New Food Truck Focuses on ‘Stuffed’ Fare

by Katie Pyzyk April 30, 2012 at 3:45 pm 5,075 16 Comments

A newcomer to the food truck scene promises to leave you feeling “stuffed.” Something Stuffed has rolled into Arlington and is beginning its third week on the streets.

The food truck is the brainchild of Gauri Sarin and Michelle Nguyen. Sarin studied communications and public relations at George Mason, but after graduating she got the itch to start a food business. Nguyen studied finance at Virginia Tech, and worked for a government contractor until Sarin wooed her into the catering world.

“I have always enjoyed entertaining and cooking at home,” Sarin said. “I somehow convinced her to leave her secure desk job and come on the road with me.”

The two have been catering since late last year, and just branched out into the food truck business. They consider the fare “fusion” because it specializes in a variety of stuffed food items such as empanadas, egg rolls, wraps and dumplings. The menu rotates weekly, and many of the ingredients are purchased from local farms and producers.

Despite finding new challenges with a food truck business not previously encountered while catering, both report enjoying the mobile food industry. They also say the customers have been positive so far.

“We’re starting to see some repeat customers,” said Nguyen. “We’re definitely happy to be in Arlington.”

The ladies say the local sourcing is just one of the things that sets them apart from other establishments.

“Everything we make is definitely stuffed with love,” Sarin said.

  • J

    . . . so we have to look at this ugly thing on our streets? It certainly would ruin an otherwise lovely street scene. Am I the only one who hates food trucks? . . .

    • Ashton Heights

      I hate them too. They pollute, their kitchens are small so the food can never be good, and I fear their hygiene standards.

      • jackson

        Guess you haven’t eaten a lot of street food in different countries, huh?

    • TuesdaysChild

      Agree. Food trucks are a lame foodie fad.

      • drax

        In some neighborhoods, food trucks are the best food available these days. Rosslyn, I’m looking in your direction.

  • cool advertisement.

  • BrianKal

    It’s like that hideous bright ‘Hot People’ truck …. stupidest name for a food truck and on that reason alone, I will never eat there

  • Harry

    I caught these guys over in Tysons last week. I got some empanadas and they were delicious.

  • jordan

    The only food I’ll eat from a truck is ice cream.

  • Dan Kaufman

    Actually, food trucks have to adhere to the same strict health and food safety regulations that any food business has to.

  • Food Truck Fan

    Harry is right. The empanadas are really good.

    Don’t be a hater.

  • question – do they have a bathroom in there for their use? The truck is so small that it seems odd to have a bathroom right next to the stove. I know it would have to be enclosed – but still.

    For this reason I could never get myself to buy a hot dog from the vendors on the Mall.

    • jackson

      Food truck workers are required to wear adult diapers for that very reason. It’s the law.

  • Chinny McChipstah

    One critique about this truck, as I haven’t tried the food yet, the graphic design is extremely amateurish. The crudely drawn clipart of a unkept, unshaven male w/his mouth open, exposing his babyish teeth and loaded cheeks (like a poopie diaper) is very unappealing. Also the complementary color scheme does not work. Maybe if were Nawlins-themed food but the execution is so poor-it would make me hesitant to try the food. That’s why several comments question hygiene and food quality. My suggestion: hire a designer ladies to make your business look as appetizing as your offerings.

    • Brian K

      It looks like they blew up Microsoft Word clip art … and for people with PR backgrounds, not smart, me say

  • LC

    Haters are the surest sign of success.


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