Ah Love Oil & Vinegar to Hold Anniversary Celebration

by Katie Pyzyk June 6, 2012 at 12:00 pm 4,855 19 Comments

To celebrate its one year anniversary in Shirlington, Ah Love Oil & Vinegar (4017B Campbell Avenue) is having a celebration this coming Saturday, June 9.

Owner Cary Kelly said the store’s short time in existence has gone well, and customer response has been overwhelming.

“The last year has been, in a word, unbelievable,” Kelly said.

She said there were skeptics who didn’t think the store would work out, both because of the slow economy and because the store was selling such unique, specific products. Kelly credits a couple of factors with the store’s success.

First, the location. Residents and workers in Shirlington have been welcoming and continue to patronize the store, she says. Secondly, Kelly thinks the product quality has won over doubters.

“I think what changes people from being skeptical to hopefully delighted is that they get to taste everything,” Kelly said. “You really taste a difference. Then people are like, ‘Okay I get it now.'”

Kelly got the idea for the store when she visited a similar business in North Carolina. Cooking, particularly Mediterranean foods, is her favorite hobby, so the idea of an oil and vinegar business seemed to make sense.

While unique at the time, the flavored oil trend is quickly spreading. Kelly said that when Ah Love opened a year ago, it was the only store of its kind in the area. Now, she can list five in the metro region.

During Saturday’s event, the shop will officially launch a new olive oil-based skin care line. Kelly said she has sensitive skin and couldn’t find olive oil skin products she liked, so she decided to have some made. The Ah Love All Over line will be made with California extra virgin olive oil.

“I think olive oil is one of nature’s greatest miracles,” said Kelly. “There’s nothing it doesn’t do for us as far as health, both inside and outside.”

Kelly said the business has been more successful than she could have anticipated, and the anniversary party is to thank customers for their support.

“My husband and I feel so grateful how we’ve been supported by this community,” Kelly said. “That’s the real reason for this party.”

The event on Saturday runs from noon to 9:30 p.m. All day, there will be tastings of food made with the oils and vinegars, and a cooking demonstration at 4:00 p.m. From noon until 4:00 p.m., there will also be a jewelry display. Customers will receive 15 percent off the store’s products, and there will be giveaways throughout the day.

  • Tabs

    Let her great skin be a testament to the product!

    • Dr. Gaius Baltar

      All of the Number 6’s have that “healthy glow”.

      • x


        • Tabs

          I think it’s some odd reference to The Stepford Wives.

          • JamesE

            Battlestar Galactica, not that I would know.

          • Clarendon

            Even more obscure – Battlestar Galactica. But, it’s a compliment I’m pretty sure…

  • x

    She sold me something once for a gift for someone.

    My point: She is breathtaking.

  • JimPB

    Good for Mrs. Kelly. Many new small businesses don’t make it through their first year.

    And hats off for her initiative and innovativeness in developing an olive oil-based skin care product. Pre- and post-photos, please.

  • Ren

    Can you reuse bottles here? Couldn’t figure that out from their website. It was too busy waxing melodic.

  • Chris

    This store is wonderful! The owner is always there and she is very friendly and helpful. The aged balsamic vinegar is some of the best I have ever had! I always give their products as gifts and my friends and family love me for it! Congrats to Ah Love Oil…..I wish you many years of success…cheers!

    • Carmen

      I love that aged balsamic vinegar! It is the only one I will use now. The owner was very nice and helpful when I went to the store.

  • TGEo^

    There won’t be a 2nd anniversary.

    • Buddy

      Well, aren’t you just a breath of fresh air.
      Slide back under your rock…..

  • Dogma Bakery

    Cary has worked very hard and the success is well-deserved! Congratulations and we will see you Saturday!

  • Love this shop! The oils, vinegars are great; but try a jar of the olives stuffed with blue cheese or feta cheese. OMG! Wonderful appetizer.

    • j

      I prefer them in my martinis 🙂

    • some noob


  • Donna Grigsby

    Congratulations, Cary. It sounds wonderful!

  • Cary is the best possible kind of shopkeeper. Other people with retail businesses should go study what she does. Not only does she take a personal interest in her customers, she constantly makes changes to her stock. From week to week there is almost always something new and interesting.


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