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Morning Notes

by ARLnow.com May 2, 2012 at 8:51 am 2,155 32 Comments

ACFD Vehicle Involved in Rollover Accident –An Arlington County Fire Department SUV was involved in a single-vehicle rollover accident on the Dulles Toll Road on Monday afternoon, the McLean Patch reported. No one was injured in the accident, fire department spokesman Capt. Gregg Karl confirmed to ARLnow.com. No other details about the crash were immediately available.

Arlington’s Mongolian Community — Arlington is home to one of the country’s largest Mongolian communities. In fact, Mongolian is the fourth most common language in Arlington Public Schools. [Washington Post]

Miss Gay Arlington Crowned — “Stardust” won the title of Miss Gay Arlington 2012 over the weekend. The annual eventat Freddie’s Beach Bar in Crystal City included a talent contest, an evening gown competition and a questions and answer session. [Sun Gazette]

  • Juanita de Talmas

    I miss the Mongolian store that was replaced by yet another fro-yo shop in the Colonial Village Shopping Center.

  • Taylor

    According to the Patch article, an Arlington Co. Fire Department SUV was driving on the Dulles Toll Road (I can’t imagine why), and it rolled over. MWAA police refuse to say what caused the accident, and did not cite the driver for anything.

    Oh, right. What would cause a car to roll over, in good weather, other than excessive speed and unsafe driving? And if an ordinary citizen were involved in an identical accident, you can’t tell me he wouldn’t get ticketed for 5 different things.

    Nothing like the Public Safety community trying to protect one of their own. Sure seems suspicious to me.

    • LP


      • nom de guerre

        Rumor has it that on Monday evening there was a symposium in Reston called “The impact of 75 new jobs in Arlington on Proactivity Expectations and Metrics on Local Fire Departments.”

        • drax

          From 8:49 to 9:02 pm.

    • Lloyd

      I saw an airport taxi almost wreck on the access road once. This was a long time ago when they had some station wagons as airport taxis. A car in the adjacent lane tried to make a lane change and almost clipped the cab. The cab swerved left and put both left tires off the edge of the pavement, then swerved back right to correct. He overcorrected a little and started a driver-induced oscillation that went back and forth about 3 times before he finally caught it. Me and a couple other very nervous cars behind watched the whole thing.

    • Arlington, Northside

      Nice conjecture there. Arlington County runs lots of mutual aid out I-66 and the Toll Road, so it could have been an EMS supervisor going to or from a call. Might also have been one of the Chiefs going to a meeting with the other area Chiefs at the airport or the Fairfax or Loudoun County Fire Academies or HQ.

      Usually when a single car is involved and no one is hurt the cops don’t write anyone up unless they happaned to see the wreck themselves and have a specific action that they can cite. While it might not apply here, dealing with insurance is punishment enough for most folks. In this case the fire department employee will need to go through an internal investigation that can’t be any fun even if no punishment is found to be justified. And there are lots of random things that can cause a vehicle to flip that are out of the drivers control, pot holes, animals in the road, road debris, tire blow out, a little old lady swerves in to your lane, etc.

    • WeiQiang

      This is, of course, why VA law is not transparent with respect to law enforcement. Pesky taxpayers thinking they deserve accountability.

    • JJ

      Dude…take off your tin foil hat and get out of your chicken wired apartment for once. Your conspiracy theory is lame.

  • JimPB

    What was an ARLCo Fire Department SUV doing on the Dulles toll road? Official monkey business?

    • Richard Cranium

      No, this is the ACFD, not the U.S. Secret Service.

  • G Clifford Prout (now moderated for extra purity)

    I think we need pictures of Stardust.

    • nunya

      Stardust is a looker.

    • +9

    • L’Enfant

      Isn’t that KEV’s stage name?

  • Truth Seeker

    The Arlington Co. Fire Department SUV was likely one of many staff members driving their fire department vehicle home to Loudon County. Wake up tax payers! You’re paying for fire department brass to have take-home cars with little to no reason for it.

    As for the mutual aid comment — this vehicle was not responding to a mutual aid request from Fairfax County. And, it wasn’t going to a meeting either — no one holds meetings at 4:30 in the afternoon in the fire service.

    I smell waste and abuse here — Someone needs to look into this and find out what exactly is going on in the ACFD.

    • Arlington, Northside

      Why shouldn’t a senior fire officer not have a take home when they are required to return to the county for major incidents? The SUVs are not taking their kid’s to Chuck E. Cheese, they are tools to do their job which is kind of a 24 hour 7 day a week type. And there are lots of 4:30pm meetings within the fire service, and with other entities the Fire Department deals with, particularly out at the airport.

  • MC 703

    I drove by going EB yesterday at 530. It was totally indistinguishable as a ACFD vehicle. I had no idea until seeing this that it was. The light bar was off the roof, the rear windows were blown out. I drive that stretch every morning and I don’t know how you would lose control without a tire blowing out or driving recklessly.

    Best part is that traffic on WB toll road was standing still all the way back to 66.

  • Wow

    The funny thing is, none of you know!! Nor do I!! That is why it is called an accident. Furthermore, you don’t know that it wasn’t a meeting. You don’t know that that person wasn’t perhaps going somewhere to support an ill firefighter, a funeral, a meeting(they work 24 hrs meetings could be held late) or any number of things. The important thing is that he was ok. This is what it is wrong with the world, stupid people who think they are so important and self righteous that everyone else is wrong in what they think or do. I would like to meet half of you at the corner of Beat Down and Knock your teeth in. But you would sue me from behind your desk. Our firefighters do a great job and I am glad he/she is ok!!

    • CW

      Lol, yet you probably are all up in arms about the Secret Service too, right? So we’re not allowed to question why taxpayer money was used to get in a one-car crash outside the county, and we’re all goons for wondering, but you’ll be on the way to your Tea Party rally now. Makes perfect sense.

    • sunflower

      as we used to say in the olden days–chill–

      i tend to agree with you, but it’s not worth the stress

      • sunflower

        directed at wow, not cw

    • Taylor

      There’s a few basic questions here:

      1) Was the vehicle really on official business? If so, fine. If not, this indicates a big problem and a huge waste of public money.

      2) Was the vehicle being driven unsafely? Maybe it had a mechanical problem or something else, but the fact that he Fairfax/Airport Authority police refuse to give a cause of the accident is suspicious.

      3) Is the Fire Dep’t trying to cover up the cause of the accident or the reason the Tahoe was being driven away from Arlington at 4:30 in the afternoon?

      So, just because I want to know these basic, unbiased questions, you want to “knock my teeth in?”

      Looks like you either need some anger management classes, or you’re still upset about wrecking your Tahoe yesterday.

      • CW

        That last line was a gut-buster…

      • Arlington Taxpayer

        You mean “our” Tahoe.

  • Wow

    Don’t care about secret service either. People are people they screw up and make bad decisions or mistakes. But I am sure none of you do. Tea Party? Long Island Tea Party please! Occupy something? Occupy a job!

    • FYI

      Employment level among Occupy protesters is greater than among Tea Party demonstrators.

      • Arlington, Northside


  • DarkHeart

    APS languages?

    Or is Mongolian 2d to English?

    Somewhere a camel weeps.

  • Mongolian? How cool. Now, why don’t we have Mongolian restaurants in Arlington????

    • Vicente Fox

      The Yak impact tariff is killer.

      • drax

        Solution: backyard yaks.


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