I-395 Ramp Near Shirlington Blocked by Accident

by ARLnow.com April 11, 2012 at 3:31 pm 2,612 7 Comments

Police are blocking the ramp from northbound Glebe Road to southbound I-395 — and from southbound I-395 to Shirlington — due to an accident.

One person suffered a back injury as a result of the two-vehicle wreck, according to police radio traffic.

Cars that were stranded on the ramp as a result of the accident are being turned around by police. No word yet on how long the closure may last.

  • Completely Neutral Commenter

    Completely neutral comment!!

    • Are you sure??

      Except that you had to make a judgment that the comment was “completely neutral” vice “partially neutral”, thereby negating its neutrality. Further evidenced by the dual exclamation marks.

      If you’d like additional pointers, I’ll be at Sam’s Corner today from 12:33-12:35, as that’s the only time this week they are open 😉

      • nom de guerre

        Make sure that you notify Karzai or else he will be offended and think Sam’s Corner is an exclusive club.

        • Lee-n-Glebe

          NEWS ALERT – I just drove by Sam’s not 10 minutes ago, and it’s OPEN . . . HURRY!!!

  • Josh S

    A rare bird, indeed.

  • Mike

    That intersection is DEADLY.

    Not sure why Obama’s Stimulus money wasn’t used to fix it.

    • drax

      The Republicans blocked Obama’s proposal for an additional stimulus targeting roads and bridges.


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