Shuttleworth and Campaign Consultant Part Ways

by ARLnow.com April 18, 2012 at 10:52 am 3,512 28 Comments

The Bruce Shuttleworth for Congress campaign has parted ways with a political consultant following a rift over a press conference in which Shuttleworth accused primary opponent Rep. Jim Moran (D) of “corruption.”

Anthony Dale confirmed to ARLnow.com this morning that he and his political consulting firm are no longer working for the Shuttleworth campaign. He described his departure from the campaign as a decision that he initiated, though the campaign is insisting that Dale “did not quit but was terminated for cause by the campaign on April 11.”

Dale said he started to disassociate himself from the campaign following an April 10 press conference in which Shuttleworth suggested that “smoke-filled backroom, Tammany Hall corruption” was behind a mix-up that initially kept his name off the June 12 Democratic primary ballot.

“We were unaware that they were going to hold a press conference… we had no part in what they did in that press conference,” Dale told ARLnow.com. “We just feel that the negative rhetoric that they continue to [engage in] is not in keeping with our company’s mission and values.”

In an email published by the Democratic blog Blue Virginia yesterday, Dale apologized for “not properly vetting Mr. Shuttleworth.”

“While I do believe that we should have an open and inviting election process… I do not believe such a process should come at the expense of attacking someone’s personal life or promoting unsubstantiated, false allegations,” Dale wrote.

In response, the Shuttleworth campaign sent out a press release criticizing Dale and emphasizing that he was “a field consultant, never a strategist, for the campaign.”

“Mr. Dale has been full of surprises during his time with the campaign, this most recent ill-advised letter is simply par for the course,” the press release said. “The campaign will not allow Mr. Dale, whose motivations for such egregious and ongoing unprofessional behavior are unclear, to distract the message of accountability, integrity and progressive values from reaching the voters of VA-8.”

The press release also said that Dale was hired after he “approached the campaign and offered his services claiming that he had serious issues with Jim Moran’s ethical lapses and disparaging comments about ethnic minorities.” Dale called that statement “completely inaccurate” and added that the campaign “had unrealistic goals of what we were expected to [accomplish].”

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  • Captain Obvious

    Shuttleworth is really coming across as unprofessional, disorganized, and worst of all, personally vindictive. Not really the kind of messaging that people unhappy with Moran will want to tap into.

    • drax

      Yeah, by responding with attacks on Dale, Shuttleworth kind of proved Dale’s point.

      We should put Shuttleworth and Moran in a boxing ring and let them settle it that way.

    • Thes

      Sounds like you’d have to be nuts to go up against Moran…

      • Tabs


    • sunflower

      re moran: an old irish proverb–sometimes the devil you know……..

  • ResponsibleDemocrat

    Sounds like Dale received an offer he couldn’t refuse.

    • question

      progamming director at Artisphere?

    • Novanglus


  • Quoth the Raven

    Perhaps that consultant was the one responsible for the super-creepy photo that Shuttleworth keeps showing…

  • Larchmont


  • .T-G.E.O.A

    Consultant wants to distance himself and not lose future business.

  • KalashniKEV

    He’s obviously plugged into the corruption.

    • KalashniKEV

      …which supports what I said originally- Shuttleworth should have run as an independent.

      • drax

        Oops, you remembered that Shuttleworth is a Dem too, huh Kev?

        You thinking about voting in a (gulp) Democratic primary?

    • kc

      And you obviously have proof of that.

  • It’s so cute when political parties eat their own.

  • Tabs

    Holy moly. An employer can be sued for saying someone was fired, and especially “for cause”–that’s tantamount to accusing them of theft!

    I guess Moran has nothing to worry about.

    • SouthPikeGuy

      He was probably a contract worker. Totally different rules than normal business HR.

      • Captain Obvious

        I love it when people who know zilch about the law post about what the law requires.

  • AlexinArl
    • Tabby_TwoTone

      Thanks. That reinforces the Shuttleworth = jerk conclusion.

      Dale comes across perfectly reasonable and professional.

  • Woofer

    Shuttleworth appears to be ready to go off half-cocked at any moment. Not the type of individual I want in my corner. I’m not a big Moran fan, and I’d like to have an alternative. But this guy ain’t shaping up to be it. Rev up the cycle, that shark tank is pretty wide.

  • John

    Yea because Moran told him “shut up and get in line and you’ll be next, get it? That’s how politics work son.” In the meantime, stop effing my sh!t up.

  • Me ke

    Yeah…so….I am not a huge fan of Moran…but now I am liking this guy even less….he just lost me based on his letter. Seems a bit of a loose cannon/ and immature

  • I think it is amazing that people would call themselves progressives and liberals and then vote for Jim Moran. He has taken funding from some of the biggest defense contractors and to me, looks like an Elephant in Donkey disguise. Shuttleworth is the only obvious choice for VA District 8. Let’s kick the old regime out and get new blood that truly represents WE THE PEOPLE.

    • drax

      Taking money from a defense contractor means absolutely nothing. It’s how he votes that matters. Show us that he has voted in favor of defense contractors in a way that is “unprogressive” or whatever, and then you might have a point.

  • Solomon Davidson

    Moran is a monster. Shuttleworth has a lot of guts. Anthony Dale was incompetent and got fired – and he admitted as much. Read the last para of the story – he says he couldn’t complete his mission. Go Bruce!


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