Crime Report: Sexual Battery By Ballston Bicyclist

by ARLnow.com May 30, 2012 at 2:00 pm 6,264 33 Comments

A woman had to run to safety at Ballston Common Mall after a bicyclist grabbed her buttocks and started riding in circles around her on N. Stuart Street.

As detailed in this week’s Arlington County crime report, the incident happened early Saturday morning outside the Ballston Metro station.

SEXUAL BATTERY, 05/26/12, 900 block of N. Stuart Street. Between 1:10 and 2:10 am on May 26, an unknown male subject on a bicycle grabbed the female victims buttocks as he rode past. The suspect circled the female several times on the bicycle before she walked to a well lit area at the Ballston Common Mall. Police were contacted and a suspect was not located. The suspect is described as a Hispanic male in his 20’s, approximately 6’1″ tall with a thin build. He was wearing gray t-shirt, dark colored plaid shorts and baseball hat at the time of the incident. The victim does not wish to prosecute.

The rest of the crime report, after the jump.

MISSILE INTO AN OCCUPIED DWELLING, 05/23/12, 90 block of N. Bedford Street. Between 11:30 pm on May 22 and 8 am on May 23, an unknown subject fired a single shot into a residence. The homeowner located a .45 caliber bullet on the living room floor. There is no suspect description.

MALICIOUS WOUNDING (SHOOTING), 05/27/12, 2700 block of S. Jefferson Davis Highway. On May 27 at 3:02 am, an unknown subject shot a victim in both legs. The victim was transported to an area hospital with non-life threatening injuries. There is no suspect description.

MALICIOUS SHOOTING, 05/25/12, 700 block of N. Edgewood Street. At 4:32 am on May 25, a subject fired a round that missed the victim. Laselle Booker, 57, of Arlington, VA, was arrested and charged with attempted malicious wounding and reckless discharge of a firearm in public. He remains in custody.

MALICIOUS WOUNDING BY MOB, 05/26/12, 2800 block of Wilson Boulevard. On May 26 at 1:19 am, three subjects assaulted a victim at a bar by punching, kicking and striking him with a beer bottle. Derya Temur, 30, of Springfield, VA, Mohamad Wali, 31, of Fairfax, VA and Mehdi Bahechar, 30, of Sterling, VA, were arrested and charged with malicious wounding by mob. All three were held without bond.

MALICIOUS WOUNDING ON POLICE, 05/29/12, 4200 block of S. Campbell Avenue. On May 29 at 11:27 pm, an intoxicated subject assaulted three police officers while they attempted to take that individual into custody. Jose Gomez-Morales, 24, of Arlington, VA, was arrested and charged with malicious wounding on law enforcement, attempted malicious wounding on law enforcement and assault and battery on law enforcement. He is being held without bail.

MALICIOUS WOUNDING, 05/28/12, 2500 block of S. Columbia Pike. At 3:47 pm on May 28, a subject was blocking the rear door of a Metrobus and when the victim attempted to exit the bus was assaulted by the suspect. The victim was transported to a local hospital for minor injuries. The suspect fled the scene on foot and was located by police shortly after. Tevin Brown-Phillips, 21, of Arlington, VA, was arrested and charged with malicious wounding. He was held without bond.

POLICE IMPERSONATOR, 05/27/12, Eastbound 66, Mile Marker 69. On May 27 at 12:16 am, an unknown subject in a dark-colored SUV attempted to pull over a vehicle by activating flashing blue and white emergency lights in the vehicle grill. The SUV followed the victim’s vehicle a short distance and drove off. The investigation continues at this time.

BURGLARY, 05/24/12, 2000 block of S. Jefferson Davis Highway. Between 5:10 pm on May 23 and 8:11 am on May 24, an unknown subject(s) broke into a business and stole two laptops. There is no suspect description.

BURGLARY, 05/25/12, 3400 block of S. Columbia Pike. Between 9 pm on May 25 and 1:40 am on May 26, an unknown subject(s) entered a car dealership service bay through unknown means and stole two laptops, two vehicle keys and a Jeep Cherokee that was being serviced. Video surveillance was provided to police.

BURGLARY, 05/25/12, 2100 block of N. Military Road. On May 25 between 9:30 am and 4:30 pm, an unknown subject(s) gained entry to a residence by prying open a second floor rear door and stole various items to include a television, laptop and jewelry. There is no suspect description.

BURGLARY, 05/25/12, 3800 block of N. Dumbarton Street. On May 25 at 6:30 pm, a resident observed a broken window in a rear guest house and someone that had been living illegally in the home. Police did not locate a suspect.

BURGLARY, 05/26/12, 4100 block of N. 4th Street. Between 8:30 and 8:47 pm on May 26, an unknown subject(s) entered a community center and stole a box of popsicles.

BURGLARY, 05/26/12, 2200 block of S. 27th Street. On May 26 between 12:45 and 12:54 am, an unknown subject(s) entered a victim’s apartment through a window while she was in the shower and stole a laptop and cash. There is no suspect description.

BURGLARY, 05/26/12, 5500 block of S. Columbia Pike. Between 3 pm on May 25 and 12:45 pm on May 26, an unknown subject(s) entered a victim’s apartment and stole various items to include a video game console, numerous purses and clothing. There is no suspect description.

UNLAWFUL ENTRY, 05/25/12, 200 block of N. Glebe Road. On May 25 at 6:45 am, a resident observed a homeless man living in a half bathroom of a locked laundry room of an apartment building. Garland Mines II, 26, of no fixed address, was arrested and charged with unlawful entry and possession of a concealed weapon.


05/26/12, VA JRT 3463, 2001 Toyota Sequoia, Green, 900 block of S. Taylor Street
05/28/12, VA K1MY, 2000 Honda Civic, Green, 5100 block of S. 10th Street
05/28/12, VA KLE1500, 1999 Acura Integra, Green, 900 block of S. 10th Street

  • Mary-Austin

    Never a good thing when you have to run for safety to Ballston Mall.

    • bred

      Better Balston Mall than nowhere at that hour. I haved in Ballston for 25 years and it has gone downhill with the increase in crime and the homeless.

      • poopoopeedoo

        drove by the MetroBus stop at Ballston Metro after a late movie at the mall. yikes. why are people allowed to sleep in the MetroBus stops and yell and scream drunk [apparently and allegedly] at 1am?

        • drax

          Screaming drunks – yeah, the place is turning into Clarendon.

      • YTK

        sigh.. I remember when it was Parkington – in the 50’s, 60’s and 70s’ and it was a nice place to go to. Now, homeless and nut cases abound there at the mall — and at the bus depot.

  • Mary-Austin

    Also, someone really called to cops for a stolen box of popsicles??
    It happened in a 15 minute window it was probably someone there. A game of clue might have been a more appropriate response.

  • nunya

    i look forward to the weekly “after the jump”….thank you ArlNow!

  • Runz

    Trrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Eve Orrrrrrr?

  • South Side Chris

    One of these days, the “Sexual Battery” story is going to be about something than runs on D Cells. That story will be epic.

  • Lee-n-Glebe

    Must be something in the water – seemingly a lot more violence than usual.

  • b-money

    A bad week to have a Green car.

  • CW

    So now grabbing is “battery”? Last couple dozen times it was “assault”. Sometimes it’s forcible something, or some synonym for kidnapping. I don’t understand the distinction between all these charges.

    • Use the Internet for Research….

      A lot of misunderstandings about the names of these charges could be cleared up if people just looked up the Virginia Code. http://leg1.state.va.us/000/src.htm

      Sexual Battery-breasts, groin, or butt grabbed
      Sexual Assault-rape
      Abduction-holding someone in a place against their will, whether that be on the ground behind a bush, in a car, or in an apartment
      Missile into a Dwelling or Car-anything that gets tossed inside when people are there to be injured

      Jeez, is it really that hard to look up, or just more fun to speculate about everything?

  • Cletus Van Damme


    Really? Are you serious? A MISSILE?!

    • SteamboatWillie

      The missile into a dwelling is the same charge that was listed a year or two ago for the guy who threw a rock or a napkin dispenser into Bob and Edith’s after/during a late night drunken fight.

      • Tabby_TwoTone

        It was day-old scrapple.

    • SM3

      It’s just an excuse to get DARPA drones involved.

    • drax

      I love when people are ignorant of word definitions and then act like they’re limited knowledge is correct.

      • Tabby_TwoTone

        drax, *gasp*

        “they’re limited knowledge”?!

        • drax

          No, “their” limited knowledge.

          Nothing wrong with not knowing something, but when you act like everyone else is ignorant and not you, that backfires.

          • fJason B

            I love it when someone writes “your stupid.”

          • drax

            The term for them is “moran.”

          • YTK


  • South Awwlington

    Sexual Battery by Bollard Wielding Bicyclist!

  • MC 703

    Garland Mines has been quiet for a while.


  • Justin

    Seems like a lot of bad stuff has been happening in and around Ballston Mall in the last few months.

  • relievedcyclist

    thank goodness it wasn’t someone in biker garb, and they wore a hat and not a Bell bike helmet.

  • enough already

    I’m shocked. I thought Arlington cyclists did no wrong. Must be a misprint

    • drax

      So clever!

  • YTK

    Ballston is a 24/7 dump. Stuart street is usually deserted even during the day.


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