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Crime Report: Caught With One’s Pants Down Edition

by ARLnow.com March 28, 2012 at 3:17 pm 5,271 37 Comments

In this week’s Arlington County crime report, a woman called police after walking past a parked car in Rosslyn and spotting the driver with his pants down.

EXPOSURE, 03/23/12, 1400 block of N. Key Boulevard. On March 23, at 7:15 am, a female victim reported seeing a male subject sitting in a parked vehicle with his pants down as she walked past. The victim took a picture of the subjects car, which caused the subject to drive away. The victim did not wish to press charges.

In Ballston, a man ran from police after officers tried to stop him for questioning. Police say they recovered more than two pounds of pot from the man’s backpack.

POSSESSION WITH INTENT TO DISTRIBUTE (MARIJUANA), 03/23/12, 900 block of N. Taylor Street. On March 23 at 4:20 pm, officers attempted to stop a male suspect in relation to a robbery and a foot pursuit ensued. The suspect was eventually apprehended and a backpack with over 2 lbs of pre-packaged marijuana was found in his possession. Arif Hassan Ahmed, 24, of Arlington, VA, was charged with possession with intent to distribute and was held without bond.

The rest of this week’s crime report, after the jump.

ROBBERY, 03/24/12, 700 block of S. Greenbrier Street. On March 24, at 5:15 am, a male victim was walking to his car on S. Greenbrier Street when he was approached by two Hispanic males that demanded money. One of the suspects grabbed the victim by the throat and made threatening remarks. The victim handed over $65 cash and suspects fled on foot. One of the suspects is described as a Hispanic male in his 20’s, approximately 5’6″ tall and 170 lbs. He was wearing a blue baseball shirt with two vertical stripes and jean shorts at the time of the robbery. The victim was unable to identify the second suspect.

ROBBERY, 03/23/12, 4200 block of N. Fairfax Street. At 3 pm on March 23, a juvenile male exiting the Ballston Metro was approached by two black males that grabbed the victim’s arm and demanded his iPhone and cash. The victim handed over his phone and $200 in cash. One suspect is described as a black male, approximately 6’3″ tall, with long dreadlocks and was wearing a white t-shirt and dark pants. The second suspect is described as a black male, approximately 6’0″ tall, and was wearing a white t-shirt and dark pants.

PROSTITUTION, 03/22/12, 3000 block of S. Columbia Pike. On March 22, at 8:15 pm, two female subjects engaged in prostitution with unknown male subjects at an area hotel. Officers were aware of the location and their identities after the female subjects placed online advertisements of the location and photographs of themselves. Evelin Borrayo Gonzalez, 30, of Alexandria, VA, was charged with prostitution and maintaining a bawdy place.. Estefany Gabriela Perez Sandoval, 25, of Alexandria, VA, was charged with prostitution. They were both held on $1000 secured bonds.

BURGLARY, 03/20/12, 3100 block of N. Vermont Street. Between 7:30 am and 1:40 pm, on March 20, an unknown subject entered a residence through an unlocked garage door and stole numerous items of jewelry. There is no suspect description.

BURGLARY, 03/26/12, 5100 block of S. 8thRoad. Between 1 and 4 pm, on March 26, an unknown subject(s) entered an apartment through a bedroom window and stole various items. Stolen items include televisions, laptop computers and jewelry. There is no suspect description.

BURGLARY, 03/27/12, 16200 block of N. Glebe Road. Between 4 pm on March 23, and 7 pm on March 27, an unknown subject(s) broke into a residence by knocking out glass on a rear door and stole various bottles of liquor. There is no suspect description.

BURGLARY, 03/23/12, 4800 block of S. Columbia Pike. Between 11 pm on March 22, and 6:30 am on March 23, an unknown subject(s) entered a business through an exhaust fan system that was temporarily out-of-order. The subject stole televisions and cash from this location. Additionally, the subject broke the glass door to the adjacent business and stole various items to include cash. The surveillance cameras had not been activated and there is no suspect description.


03/26/12, VA XLW5315, 2004 Mitsubishi Lancer, White, 1200 block of S. Eads Street
03/25/12, VA KBA9785, 1998 Oldsmobile Intrigue, Black, 1200 block of N. Vernon Street
03/23/12, VA 705802, 2008 Honda CBR600 (Motorcycle), Red, 2700 block of S. Quincy Street
03/24/12, VA YLB3276, Tags Only, 2600 block of S. Shirlington Road
03/22/12, MD NG2967, Tags Only, 300 block of S. George Mason Drive
03/23/12, VA XHR8490, Tags Only, 3100 block of N. Wilson Boulevard

  • G Clifford Prout

    Honest. I just dropped a quarter on the car seat and was looking everywhere for it. No need for alarm. Go about your business.

  • Louise

    Pot bust at 4:20.

    • don’t judge me

      i saw that too

    • nom de guerre

      Appears you may know a little too much about 420. Or maybe you just heard about it from a friend?

      • don’t judge me

        i’m not on trial here.

        • Smails, Judge (Ret.)

          Not yet, anyway – watch your step. I’ve sentenced boys younger than you to the gas chamber. I didn’t want to do it- I felt I owed it to them.

        • nom de guerre

          Your level of paranoia is also suspicious.

    • drax


      Good eyes, Louise.

      • Louise

        My pleasure, Drax. You, too, have made me LOL on more than one occasion.

        • drax

          We should get together for some 420 some time. I hear it’s easy to score around Ballston.

        • Tabs

          That is a good catch, Weezy.

  • PeeWee

    Next time, please don’t look in my car when I’m getting dressed for work, ok? Nothing to see here, move along…

  • novasteve

    Do they have SUVs with glass doors now? How can you tell if someone is not wearing pants from just walking by?

    • Motel Clerk

      Simulation of Shake-weight motion without a Shake-weight.

  • dumb question – why were tags (I assume license plates?) stolen from 3 cars? Do they re-sell them to people so they don’t have to pay through DMV? Or is it drug related? Three cars in one week seems odd to me. But I never actually paid attention to the info on cars.

    Now about the 2 prostitutes – please tell me the man was arrested as well!!

    • yo yo ma

      lets meet at a shady hotel, and i’ll give you all the details….

    • Richard Cranium

      Nope – seems that they got off.

      • that’s what she said

        I’m sure they all did!

    • For $20 Extra

      Went thru the back door, maybe?

      • that’s what she said

        escaped in a hummer

    • Arlingtoon

      Apparently released with a summons.

    • ArlingtonNative

      3 stolen cars – 3 stolen tags.
      Car thieves steal tags to put on the cars they’ve stolen.
      People notice when their car goes missing – very few people notice missing tags right away.
      Gives the thieves a few days of driving around before they need to worry about getting caught by a cop running tags while on patrol.

  • Transplant

    Why is it illegal to be pantsless in my own car? I’m not harming anyone am I? She was that one that came peeking and took a picture! Harrumph!

  • Mary-Austin

    The robber on Greenbrier Street should be charged with wearing jorts in the commission of a robbery.

    • OldTimer

      “Daisy Dukes,” I bet.

  • nom de guerre

    Went down on the elevator.

    • Little Blue Pill

      and went right back up again.

  • DSS10

    4 arrests, 15 Crimes, with a conversion rate of 27%. (It should be really three because the the 2lbs of pot guy was a bit of a gimme).

    It seems as if on every crime report there is a car theft on the 1200 block of Eads street. You’d think that, perhaps, they might, want to do some additional patrols down that way and get a grand larceny case to two?

    • Secret Police Memo

      Yes . . . yes . . . I see it now – we’ll suggest that every officer on patrol there bring in one grand larceny a week, with the best “producer” getting a brand-new shake-weight for home use!

      • Motel Clerk

        Shake-weights are for scandalous hookups in seedy motels on Columbia Pike.

  • KalashniKEV

    These hookers are better looking than last week’s hookers.

    • nom de guerre

      How do you know? Are you a hooker connoisseur?

      • jackson

        They ran their personal ads in the right-hand margin of Arlnow last week. You didn’t see them?

      • Tabs

        Does that question even need to be asked?

  • yikes

    Perhaps it was a pedophile. Note to self—don’t let kids out front today.


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