Real Estate Tax Deadline Approaching

by Katie Pyzyk June 5, 2012 at 2:45 pm 3,971 35 Comments

The first installment of Arlington real estate taxes is due in 10 days, on Friday, June 15.

Payments not received or postmarked by that date will be considered late. Penalties will be the same amount as the tax if less than $10 is owed, $10 if between $10 and $100 is owed and 10% of the tax amount if more than $100 is owed.

Real estate taxes are split into two installments, and the deadline for the second installment is Friday, October 5.

Payments can be made by mail, in person or online. Anyone who hasn’t yet received a bill should contact the Treasurer’s Office right away, at 703-228-4000 or [email protected]

  • JamesE

    escrow eases the pain

    • Tabs

      My lender overestimates my property taxes by a pretty substantial amount. I’d rather pay it myself directly.

      • JamesE

        Mine is usually pretty accurate

    • phew, thank you for posting this… for a few seconds, i was panicking.

  • novasteve

    The county needs your money for handouts! Do not deprive them of buying votes with your tax money!

    • tin foil hat

      you really believe that don’t you?

      • Autoexec.bat

        I do!

        • marie antoinette

          I believe it to. Just check with Tejada and his plan to increase our property taxes. Ask him why? Captain Social and Economic Justice at the ready.

          I applaude ArlNow, because they do a good job of reporting news and letting the people decide. Hopefully more people will become aware of just how easy the board spends our money!

          • Josh S

            It’s all about how you choose to interpret things, isn’t it?

            I personally find that it requires more bending over backward, filtering, and applying pre-conceieved prejudices to conclude that county taxes are used by Board members to buy votes than to conclude that taxes are used to provide services.

  • Brian

    Every time I get an envelope with Francis O’Leary’s name on it, I cringe.

    • Cakes

      Francis -X- O’Leary, you mean. The X means X’tra taxes…

      • Bryant

        The Commissioner of the Revenue assesses most property and the County Board determines the tax rate. The Treasurer simply collects what taxes are owed as determined by the other two entities. So “X” in your equation is more appropriately applied to either the COR or the County Board.

        • Cakes

          ^^^ The exact sort of response I expected to a paraphrased Simpsons’ quote.

          • Josh S

            Damn the rest of the world for not recognizing your dazzling literary references!!

    • tin foil hat

      but if you were a voter it would have a large wad of cash in it surely?

    • TIA

      That’s OK, Mr O’Leary does not require your face to be smiling when you open his letters – yet.

  • Ashton Heights

    $3,000. Bunch of thieves that they are.

  • Andy

    Whoa, you mean if you have, like, a $4000 tax bill, the late fee is $400?

  • RWarren

    Yes, do not miss your mandatory contribution to the streetcar fund. They will come after you with everything they have.

  • Tetley Gadsden


  • Elmer

    First one to repeat the refrain that Arlington taxes are low gets to pay my tax bill.
    Any takers? Drax?

    • marie antoinette


  • Jennifer

    High taxes for a kick-ass infrastructure. The NERVE!

    • Autoexec.bat

      Why don’t you shop that sentiment around to the manager of the Harris Teeter?

      • shopper

        Harris Teeter was indirectly responsible for that clog.

        • Autoexec.bat

          Hadn’t heard that. Link?

    • Le Zimmster

      Don’t drive on the roads back in the neighborhoods very often I take it. Uunless you mean you comment literally from getting your ass kicked by the pot holes………..

  • JohnB2

    I don’t mind the RE taxes as much as I mind the 9% “restaurant tax.” I assume the food tax is aimed at taking advantage of the plethora of people who commute to ArlCo, but it hurts residents too. At least it’s not as bad as DC, where it’s 10%.

  • Not Frank O’Leary

    And if you pay even a few days late, Francis X will label you a delinquent and plaster your name all over the web. Then if you ever run for office he’ll release past information to the press if you’re not his chosen candidate, especially if you are running against him. Classy guy.

    • KalashniKEV

      He is clearly the MOST CORRUPT “Francis” in the nation.


  • Ren

    Does anyone else feel like the (actual) assessment ratio varies a bit with the higher cost houses having a lower assessment ratio? My house (and most of my neighbors’ houses in South Arlington) are assessed pretty close to what they actually sell for. The houses I have looked at up north seem to be assessed for about 80 percent of market value.

    • JohnB2

      My assessment is decently close, within 5-7% of what I think I could get for my condo in Ballston.



  • Courthouse Diva

    they need more taxes to pay for the speed bumps on every road in Arlington. Even in neighborhoods where they don’t meet the country criteria for warranting speed bumps. It’s called job security for the Speed Bump of Arlington Office.

    • KalashniKEV

      Don’t forget bollards, those are actually useful.


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