Pentagon Row Concerts Begin Thursday

by Katie Pyzyk June 6, 2012 at 3:55 pm 5,845 23 Comments

Pentagon Row (1101 S. Joyce Street) is getting ready to rock out. Tomorrow, June 7, kicks off the beginning of its summer concert series.

Thursday evenings from 7:00-9:00 p.m., patrons in the plaza can take in the sounds from one of the bands performing at “Rock at the Row.”

Bands are scheduled for every Thursday evening through August 30. Although the series touts “rock,” there are also bands catering to those who prefer other sounds, like reggae, funk and zydeco.

Tomorrow, the Bon Jovi tribute band “Slippery When Wet” will play. Next week it’s Beach Bumz, a Jimmy Buffett tribute band. The full schedule is below.

  • June 7 — Slippery When Wet, Bon Jovi Tribute
  • June 14 — Beach Bumz, Jimmy Buffett Tribute
  • June 21 — Just Like Prom Night, 80’s Tribute
  • June 28 — MONSOON & STORM, Reggae
  • July 5 — The Crawdaddies, Roots Rock, Zydeco
  • July 12 — Old Man Brown, Southern Soul
  • July 19 — Higher Hands, Funk
  • July 26 — Donegal Xpress, Celtic Rock
  • August 2 — Bobby Lynch Band, Pop Variety
  • August 9 — Crowded Streets, Dave Matthews Tribute
  • August 16 — Unity, Reggae
  • August 23 — Matt Hutchison, Rock
  • August 30 — Gonzo’s Nose, Pop Rock

  • Spelling Gestapo

    There are two t’s at the end of Buffett’s last name.

    • drax

      No, this band is a tribute to James “Jimmy” Buffet, the inventor of the all-you-can-eat, self-service restaurant.

      • sunflower

        wastin’ away at the buffet

    • Dan Quayle

      I think you need and ‘e’ at the end of “Gestapo”

      • Dan Quayle


    • JB

      I bet the way the Beach Bumz spelled their name really sticks in your craw.

    • Jimmy Buffett

      Thank you ArlNow. I appreciate you correcting the spelling of my name.

  • CourthouseChris

    This and some Nando’s sounds like a winning combination.

    • H S Thompson

      Yeah, along with some mescaline and a handle of Jack.

      • CourthouseChris

        I appreciate your line of thinking.

  • Louise

    And Dave Matthews is with two t’s as well.

  • MuppetGirl

    I am SO there for Gonzo’s Nose.

  • 80s fan

    Where’s The Reflex? I think they played a couple times last summer. Fun local 80s cover band. Bring ’em back!

  • Elmer

    Sorry. Never heard of any of ’em.
    Give me some Lynyrd Skynyrd and David Allen Coe.

    • sunflower

      gotta come to jax beach for lynyrd skynyrd

  • Elmer

    Southern Soul?
    How ’bout Southern Rock:
    David Allen Coe & Lynyrd Sknyrd.

    • drax

      How about not?

      • Elmer

        “How about not?”.

        Censorship? Whatever happened to diversity?

      • sunflower


  • moar eighties plz

  • I O ta

    Where is Trawick?

  • Can you bring your own wine & picnic?

    • Elmer

      Beer and pretzels or is that too plebeian?


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