Arlington Man Beaten, Robbed in Baltimore

by ARLnow.com April 10, 2012 at 2:45 pm 9,345 126 Comments

A 31-year-old Arlington man was beaten and robbed following a St. Patrick’s Day celebration in Baltimore, in a story that has now made national news.

The beating was caught on camera and posted to a hip hop website. Several people can be seen punching the man and then stripping him of his clothing, while others stand around, laugh and cheer.

The man, who was reportedly drunk at the time of the incident, eventually made it back to his hotel room. He had no memory of the incident, but noticed that his watch, iPhone and car keys were missing.

Baltimore Police say they’ve already identified one suspect. They’re asking for the public to help identify others.

  • Transplant

    That’s not a fight, it’s a struggle-snuggle.

  • PUP


    • PUP

      but seriously, the feds should raze the city of baltimore to use as DC’s landfill.

      • Arlington, Northside

        Except the four or five blocks surrounding the Inner Harbor.

        • PUP

          three blocks, tops.

          • Arlington, Northside

            Outter edge of Camden Yards is five blocks from the water, also need to cut out a small safe corridor to the B&O Museum, the rest can be knocked down.

          • novasteve

            I had a friend visit from outside of the US, and I took her to the inner harbor, and she insisted we go exploring outside of the inner harbor,and I told her that that wasn’t a very wise idea. Within 2 blocks of leaving the inner harbor, after a series of comments mades toward her, she decided it would be wisest to turn back to inner harbor. I didn’t say “I told you so” but I thought it to myself.

      • MC 703

        Can they save Canton and Fells Point?

        • Arlington, Northside

          Fells Point could use a good flushing itself.

    • Maria

      I saw a sign in Baltimore, seemingly made by the fire department, that said something to the effect of:
      “Don’t wind up dead because your [car] battery did.”

      Yeah. That made me feel safe.

      • Arlington, Northside

        The fire department was speaking of your smoke detector battery, but your editing is very appropriate for much of that city. I have broken down is some of the seedy/gang infested parts of DC, but folks actually helped me out. In Baltimore, sadly I would not expect the same treatment.

        • Maria

          What’s funny is that I never considered it meant a smoke detector battery, but that makes perfect sense. Duh.

          • drax

            Interesting that you jumped to such a strange conclusion. You were already nervous about crime, and you folded that into your fears and amped them up.

          • Maria

            I wasn’t nervous about crime at all. I certainly KNOW about the crime in Baltimore, so if that’s what you mean, then fine. But nervous? Afraid? No. We were in a car driving to Preakness, and I happened to pass the sign. It looked like a car battery in the picture to me in the short time I saw it, so it wasn’t all that strange of a conclusion.

  • BC

    He needed a lesson from the wannabe UFC guy that threw down in Clarendon (was it Clarendon Grill?)

  • Ronaldo

    oh man…

    Feel bad for this guy but if he’s from around here or has an hbo subscription, he should know better than to go to Baltimore. Second only to Philly in # of classless scum.

    • NPGMBR

      Yeah I feel bad for him too. But its a lesson to us ALL that we can never let out guard down because there is always someone waiting around to take advantage of us especially if we look like we are not from the area.

      The idiots that attacked this guy should all be prosecuted!

  • Bob

    If that had been Florida…

    • MC 703

      Nothing would have happened. It’s illegal to carry a firearm while intoxicated.

      • brif

        assuming the police bother to check for blood alcohol content

  • wow

    I’m shocked that someone of African American decent would do this, especially to a white person. This is just tragic.

    • drax

      A full 12 comments before the racists find it? You guys are slow today.

    • Matt

      Although I’m shocked this made the news at all, I’m slightly more curious how much faster this would have made the news had the crowd been all white and an intoxicated black male was victimized.

      Hoping the street thugs are brought to quick justice and are stripped of everything they own as well.

      • Michael H.

        I think the national media has heard all of the criticism over their recent coverage of certain events and is trying to make an effort to show that they are not biased (i.e., covering their *****).

        • drax

          Awesome – just question their motives and you get to keep assuming they are biased even when they do what disproves your claim!

          • Arlington, Northside

            drax, Are you saying NBC and others have not shown a bias in the way they were covering the FL story in the first weeks?

          • Michael H.


          • PUP

            -1 +3

          • drax

            You COMPLETELY miss the point, Northside.

            I’m saying that Micheal H. is claiming that UNbiased reports in the media are simply efforts to hide their bias, which is goofy.

          • drax

            To explain more – I’m not saying there’s no bias, I’m saying Micheal H is inappropriately dismissing evidence against it. His argument amounts to saying that biased reports are biased, but non-biased reports are just attempts to cover up bias. It’s like saying someone who eats chocolate alot is just trying to cover up the fact that he hates chocolate. Unfair and illogical.

      • Arlington, Northside

        It would have taken three weeks to hit the news, then just 12 hours for a Jessie Jackson Press Conference.

  • Quoth the Raven

    Sadly, the police likely won’t get anywhere, as the idiotic “don’t snitch” culture is alive and well in Baltimore.

    • Shockey

      Snitches get tickles.

    • Gwinjo Morsky

      They did. The video surfaced, and the main suspected turned himself in. There will be people who do snitch

  • Typical


  • novasteve

    I’m shocked that this story is being covered here and that it’s getting some national attention. Shocked.

    • MC 703

      Saw it on CNN. Don’t trust the MSM?

    • drax

      No, you’re not shocked, and it’s not that shocking.

  • Good Grief

    ArlNow has been pretty negative lately. How bout you highlight some local volunteer events or some other good-doer activities. Let’s get those pink flamingos back on Lee Hwy.

    • novasteve

      Yes, because it doesn’t fit the liberal thing of denying reality, we should ignore things like this.

      • Good Grief

        I didn’t realize that asking for positive stories was denying reality. Lighten up, not everything is a conspiracy.

        • E

          This is a great story with great content, arlnow needs to report tings of interest like this, or store openings and closings. Arlnow is hitting well on this story, I wish they could always produce newsworthy content!

        • novasteve

          Is it a coincidence you found this story objectionable? There are all sorts of positive stories on here. Do you not want crime against arlingtonians reported? When that guy got shot by Glebe and pershing a few months ago, should Arlnow have ignored it because it wasn’t positive? Should the crime reports be ignored?

          • Good Grief

            In my opinion, there has been an increase in unfortunate accidents recently. ArlNow is a community blog where we learn about whats going on in the community and where community members can express their interests. My request was to highlighting more upbeat stories, not replace them with ‘objectionable’ ones. I know there is an influx of great stories, groups and other events to highlight and feel there is room for both. I think you’re taking my comment personal because I choose this article vs. others to comment on. There was no coincidence. And no, I’m not a liberal – so get off your “stereotype soap box”.

      • MC 703

        Why does it have to be a liberal / conservative thing? It’s the ‘us vs them’ and ‘compromise is a sign of weakness’ thing is ruining the country.

        • novasteve

          Because liberals for the very most part completely ignore any and all black on white crime. There’s no shortage of liberals who think only whites can be racist. That’s why.

          • Maria

            So they must live in the same fantasy world as some other posters on this site, I guess.

          • drax

            Ironic that you generalize about generalizations.

      • PUP

        jeez steve, give it a rest.

    • CW

      I saw a yardful of them on Key Blvd the other day!!!

      • Good Grief

        Nice! Picture of the day anyone?

    • Arlington, Northside
  • Patrick

    When can we expect the press conference from the Reverand Al Sharpton denouncing this behavior?

    • novasteve

      When kosher pigs can fly with kosher cheeseburgers and kosher shrimp/lobsters in their mouths.

    • ArLater


    • Southie

      Rev. Al’s presser to denounce this will be right after Jessie Jackson holds his.

    • Always Right

      Is Tawana Brawley still around?

  • Michael H.

    Scary stuff.

    Note to self: Never end up in a rough neighborhood by yourself while completely drunk.

    • j

      no sh*t. a serious wake-up call for those that imbivbe.

  • Narlington

    I guess they don’t like brown flip flops in B- more

    • ArlingtonAnthropolgist

      When is the MILLION BROWN FLIP-FLOP RALLY?… Oh wait, thats every weekend in Clarendon (Too soon?)

  • blueflipflops

    The comments on here are ridiculous. If this was a drunk black guy beaten by a crowd of white idiots (racially moticated or not) the outpouring of sympathy for him would have been astonishing. meanwhile, this guy gets 2 or 3 serious comments and 20+ jokes.

    • novasteve

      Because they wish this story were swept under the carpet.

      • MC 703

        I’m a lib and this video makes my blood boil. Just like a vigilante with a record of violence killing a kid he followed b/c he was black.

        • novasteve

          If you were outraged, you’d be outraged about the Arizona Taco bell case, which was the Reverse Trayvon situation, except the victim was also mentally retarded. That got buried by the liberal media.


          The media in this country is shamless. Only white on black crime gets attention; white on white, black on black, and black on white crime is ignored. If a child is missing, it’s only big news if it’s a girl, white and pretty.

          • Arlington, Northside

            Well to do white on well to do white crime gets attention too, if there is video.

          • Tobe

            Case in point, Brittany and Federline’s reality show.

          • Kenny Dalglish

            I’m not sure how “young white girl missing” is indicative of a LIBERAL media, in fact most would attribute the obsession with blond white girls with conservative bias. In any case, if you a white blond has gone missing, chances are she’s at the Fox News Studio, or on the touchline of an NFL game ready to interview someone.

            The AZ Taco Bell case does deserve more media attention. However, it’s nothing like the Trayvon case. That case involves a pre-meditated attack (Zimmerman follows the boy and confronts him) as opposed to a 2nd degree murder where a man (according to one witness) was being punched as he sat in his car. It’s probably not getting media attention because mentally disabled men who confront people in drive-thrus is not something symbolic, while a black kid being profiled in a rich neighborhood is.

          • Arlington, Northside

            You show your own prejudgment and bias here.

          • Kenny Dalglish

            Who cares if I am biased. Did i claim not to be? I am responding to two specific points.

            And what is my big leaning..that Zimmerman pre-meditating the attack? That is the allegation, at least. Innocent until proven guilty, of course, but he decided to pursue Martin, against advice, regardless of who threw the first punch. The point is that it even if Zimmerman is the victim, it’s far different to this Taco Bell case.

            Or bias against the absurdity that the vast majority of women that anchor on Fox News have blond hair? I think that’s funny more than anything else. Certainly the fact that only white women end up in “missing” headlines has nothing to do with liberal bias. It would be liberal bias if most of them were minorities, at least according to this notion that liberals only care about minorities (false).

          • drax

            “Only white on black crime gets attention; white on white, black on black, and black on white crime is ignored.”

            Well, no, that’s ridiculous.

            “If a child is missing, it’s only big news if it’s a girl, white and pretty.”

            Now that’s sometimes true, but it’s a bias against blacks, not for them, isn’t it?

    • Well

      It’s because no one is shocked, that culture is known for exactly what you see in that video. There is outrage when you see the opposite because it’s generally the exception not the rule as is the case in this attack.

  • Mittendorf

    Either the victim was drunk by his own volition or given a date rape drug as he said he didn’t remember what happened to him, he was targeted by this group of thieves. Pretty sketchy when you see a woman with only her underwear on and all these people getting closer to the vic, “swarming” him. If there were bystanders who wanted to help by rescuing him, they would’ve thought twice because they would’ve been sucked into the frenzy building up by these jacked up thugs. If anything, someone should’ve called police or done something to distract the “animals’. Whatever the case may be, the vic who probably shouldn’t be out alone and drinking out in that part of town.

    • Arlington, Northside

      Well, if you haqve ever visited the Charm City after sundown, “a woman with only her underwear on” would not surprise you, and is only on the edge of sketchy for that city. The rest of your post is right on, someone getting involved beyond callin the cops would have likely been hurt themselves.

    • novasteve

      Funny how I can go out and get drunk in a german city and this wouldn’t happen. Do you tell women that they shouldn’t have gone out if they get raped?

      • PUP

        in this part of baltimore at 2 am – yes.

  • Danielle

    I lived in Baltimore for about 6 months and sadly this doesn’t surprise me that much. I wanted to like it there but I never felt safe, even in the blocks surrounding the inner harbor in broad daylight. Very sad for this guy and sad for the city – only makes its bad reputation worse.

    • Arlington, Northside

      Roland Park, Northwood, and Waverly Park around the old Memorial Stadium are nice, but downtown is a bunch of animals. The contrast between the bad parts of DC and our nicer sections is nothing compared to the difference between Baltimore’s nice sections and the hood around downtown, and their nice sections can’t come close to DC’s.

  • D

    Ummm. the guy got punched one time and then robbed. “Beaten” is pretty extreme.

    • Greg

      The video is edited. Watch closely and you can see the woman with no pants getting ready to hit him in the head with her shoe just before the cut when he is lying down. In the next cut he has no clothes and has been turned 180 degrees. You can see the same woman has followed his head and is finishing her back swing from hitting him again. Presumably she has been hitting him the whole time. It also looks like someone kicks him there.

    • John Fontain

      Oh, I didn’t realize the edited video on CNN wasn’t edited.

  • Lala

    This was sad to watch.

  • hellothere


  • AgentZero

    He should know better than to BLACKOUT in Baltimore. ALONE. tsktsk.

    • John

      Like all those those sluts in their skimpy clothing right?

  • geebee

    Sadly, a lot like the incident last year at the L’Enfant Plaza Metro, where a guy was beaten senseless by a laughing, cheering, and video-recording crowd.

    • spookiness

      Yep. And wasn’t that filmed by the perps and posted to a “hip hop website” as well?

  • novasteve


    And here we go. It will not be investigated as a hate crime. Anyone want to take a bet on wither a group of whites attacked a drunk black whether the police would announce they are not going to investigate it as a hate crime?

    Political correctness has now even tainted law enforcement.

    • Maria

      To preface, I haven’t watched the video because I can’t really stomach that kind of thing, so I don’t know if there were any racial slurs or anything like that. However, if I had to guess why it’s not being classified as a hate crime, I would say it is that it is because of all the things people have been saying here about Baltimore… it’s an exceptionally violent city, much of the violence being “black on black,” so to speak. It wouldn’t surprise me if this was not a *racially* motivated crime. If that same group of people had encountered a stinking drunk black guy, there’s a good chance they would have done the same thing to him. Some people are just a*holes, no matter the color of their skin or their victims’.

      • No

        You really need to watch the video. It’s just a punch to his face, you can stomach that. And no, I don’t think the same thing would have happened if they encountered a drunken black guy, it’s the culture of black people (sadly) that breeds this kind of behavior.

        • Maria

          Gosh, thank you so much for sharing your expertise on the culture of black people. I’m totally enlightened now and will avoid black people wherever I go since it is in their culture to beat me up. Excellent to know.

          And no, I won’t watch it because a) I find the idea of watching someone get punched, even once, disturbing, and b) regardless, from a comment above to someone else that said it was “just a punch”:
          “The video is edited. Watch closely and you can see the woman with no pants getting ready to hit him in the head with her shoe just before the cut when he is lying down. In the next cut he has no clothes and has been turned 180 degrees. You can see the same woman has followed his head and is finishing her back swing from hitting him again. Presumably she has been hitting him the whole time. It also looks like someone kicks him there.” So it doesn’t exactly sound like “just a punch” to me.

          • Gwinjo Morsky

            I watched the video. I don’t see a racial bias. Just a bunch of bullies picking on a drunken man

        • truth be told

          ” It’s just a punch to his face..”

          That punch in the face knocks him essentially cold on to his back. “Just” a punch in the face. It is VERY violent.

          • Gwinjo Morsky

            And they hit him other times too

    • Westover

      He was not as target of hate, he was a target of opportunity. Treyvon was a target of apparent misundertanding , not hate either.

      • truth be told

        Go walk around that part of town and see if you don’t feel or hear ANYTHING racial against you. Please!!!!!!!!!!

        • Arlington, Northside

          They still did not attack him due to hate, they attacked him due to him being any easy target.

    • drax

      Steve, use your brain for once.

      Having a victim of one race and an attacker of another is NOT automatically a hate crime. There has to be evidence of, you know, hate.

      • Maria

        Actually, there has to be evidence that the crime was committed BECAUSE of hate.

  • John

    What this sketchy white guy doing in those nice black people’s neighborhood in the first place?

  • girlFace

    last summer I met some friends in the inner harbor who were there for a conference for dinner at M&S. after dinner we walked around, it was a nice saturday evening and at 10 pm sharp, a helicopter with spotlights, the mobile command post and a force in riot gear showed up to dispel the rather large, young, AA crowd milling about the central area. it was curfew and the cops were there to clean the place out. most people dispersed but later it appeared as though several kids didnt want to go, and some cops surrounded them and a little force used. it was disturbing. the whole thing seemed so routine to the waitstaff but it made us feel uncomfortable – this place can get so out of control they have to bring in the riot squads ?

    I won’t be recommending to anyone visiting the inner harbor after dark.

  • Billy

    That was a hate crime.

    • PUP

      the phrase “hate crime” is so arbitrary sometimes. like in the trayvon case – zimmerman obviously had a little racist in him and obviously committed a crime based largely on the color of trayvon’s skin & his “black culture” apparel. in this video, it’s less distinguishable as a hate crime – seeing as the victim is clearly blackout drunk and thugs are taking advantage of the fact – but the gang mentality towards someone who’s white makes it seem more like a crime of race than just a normal assault & robbery.

      there is no black and white, only grey. but the media does skew things so ridiculously to keep blacks & whites constantly on edge about each other.

      bottom line – arrest george zimmerman, arrest all these thugs in the video. a crime is a crime.

      • Arlington, Northside

        Zimmermann did not obviously have any racism. Folks decided he was racist from an improperly editied phone call tape. We have no idea what happaned in the Zimmerman case, hopefully the prosecutor will figure it out and if appropriate press charges, also if appropriate, clear him under the rule of law.

        This case here is obviously a bunch of low lifes praying on easy targets. We can see the facts of the assult and the thefts and can easily see the crimes. Hopefully these folks are caught and sent away.

        • PUP

          u don’t think the color of trayvon’s skin and his attire had anything to do w/ the murder? i kinda doubt that.

  • torsionbar

    a disgusting crime for sure, but seriously, what was this guy thinking? has he never been to baltimore before? clearly he was lacking in the common sense department if he chose to wear a 1300 dollar tag heuer wrist watch into the slums of baltimore, at 2 am, and get completely obliterated drunk and walk around out on the street. what did he think would happen??

    • Maria

      Well, one who is “completely obliterated drunk” probably WASN’T thinking about what could happen. Logic and reason aren’t traits generally associated with people who are hammered.

      • torsionbar

        Sure, so why was he obliterated drunk? Was that forced upon him, against his will? Or did he CHOOSE to consume alcohol in excess?

        • Arlington, Northside

          Really? You sure he was not at an earlier event and things didn’t just get out of hand? Sure his wing man did not hook up and abandon him thinking he would be fine, or would get back to the bar before last call to help his friend home? The victim here obviously drank too much, and obviously stumbled into a bad situation. Are you saying that the perps just did what the natural order calls for and should be excused from their actions?

          • PUP

            if someone chooses to drink to excess & wear expensive clothing/jewelry in a crappy part of a crappy city, that’s their poor decision. i don’t think anyone is saying the criminals should be excused for their actions – i think it’s that he was not thinking wisely BEFORE he got blackout drunk, leading to his trail of bad decisions.

            anyone with half a brain knows to be aware of their surroundings and be smart about how they act/dress/etc. when they want to go out and (foolishly) binge drink.

          • Julie

            This video is absolutely sickening. I can’t believe that people would do this to another human being. The insensitive comments in response to this article are pretty unbelievable. This poor guy did not deserve this, no one deserves to have something like this happen to them, let alone have it be videotaped and streamed for the whole world to see.

        • torsiobar wat u tryin to say? he made an unwise decision to walk back to his hotel? so it is ok wat they did because he shouldn’t have walked down the street? so ok it is legal to beat people up and rob them if they do something stupid? and if they have a nice watch on and u don’t, then u can take it if they are drunk

        • Maria

          Yikes. Just yikes.

    • Gwinjo Morsky

      He was from Arlington, Virginia
      That area was by the city courthouse

  • why didn’t the news say “White man beaten and robbed by a crowd of black people”????? No, it says “man beaten while crowd jeers”. It’s always like that. No wonder there is so much tension between the races.

    my friends call me a liberal. Hey let’s have it both ways. This is sickening. Al sharp wats his face and jessie jackson are sickening.

    • drax

      So, let me get this straight – you think the headline “White man beaten and robbed by a crowd of black people” would REDUCE tension between the races?

  • Sad

    This video and the behavior of the individuals in this video is ridiculous. I am an African American male and I’m ashamed to see people acting this way. Most importantly, why record it and put it on youtube.

    What really angers me is how this is automatically compared to the Trayvon Martin situation in some of the comments below. In no form or fashion is this comparable. The only thing that might make this comparable is the fact that both victims were completely defenseless. Trayvon was targeted because he was a young african american male dressed like an extra in a “hip hop” video while this guy was targeted because he was too drunk.

    I’ll end off by saying this. I really wish we could reduce the tension between all races. At this point in my life it’s truly annoying. As a Nation we’re not going to move forward if we continue to separate ourselves.

    LOVE AND PEACE. I’m moving to Canada!

    • Gwinjo Morsky

      I’m glad they posted it to YouTube. It means that the perpetrators will be arrested

  • Tom K

    Really? A white man being beaten by African-American’s? Say it isn’t so. This was obviously a hate crime and they attacked the man because of the color of his skin. It is a shame that racism exists in this country but what is even worse is the fact that European-Americans are often slighted in this manner. Where is Al Sharpton!? Where is Jesse Jackson?! If I had a son he would look like this young man! This is terrible!


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