end to all WMATA funding if that billboard had been allowed as a paid ad in a subway station?

          • SouthPikeGuy

            Do you think they should pull funding because of this ad?

          • Thes

            No, of course not. See what I did there? I put two points in one comment at the same time. One: those guys are not consistent in demanding respect for the President. Two: they are unreasonable hyperventilaters even when they do get worked up about something.

          • SouthPikeGuy

            So, it’s unreasonable to complain about this ad? Or it would be unreasonable to complain about a anti-Bush ad like that in Metro?

          • Been There, Done That

            The message I took away is that it’s unreasonable to use logic in Arlington

          • Thes

            South Pike Guy: I think if you read my actual post, you will find the answer to your question. (Hint: I didn’t use the word “complain”)

    • novasteve

      Also their hatred for the first amendment. You can burn flags, but you can’t criticize the president now, especially after all their criticism of Bush.

      • Mick Way

        What does the first amendment have to do with this? There is no law being passed by congress not respecting free speech. Metro is a business and they have the privilege to reject ads as they see fit. And this ad is just rude and may be fine on the pages of a partisan magazine but not in here. Have some dang respect for the President whether he is a demo or a repub.

        Now stop pestering grandpa!

        • drax

          Metro is owned by the government. It’s not a business. Doesn’t mean it has to accept every ad, but you’re wrong about it being private.

          • novasteve

            Metro is a state actor and thus the first amendment applies against it. It cannot deny advertisements based upon their political content. if you guys want to put up your own ad, you have every right to.

          • Jackson


          • Jerry

            No, exactly right.

          • Zoning Victim

            Somebody didn’t bother to read Metro’s reply.

    • Please remind me….

      I don’t recall seeing any ads in the metro saying “president dumbo”..please elaborate…or you might just be the hypocrite no?

      • Jerry

        Oh, they have to be in the Metro to be offensive and “disrespectful”? Thanks for clarifying the rules.

    • Luther

      Jerry there is a difference between bemoaning policies and directly attacking the President by name. If you speak about a government official it is “the Honorable” a Senator is called Senator. Simply a childish dishonorable stunt. Besides the health care statements are blatantly wrong.

    • drax

      Stop making accusations against entire groups of people based on what some individuals may or may not have done.

  • Joehoya

    I’m offended by the lack of a comma after “hell.”

    • Hahaha

      Yay Engrish!

    • Republicans think that education is snobbish.

      • except

        except for their own kids…..

    • other side of the river


  • HughJassPhD

    Funny. I don’t remember all these calls for respect of the President when Bush was in office.

    • Jerry


  • Politics

    Politics. Gross.

    • Richard Cranium

      Hi! Welcome to the Washington DC metropolitan area!

  • Pentagonian

    I wonder if an “Obama-ectomy Screening Package” causes santorum to leak out.

    BOOM!!! Goodnight everybody…

  • nunya


  • buzz

    I’m a Republican who finds this innapropriate. But I seem to remember a lot of similar crap during the Bush administration (mostly in NYC) and Moran and his ilk didn’t seem to mind.

    • tess

      NYC doesn’t comprise Moran’s constituents either. Keep stretching.

      • Jerry

        I see. “Appropriateness” is now geographically constrained. Informative. Thank you for more fully clarifying the “rules”, as you see them.

        • Teresa

          I don’t think that was the point at all, and I think you’re just being stubborn. The whole reason Moran is involved here is because we, in Arlington, are his consituents. People in NYC are not his constituents. Why would Moran release a statement about an ad on the NYC subway?

  • Clarendon Cruiser

    As long as it is not: “any threat to take the life of, to kidnap, or to inflict bodily harm upon the President of the United States”.

    then it is good to go, although I may not totally support the sentiment.


  • ObamaLover

    Leave it up. The backlash will be a great fund-raising tool!

    It’s not even punctuated correctly. (There should be a comma after “hell.” And “hell”–in this case meaning the actual Biblical Hell–should be capped.)

    • drax

      College is for snobs.

      • Jerry

        Thank you for that. It brings into context many of your posts.

        • tess

          You do understand sarcasm, don’t you? He was paraphrasing Santorum. :rolleyes:

  • Valerie

    One more reason to cut federal funding of Metro.

    • j

      True dat.

      • Unbeeweebable


    • Used to live in Clarendon

      Yay! Let’s bankrupt WMATA because they let some right-wing kook exercise his free speech rights. That so totally makes sense, huh?

  • Keep up the whining

    Pretty easy to stop this kind of advertising….don’t see the movie! Vote with your dollars. Why does everyone want others to protect them?

  • Arlingtonian

    Silly Barack! There’s no place for government in health care except when implanted in a woman’s reproductive system.

  • Garden City

    Yes, far better that the insurance companies control America’s medical system.

    • Jerry

      Insurance is voluntary. You don’t have to pay for it. You are perfectly free to pay cash if you want.

      • Zoning Victim

        Yeah, until 2014 when the legislation this ad is attacking goes into affect.

  • Marie

    I would really be interested to know who paid to put this up. Disgusting.

    • good question

      I smell a Koch

  • JimPB

    It’s free speech in space for ads for which WATA (Metro) has presumably been properly paid. A review of the history of American political “debate” will readily show an abundance of far worse examples.

    If WAMTA (Metro) does not require that each purchaser of space for a poster(s) identify his/herself in the ad, it should.

    • SouthPikeGuy

      On the other hand, I am sure Metro will find some mid-level lackey to sack over this. Or maybe just put them on extended double-overtime leave.

      • Ashton Height Bob

        Although no one needs to be sacked over this foolish advertisement, the sad truth is that no one in government gets sacked for anything.

        Bank financial meltdowns? No one sacked.

        Madoff? No one sacked.

        Even with 9/11, one of the biggest blunders by the FBI and CIA, not one person got fired.

        Having worked for the Federal government for a decade, I am reminded almost weekly about the failure of the government to sack the truly incompetent — many who occupy management positions.

    • drax

      Actually, anonymity is (and should be) an important part of free speech. It protects you from retaliation.

      You’re anonymous right now, by the way.

  • duneshrine

    “When The Government Becomes Your Doctor (You Get Trans-Vaginally Probed)”

    There, I fixed it.

    • Canadians don’t get TVP’d

      more’s the pity

  • drax

    Wow. Even the ad is completely full of lies.

  • gnushell

    $ whois sickandsickerMovie.com

    Contact for the movie probably did the poster too:

    Registrant Contact:
    Douglas Clements ()

    WINNETKA, 91306-1521

    Administrative Contact:
    Clements ([email protected])
    Fax: +1.5555555555
    WINNETKA, 91306-1521

    • duneshrine
      • duneshrine

        Logan Darrow Clements, producer of the movie “Sick and Sicker” is available to speak at your next meeting. His presentation covers the collapse of “single payer” medicine in Canada and free-market solutions to America’s health care cost crisis. You’ll also see 30 minutes of clips from the movie. He has spoken to audiences in California, Oregon, Montana and Washington DC to rave reviews. He can also speak on the topic of eminent domain abuse and his Lost Liberty Hotel project. For more information e-mail logan (at) freestarmovie (dot) com or contact Fusion International Speaker’s bureau at 310-795-2509.

        I’m guessing “Douglas Clements” is actually this “Logan Darrow Clements.” Or he lives with Douglas. Dad’s basement maybe? One or the other.

        • drax

          Or they were married in one of a handful of states where that’s legal.

    • PUP

      where the eff is WINNETKA? probably maryland. weird place up there.

  • JamesE

    *Grabs popcorn*

  • Tre

    How much did that ad cost? If they have no screening process I’ve got a few messages/slogans I’d like to get across:

    1) Virginian’s for Vaginal-Probing
    2) Are you against slip lanes? Then go to hell.
    3) Your mother called, but I didn’t get the message because I have AT&T

    • novasteve

      You have a 1st amendment right to. Knock yourself out.

  • Dezlboy

    Please someone tape sign reading “METRO” over the “Obama”

    • Tabs

      OK I’ll do it.

  • ballscrossingurface

    if we sell a gazillion disrespectful ads, can they cancel the fare increase? this might be a money raising idea for metro!

    • novasteve

      I really wish they would take the Japanese approach and have advertisements everywhere. They even have them hanging down from the ceiling inside of the trains. Would mean less pressure on fare hikes.

  • Maddog

    Its called free speech Moran. So shut the hell up and go read the first amendment.

    • drax

      “shut the hell up and go read the first amendment.”

      Unintentional irony.

  • Dezlboy

    Where’s Dr Gridlock when you need him?

  • LuLu

    Haha! Moran, you can go to hell too, while we’re at it!

  • Hank Hill


  • Callie

    Yes, there is free speech. But that includes responsibility for one’s speech. METRO, or what’s left of it, should require any poster ad to include sponsor’s name and contact. This is just bad. I don’t disagree with the premise of the video but I think the language in this ad is loaded and disrespectful. It’s provocation for the sake of provocation.

    • novasteve

      What, so you can send threats? Free speech doesn’t come with any responsibility not to offend otherwise pro abortion messages could be banned becaucse people find abortion is offensive. Read the first amendment, then some case law.

    • Used to live in Clarendon

      Really? Seriously? You couldn’t read the ad, go to the movie’s website, and figure out that the producer and director of said movie was the same douchebag who tried to use eminent domain to seize David Souter’s house in the wake of the Kelo decision? Took me about 3 seconds of Google-fu to figure out his home address in Pacific Palisades, CA.

  • Wilson-G.Mason

    during the 60’s remember when people wanted Dan Rather fired for “disrespecting the President” when he gave a very sarcastice response to something Pres Nixon said.? I really hated Nixon at that time but still felt that Rather was disrespectful just like the ad in the subway.

  • Captain Obvious

    Re: the WMATA statement–isn’t there also an argument that it uses offensive language? I can guarantee you that they have a policy about that.

  • Radical Daddy Nad

    Chill out people. HELL is a town in Michigan!

  • novasteve


    WMATA advertising has been ruled by the courts as a public forum protected by the First Amendment of the Constitution, and we may not decline ads based on their political content. WMATA does not endorse the advertising on our system, and ads do not reflect the position of the Authority

    You people advocating about violating the first amendment are actually the ones who should be ashamed.

  • PL25rd

    Huh. Unfortunately, WMATA’s correct in saying that the First Amendment prohibits them from restricting the acceptance of political advertising on METRO. Here’s the case:


    I suppose I agree with the court’s decision, but that doesn’t mean that the ad isn’t completely odious.

    • novasteve

      It’s still their right, and lefties all over are sh rieking that it be taken down in violation of the first amendment. Our Congressman even called for the first amendment to be violated.

    • Tabs

      How about profanity?!

      • PL25rd

        I don’t think the word “hell” is profanity, and it’s definitely not one of the words that the Supreme Court has restricted from being aired on TV or the radio, for example. Again, not saying I agree with the content of the ad or don’t think it’s awful, just saying what the law apparently is.

      • novasteve

        Hell is not a profane word. Why are you so desperate to violate the first amendment rights of this organization?

        • Tabs

          So you think it’s cool that children will see “Go to hell” directed at our President.

          • Ramen

            I’m glad someone is thinking of the children.

          • Used to live in Clarendon

            No. I think it’s cool that I live in country where some a—— I completely disagree with is still free to say something that I completely disagree with.

          • Zoning Victim

            Cool? What does coolness have to do with the First Amendment or what is or is not considered profane? There is nothing cool about the ad or showing such a lack of respect for the President of the United States, but it is legal. The word “hell” is not profane; it’s all over the pages of the Bible.

          • Ed

            But if novasteve, zoning victim etc. hear my child use the phrase “go to hell,” they will complain about that too. I guess they will just complain no matter what.

          • Zoning Victim

            Actually, I’d laugh. Don’t assume you know anything about me as a person.

  • FreeDum
  • mickey644

    I notice all the lawyers commenting on free speech, 10th amendment, and the 69th is the one I follow. Switch sides and vote Republican and then you don’t have to spend your time whining about childish stuff. Or join Moron’s staff and be his chief whiner! ha ha ha

  • Sherley

    I love this ad, good stuff!

    • Tabs

      You probably like marshmallow fluff.

  • wow&flutter

    Easy fix: cover “Barack [Obama]” with a Romney bumper sticker!

    • novasteve

      Advocating a crime?

      • wow&flutter

        Only if you’re into it.

    • Jerry

      Thanks for making my point. It’s apparently OK as long as it’s not offensive to “your guy.”

  • novasteve

    Don’t you liberal see by obsessing over this you give them virtually free advertisement? All they had to do was buy one ad and now all this attention because they knew you would throw hissy fits over this. now it will be in the news, it got the attention of a congressman who is sworn to defend the constitution, yet he advocated violating the first amendment, this will be big news.

  • Dezlboy

    Is Metro just dumb or stupid. They say, ” we may not decline ads based on their political content.”

    It’s not the political content I am offended at (well, I am, but…..). It’s the rude, abusive, just downright wrong phrase directed at the President.

    • novasteve

      That is exactly their point. :facepalm:

    • Jerry

      Your point would be right, if it weren’t completely wrong. They have legal opinions and case law directing and controlling their actions. They are neither dumb nor stupid in this case. They are doing what the law instructs them to do, and not doing what the law prohibits them from doing.

    • drax

      If your only concern is that this is directed at the President, and not the words in general, then that makes it political.

  • WeiQiang

    Where are the loud, proud declarations of the organization/front/individual who would take out an ad like this? Certainly, someone bold enough to pay for something like this to be publicly displayed would want to claim credit for, no?

    • novasteve

      They have a website listed. Did you look at the ad?

    • Used to live in Clarendon

      Funny it took me 3 seconds with Google to track down the home address, telephone number, and email address of the producer/director of this film. He’s not exactly anonymous.

  • ArlForester

    Man, liberals sure do get pissy when they can’t control the first amendment. Remember that flag burning crap? Yeah, so do we.

  • Dezlboy

    Who else is willing to donate towards an advertisment in the Metro that reads, “Go to hell Metro” ?

    • Used to live in Clarendon

      Stop being a pussy and just vandalize the goddamned sign already.

      Do you run a risk of arrest? Of course, but at worst it’s a wrist slap offense, at best you’ll get let off for exercising your speech rights (if you get caught, don’t get caught).

  • PushIt

    Although I think it is in poor taste, we do live in the United States of America and as long as it is not threatening the Pres., it is free speech. Love it or hate it, that is why the Westboro people can spew their bile.

    And yes, Virginia is dumb for even working on a bill requiring a vaginal or other ultrasound for abortions, however, the bill doesn’t mean much since it is SOP for a doctor to do one when they perform an abortion. They need to see what they are going to do/doing and most use the vaginal type because it produces better/more relevant imaging than the belly one. Why didn’t any of the VA Dems come out and say that? Oh yeah, they still need to protect their own asses as well with the more conservative Dem voters. It’s politics people.

  • novasteve

    Anyone want to chip in for a an ad telling Jim Moran that he took and oath to defend the Constitutional and then advocated violating it?

    • Rick

      Please send me your paypal information

    • Josh S

      I take my morning constitutional everyday – Christmas Day or Doomsday……

  • Jimmy

    Bottom line, Metro can not censor ads based on political content.

    • rowdyINdowdy

      Many media outlets choose to accept or reject ads at their own will. Normally there is an approval process for submitted ads and these ads can be rejected based on content since that media outlet owns the space where the ad is being placed. Look at some of the Super Bowl ads that were either rejected or asked to be changed before airing. Metro is no different. CBS Outdoor handles Metro ads by the way.

      • novasteve

        Metro is a STATE ACTOR. They are subject to the first amendment. They cannot deny ads based upon political content.

  • Alex

    Sick and Sicker . . . hmm, is that Bachmann and Santorum? Or was that Dumb and Dumber?

  • Stoneridge

    Don’t the people behind Sick and Sicker know that Metro is for liberal elitists? Know your audience, idiots.

    • Used to live in Clarendon

      The movie’s producer knew exactly what he was doing. He’s getting a bunch of free advertising from a bunch of liberals with their panties in a wad. The outrage is exactly what the movie’s producers crave?

      Just remember the opposite of love isn’t hate, it’s apathy. And apathy is exactlywhat this film deserves.

  • Meanwhile in Leesburg…
  • Ramen

    Moran whining about profane language and coarse dialog. Oh man, that made my day.

  • CW

    Late to the party here.

    Confused and wondering where “hell Barack” is.

    Wondering if the ad will be vandalized. Hope not – let’s take the high road.

    • doug

      Ha ha…have they no dignity, no decorum, and no commas?

  • Radical Daddy Nad

    I wonder how much it costs for a “Moran should be spelled with two O’s” advertisement?

    • Ed


  • Disappointed

    I’m pretty sure some of you crying out about how bad this ad is are sporting “dissent is patriotic” bumper stickers on you car. Irony anyone?

    It’s election season. The gloves came off a long time ago.

  • The ad is stupid, but it shouldn’t be removed.

    • novasteve

      hurray! Someone who believes in free speech.

    • drax


  • Laurence Socci

    Of course, if the ad said “Go to Hell, Bush”, well, it would be a free speech issue and Moran would support it.

    democrats = hypocrites

    • Jerry

      Winner, winner – chicken dinner!!

    • If it said “Go to hell, Bush”, no company would’ve taken your money to print it for fear of being labeled un-American.

    • drax

      I am a Democrat who doesn’t think this ad should be removed.

      Do not generalize.

  • roquer

    1) Someone in WMATA grew a set.
    2) Moran is profane when he is asleep, let alone awake and screaming the F bomb when he’s angry at anyone……..or his wife………or the police, when his wife calls the police for their domestics.
    3) Maybe someone else with a clean mouth could protest the ad. Sounds a bit hypocritical when Moran protests.

  • Max

    Can’t lie: While I disagree with the premiss of the ad, I wouldn’t have complained if a similar ad were launched against Bush (or McDonnell, or Boehner, etc). It’s eh.

    • Jerry

      Honesty appreciated.

    • Nah… I’m still against Bush, Cheney, Boehner, Santorum, Palin, et al, but even I wouldn’t tell them to go to hell. That’s just ignorant.

  • Primo

    Metro claims that it is free-speech to have the AD posted in the Metro. It may be free-speech but it is bull-shit for Metro not taking it down. Clearly metro is condoning to the type of conduct. I suppose it is Free-Speech for people to post obscene language all over the metro system about the METRO director and all the morons that run metro.

    What people should do is BOYCOTT metro until the AD comes down. Simple as that.

    It is an embarassment to the DMV area for tourist have to see such distasteful demeanor about a sitting president.

    • Zoning Victim

      No, Metro doesn’t claim anything:

      WMATA advertising has been ruled by the courts as a public forum protected by the First Amendment of the Constitution, and we may not decline ads based on their political content. WMATA does not endorse the advertising on our system, and ads do not reflect the position of the Authority.

      The key phrase here is “ruled by the courts.”

  • Chinny McChipster

    I’m thinking this “GO TO HELL” concept has legs. It could replace the antiquated and totally untrue slogan “The Arlington Way”…yeah right GO TO HELL COUNTY BOARD. And the misnomer and copy cat “Keep Arlington Weird” that may have once kind of been true when Whitey’s, Bardo’s, Orpheus Records even Indian Spices and Appliances were around… GO TO HELL CLARENDON. The 100 million dollar design debacle called Yorktown High School where there isn’t sufficient parking, a gym too small to accommodate the school and a swimming pool that isn’t regulation length. GO TO HELL COUNTY BOARD…oh wait I said that already. Lastly, Jim Moran can GO TO HELL for wasting time about this sign. How about issuing me those tickets to the White House that I requested so I can visit the awesome Mr. President Obama!

  • Bob

    Go to hell, congressman Moran.

    Worst Congressman Ever.

  • aklilu haile

    not a good thing to say about us president

  • Your Mom

    Nerds, nerds, nerds.

  • Renee

    This is pure profanity for a profit. If you insert any other name (for instance, the Pope), there would be no debate as to whether or not this is a profane statement. Metro should pull this ad which is disrepectful of the President of the United States immediately!

    • Jerry


    • Used to live in Clarendon

      Wait, did you repeal the First Amendment and forget to tell me?

    • An American

      Not gonna happen…. and i like how you add, “if you insert and other name” and immediately go for the Pope. Thats not any other name. Frank or Bill or John would be any other name. Telling a religious man to go to hell bears a little more weight. Telling the president to do that is exactly what gives us Americans our right to free speech. I agree it is disrespectful but that is what is so great about america. We live in a country that protects whatever I say against the most powerful man in the country. Which means I can have the same sized voice as the president of the United States. If you want the ad to go away dont bring anymore attention to it.

    • Zoning Victim

      Actually, since the definition of profane includes “irreverence to God, something unholy or vulgar” and nothing else that isn’t religious in nature, putting the Pope in there would be one of the few things you could do to make the statement profane.

  • Mr. Right


  • Rick

    I’d like to see Moran hold a press conference in front of the ad. That way, he can be in metro property and he’ll realize they need the money no matter where it comes from.

  • Bill Floyd

    Cong. Moran fell into a trap laid by the anti-Obamacare people. By publicizing the ad further, Moran has greatly amplified the reach of the ad and the anti-Obamacare movie. The film-maker should send Moran a thank-you card or box of chocolate. (Moran has never been accused of being bright.)

    I’m not an Obama fan, but think it’s disrespectful and in bad taste to tell any U.S. President to go to hell. (Actually, I think it’s in bad taste to tell anyone that, with the possible exceptions of killers like Ted Bundy or Syrian President Assad.) However, Metro is right that the First Amendment protects bad taste, especially in matters of political speech like this ad.

    • Jerry

      I completely agree. My only point in my participation in this thread is to point out the hypocrisy of all of the suddenly “respect the Office” people who were nowhere to be found when W was being maligned, ridiculed, and in any commonly-understood sense of the word “disrespected”‘ while he was in office.

      Of course, their only answer is “yeah, but that was different.”. Of course it was. Because they disagreed with him idealogically.

  • jim

    these comments just remind me how much i love being a conservative. liberals are just elitists blindly following the most dangerous president in modern times. his complete disregard for the rule of law and the constitution is creating a constitutional crisis that will be felt for decades. his arrogance is only second to his disrespect for the office of the president.

    • jackson

      More dangerous than the previous one that got us into two wars? Sure.

  • Stitch_Jones

    The word “hell” is used as a commonplace term on broadcast television and other advertisements.

    Jim Moran has only proven that he hates free speech that he disagrees with. I am not surprised, as he is a bully worthy of the old Soviet Politburo.

    If Metro pulls this ad, the folks who paid for it should sue to have their money returned.

    Jim Moran is an embarrassment to this district.

  • John Andre

    IMO it’s the right-wingers, not Barack Obama, who deserve to fall into the Hell of Incessant Suffering. In addition, we should have the Canadian system here, not this broken “pay the doctors all you have” system which marks health care around here.

    I, for one, can’t wait until “socialized medicine” is the law of the land!

    • Skeptical

      I was wondering myself when someone would note that freedom to be unable to afford your health care is an interesting kind of freedom.

    • Your Mom

      Move to Canada if it’s such a great system. I don’t want to participate in it but I’m being forced to. B O is a horrible president. He Petered out day one.

    • novasteve

      Our system of federalism doesn’t allow the canadian system here. You advocate violating the constitution. Do you think elected officials who are sworn to defend the constitution should be allowed to advocate violating it? If you want universale healthcare, you need a constitutional amendment, advocating violating the constitution is NOT proper.

  • Run4$$

    If I am going to get vaginally probed I want the govt to pay for it..that way it will cost them twice as much as it would have been under privatized healthcare system.

  • Fed Up

    “Old School”. How dare U disrespect the President of Our Country in this manner. Every Policy in this Country is voted on by its Political System. If U don’t respect your own leader, how can U Demand other Nations to do so? This not about the promotion of War(Bloodshed); but, HEALTH CARE! We all will need it in our SR. life. Show some respect for Babies and The Elderly who can’t speak for themselves.

  • Guillermo Sanchez

    I’m so glad some one is using their freedom of speech . Obama is a puppet of the big bankers . Learn the truth at infowars.com

    • Teresa

      LOL. One of the biggest conspiracy theory websites on the internet today, and that’s the one you choose? Good job!

  • Dave Cheney

    Moran would not care one bit if this was aimed at a Republican.

  • Ralph

    Perhaps a Black Sharpie and a few added words might be in order:

    Go To Ray’s Hell Burger!

    • drax

      Best comment.

  • Jilli


    Just think of the outrage if the same had been done regarding President Bush. It would have been over the top, but yet this is acceptable to some? Absolutely pathetic. But, I’d assume the folks that see no harm are the ones who were apoplectic over candidates not wearing flag pins made in china on their lapels.

    • Zoning Victim

      Whether or not people find it acceptable is a matter of personal taste and political affiliation, which is exactly why we have the 1st Amendment. It may not be acceptable to you (I personally find it disrespectful and think everyone should have a lot more respect for our Presidents, especially sitting Presidents), but it is the law.

      • SouthPikeGuy

        Why is it that people can not make clear, concise objections to this ad, without having to go the hypothetical “but Bush” route? I can’t see how it helps their argument against that ad. Talking about things that never occurred. Pure projection I guess.

  • CarlosDePasqual

    Just leave some worn out break pads next to it and Metro will have to do something…oh wait.

    • nom de guerre

      brake pads!

  • novasteve
  • PUP

    that’s a mean thing to say to somebody.

  • HayCaramba

    I like turtles!

  • C Z future

    My eyesight is going.
    I was reading the sign and near the bottom I initially read,

    Screen the movie in your arse.

    I laughed. Thought it was a joke. Re-read. O.K., eyesight is going.

  • Sophia

    First the state rape bill and now this?

    Virginia, people are laughing AT you; not with you.

    • novasteve

      What does Virginia have to do with this, Sophia?

  • Rob

    I would say “repent or perish Barack.”


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