Police: Potty Mouthed Prostitute Solicited Officer

by Katie Pyzyk June 21, 2012 at 3:50 pm 9,488 162 Comments

(Updated at 9:30 p.m.) An Arlington County police officer had an unexpectedly eventful night on Wednesday, June 20, when he was approached by a prostitute with a potty mouth.

Police say the woman was at a bus stop in the 5000 block of Columbia Pike around 9:50 p.m., and started waving at the officer’s vehicle as he approached. The officer was in an unmarked car, wearing plain clothes.

According to police spokesman Dustin Sternbeck, the woman leaned into the officer’s open window and said, “F–ky, f–ky.” The officer responded with, “Excuse me?” The alleged prostitute repeated, “F–ky, f–ky, 10 dollars.”

At that point, the officer called in the incident to headquarters and uniformed officers arrived on the scene to deal with 38-year-old Sherry Taylor of Arlington. Taylor was still at the scene and charged with solicitation and trespassing.

  • Rockapotomus


  • total babe. wednesday was the 20th, though.

  • Dr_Klahn

    Get your popcorn, this oughta be good…

    • agreed


    • Sam Walton

      Did she mistake him for Englin?

  • JamesE

    How many times did you giggle while writing this story?

  • Tabs

    Poor woman.

    • literalist


    • was probably starving; somebody show her some mercy

  • nunya

    well this should help property values, when’s the next open house posting?

    • Rick

      3-6 months, 2 with good behavior

  • Jason B

    Mental patient?

  • BreakPause02

    What was the trespassing charge for?

  • Clarendon Skank

    That’s my line! But I usually will do it for a few drinks, not cash.

    • help

      *face turning red while trying not to laugh*

    • WeiQiang

      My understanding is that the going rate is down to one drink … or a cigarette and a diet Coke. Just what I heard.

      • it’s down to just a compliment or locking eyes from 2+ seconds in ballston.

        • WeiQiang

          the brah’s aren’t all that, bro … tho, to be fair, I haven’t seen the Skank in action.

    • clarendon

      That more than $10…a lot more

  • speonjosh

    What’s the point, ARLnow?
    What’s the point?

    • Rockapotomus

      We have street walkers on Columbia Pike. That’s actually news to me.

      • drax

        Sure it is.

      • literalist

        There won’t be, after the streetcar is built

      • KalashniKEV

        You guys have all the VIBRANT DIVERSITY…. we just get bratty trust fund girls!

    • SomeGuy

      While I find this somewhat amusing, I totally agree, speonjosh. Felt that way about Trev getting brutalized here, and I feel that way about all of these stories in which the primary motives appear to be page hits and comedy at the expense of someone else’s public humiliation. The mugshots in particular push it over the top.

      • Tabs

        Agree. Mean-spirited and unnecessary, as are the sexist comments by “Clarendon Skank,” WeiQiang, and Puppo.

        • WeiQiang

          I never assumed that the Skank was female … nor did my comments. Perhaps you shouldn’t read less in to what you read.

          • WeiQiang

            … should read less …

          • Tabs

            Skank is definitely NOT female.

            This comment by you is what I find sexist:

            “My understanding is that the going rate is down to one drink”

          • ???

            everyone can set their own tarriff….it’s a free country

          • Juanita de Talmas

            As no gender was mentioned, how is that sexist?

          • HaydiosMio

            Na, that’s just you. I didn’t get that memo and if you tune into comedy central, none of there shows got it either.

          • HaydiosMio

            ah crap i give up clicking on the wrong reply buttons. that was meant for RC a couple lines below with the “western bla bla” comment…

          • RC

            Because WQ has been all over these boards trashing Trevor and others, leaning on the now extremely tired “brah” and “bro” schtick … and because “skank” is typically used in reference to a female. WQ’s proclivities clearly lie elsewhere (no problem with that, “bro”!), but to pretend he doesn’t know that the “skank” reference is to a female is totally disingenuous.

            Enough, people. You’ve had your fun for the last few months, now it’s time to grow up.

          • LOL OK

          • HayDiosMio

            oh please, look for a new cause… your concern is people making fun of criminals, REALLY? sheesh.

            Go open a nice donation fund for poor ol’ Trev for us hurting his feelings, like they did with karen the school bus monitor… see how much support you get for that one..

            Que vaina, pura pendejada, bro.

          • RC

            As members of Western civilization, we’ve been progressing away from public humiliation for accused/suspected criminals for a couple of centuries. Obviously, you are otherwise culturally attuned.

          • KalashniKEV

            What’s this “progress” that you guys are always talking about?

            It always seems… dumb…

          • WeiQiang

            my proclivities aside, any semi-observant poster on here would read [correctly] from my posts that I’m gay. I never pretended anything. since I’ll assume that you [and Tabs] are not gay and that you don’t have any proclivities that would prevent you from getting it, perhaps you don’t understand that ‘skank’ is used in the gay community as well. same for my comment about the ‘one drink’. same for my previous comments about Serbian lifeguards. I make the comments preCISEly because some folks won’t get it. i think that you’re heteronormative filters didn’t serve you very well here.

            as an aside, i do find your tantrum odd, since The Skank has been posting on here for quite some time. I haven’t seen you object before.

            if you don’t like something I post when I post it, man up.

          • Growing up is for losers, loser.

          • WeiQiang

            [correction] … your heteronormative filters …

            (this post will make sense when my prior post is moderated in)

          • RC

            I am also gay. I’ve never heard the word “skank” used for a guy unless he was in drag. It has an undeniably female connotation.

          • WeiQiang

            You’re entitled to your own lessons from your own experiences. My experience differs from yours. I stand by my characterization and by The Skank’s right to use the term.

          • RC

            This is just silly.

            Yeah, I get that a lot of guys in our community call each other “girl”, “girlfriend”, “hoe”, “b-tch”, “skank”, etc. Do you really think all these terms were not appropriated by our people from words pertaining to women? Just because one of your buds called another dude a skank in a bar means that the word didn’t originate in reference to women? Seriously?

            This is all a distraction anyway – the fact remains that you and others have typed a lot of comments over the last few weeks making fun of people on this blog’s crime reports. It’s people like you who provide ArlNow the incentive to aim for the lowest common denominator in this stuff.

            There’s nothing wrong with posting crime statistics for the community, but the sensationalist and demeaning headlines, and the unnecessary posting of really terrible mugshots are driven by the commenters on here who enjoy the public humiliation of others. Good for you if you like that – it’s a free country. I just think it’s a shame that this blog plays to the tabloid side that a few of you really seem to want.

          • WeiQiang

            Silly … you are precisely correct.

            I don’t know what motivated this tirade, but I’m glad that you’re getting it out. I’ve read your posts. I understand your point. I don’t agree with it.

            You have a beef with something, but it’s not me and I’m not going to try and diagnose or cure it. To my knowledge, today’s purge of your resentments is the first that I’ve noticed directed at me and my comments. You’re all over the place with your assignation of blame/causation. Perhaps it may have been better or may be better in the future to register your objections as you feel them. I do. They don’t get bottled up and come out in blobs.

            I don’t enjoy the humiliation of others. If the subjects of the articles here happen to have a “really terrible” mugshot, perhaps the alleged perp could ask for a better one.

          • RC

            Way to not take a shred of responsibility for your posts of the last month or so, “brah.” You can’t refute that you and many others have continued to relish the misfortunes of the people named and pictured in the crime posts, because it’s irrefutable. Reflect a little, and maybe you’ll be a wiser, nicer man.

          • WeiQiang

            I stand by every post I’ve made, brah. I’ll even stand by the posts made under other names. What you call relishing I call irreverent. Much of what I post I would say is ironic humor. If you don’t share that perspective, good on you. It’s your opinion … notwithstanding that you haven’t offered any examples. I’ve gone back through posts I made on Mr. Lee and Mr. Booker and you’ll see quite a different picture than what you seem to recall, bro. In fact, I irritated some [among everyone else] because on my “bloviating” preCISEly on the topic of posting mugshots. I’ve even gone through my 10 posts of the 316 on Trevor. There is nothing there that even vaguely resembles what you’re saying.

            If you care to look at my posts – especially with respect to the unfortunate individual in the above prostitution post – I haven’t even made a comment about her. My comments were directed toward the comments of The Skank, who her/himself provides a pretty effective foil for those who would deign to think that they are so much better than the alleged prostitute in the post. I didn’t speculate about Trevor’s guilt or innocence nor did I engage in any of the cyber-stalking, while I did post on the tropes surrounding the brah/bro culture which permeates Arlington and which I encountered in all its glory as recently as Wed night, wherein I endured a conversation at a certain rooftop establishment where the “brah’s” numbered in excess of two dozen, with a “bromance” thrown in for good measure.

            I’m not accepting your projected guilt. I have nothing to refute, except your imagined characterization of how wise or nice I am. Go do your research.

          • WeiQiang

            Tabs, have to BEEN to Omega or JRs or Town at 2 in the morning??

        • SomeGuy

          Generalized comments don’t concern me too much, sexist or otherwise. It’s these very specific attacks that depict and humiliate an individual that I think go too far.

          • Scott

            I can tend to agree

          • Donaldson Run Resident

            Don’t worry, the arlnow “moderator” will delete the subsequent comments taking the nasty posters to task, while leaving the original nasty post.

          • drax

            I have experienced this too.

          • John Fontain

            Are these comments really the cause of Ms. Taylor’s humiliation?

          • drax

            The man has a point.

          • Agree. +1

        • Justin Russo

          When you accuse all the people making fun of “bros” and “brahs” of being sexist, then maybe someone will take you seriously.

      • Greg

        Particularly since they slapped a ‘ARLNow.com’ tag on the photo, just in case it is picked up by other sites (for being so ridiculous no doubt).

        • HayDiosMio

          yawn. look. i’m interested in this. i don’t think it’s pathetic. if she roaming my street, i’d like to know what she’s up to, not just her, any criminal that’s is consistently around the corner of my house.

          Fairfax county police for just about every release they’ve had an arrest, post a glorious mugshots for the media to consume. why don’t you go call them “Tmz.com”.

          go find another freaking cause.

          like i said. PURA PENDEJADA, bro.

          • HayDiosMio

            i clicked the wrong reply link, it was meant for “Dude where’s my cause” i mean “car”…

          • RC

            Are you afraid to translate pendejada because people will know you’re a potty-mouth, too?

          • HaydiosMio

            Esa es una pregunta payasa, Bro.

          • RoachVA141

            Ah ah ah…”hermano!”

          • WeiQiang


      • Dude Where’s My Car

        This lady elicits pathos ($10? Really?) but ole Trev was arrested for basically terrorizing somebody. Desperate, pathetic soliticitation is not breaking into somebody’s house and taking nude pictures of them.

        That said, yeah, I don’t know if the mugshot really added anything, other than to make the story even sadder because I couldn’t tell if she was crying in the photo.

        It has to be a tough call, editorially. You want to foster a sense of community, without that community being a bunch of snide, gossipy jerks. When you grow up, you want to be NYT.com, not TMZ.com.

        At least I think you do. 😉

        • Tabs


        • too late

          • RC

            Well said, Dude, and I hope Mike is not right, although I think he might be.

        • drax

          For allegedly terrorizing somebody, though.

          While I’m not saying I don’t think he did, it’s possible for someone to be accused of a crime who didn’t do it. That happens. So dragging someone through the mud on nothing but an accusation isn’t really fair. At least be prepared to issue a public apology, here, if someone is acquitted.

    • Dezlboy


      While I very rarely question the propriety of news articles, this is an exception. Didn’t find the article newsworthy, except for brief metion in weekly crime report. Likely this woman is mentally ill or at very least in very dire straits.

      This article is more worthy of the New Yorkl Post. Arlnow….I love your site. Please rethink articles of this type.

    • Hilarity and common laughter; its good for the heart and soul; you should try it sometime

  • Hank

    She’s got kind of a Forest Whitaker circa 1985 look about her. I like that. I like that a lot. She out of the clink yet?

  • South Awwlington


    And it’s just across from the new Community Center.

    What a mess: http://goo.gl/maps/IQPK

  • Leon Phelps

    Yeah.. well, that’s disgusting.

    • Hank


      • Henessey


        • Hank

          Only if you drink the good stuff.

          • Henessey

            true dat

  • Douglas Parker

    I’d rather burn the $10.

  • Kiffee

    $10? Me love you long time!

    • Rockapotomus

      That sounds like a threat.

    • Sam Walton

      Shouldn’t she charge $11? Doesn’t this fall under the Arlington “meals tax” – They really should be going after those scofflaws that collect the deposit and don’t pay the county their fair share.

      • KalashniKEV


  • Douglas Parker

    Ahhh my eyes…. my eyes.

  • ???

    trespassing? at a bus stop?

    • sunflower

      “leaned into the officer’s open window”

  • Walter Zimmy-T

    This would never happen if we spend $250 million on street cars.

    • Dezlboy

      @Walter Zimmy-T

      Okay, I admit, that was funny……

    • John Fontain


    • Mary-Austin

      Are you kidding? This kind of thing is going to be taking place on the streetcar!

      • drax

        You don’t ride Metro because you’re afraid of crime, am I right, Mary-Austin?

      • KalashniKEV

        Don’t be silly… nobody’s actually going to ride on the streetcar.

        • drax

          Sure, Kev. Whatever you say. They’re failing everywhere.

    • ROFL

    • Once the whole area is gentrified it’ll be all good… right?

  • Ballstonia

    I imagine her going rate will increase to $15 once the streetcar is up and running.

    • Stroker Ace

      Must burn to see you were beaten to your hilariously topical street car joke by under a minute. I think maybe she was also something something Sam’s Corner driving from Maryland articulated bus lolololol

  • Sad

    Someone has fallen pretty far to do this and her photo is tragic. This is someone who has nowhere to go and no way to get there. Be compassionate – conservative or otherwise.

    • Arlingtoon

      Agreed. Can you imagine being this desperate?

  • SomeGuy

    I’m curious why the officer in an unmarked car and plain clothes approached this alleged prostitute and let her lean in his window in the first place. Does this officer pull over for everyone who waves at him?

    • JohnB

      I would hope an officer would stop if s/he saw someone trying to flag them down.

    • sunflower

      wouldn’t you want an officer to pull over if you wa

      • sunflower

        skip it

  • John K.

    And here I thought I had to go down to the Days Inn when all I needed to do was pick the right time to go the bus stop up the block. Sigh…

  • HenryBennetXIII

    Streetcar Sherry got discovered by ARLNOW.

  • Chris B

    Pretty sad that ARLNow is “reporting” this. Kicking someone when they’re down.

    • South Awwlington

      lol pretty sad that ARLNow is reporting on crime?

      I think they do that on a regular basis…

      The Pike seems a veritable den of hookers, johns, etc. With the Days Inn bust and all, I think it’s appropriate.

    • HayDiosMio

      the police reports the crimes too, they sad too? should they just keep us out of the loop and living in a nice little bubble? or should I go to a little window and personally get it from them?

  • tender_bro_sports


  • bigdaddyva

    here is $10 to get your skank ass away, yo

    • South Awwlington


  • potty mouth

    Now that’s what I call VIBRANT

  • EFC Observer

    Gives new meaning to the phrase “fixed rail on the Pike”.

    • South Awwlington

      You get mad props for that call!

  • LuvDusty

    $10? it used to be $5!

    Obama is ruining America!


  • spanky

    I know this woman and her family. What makes this even more sad is that she has an Intellectual Disability.

    • South Awwlington

      ACPD wouldn’t have found that out if true and more than likely dropped the charges? Really now.

      • nom de guerre

        “ACPD wouldn’t have found that out if true’?

        There is still time for that to happen since less than 18 hours have elapsed since this incident and this afternoon’s story.

        • South Awwlington

          Let’s home for her sake it is.

          • South Awwlington


    • drax

      Where did you see that info, spanky?

  • Pablo

    The photo should be a tipoff to ARLNow that this is clearly a person with psychological issues. Putting “Pottymouth” in the headline sets a tone that is not warranted and invites the inevitable cheap shots.

    • Zip

      Please to be explaining to us the method of your diagnosis from a photo.

      • nom de guerre

        I see what you tried to do there-‘please to be explaining to us’. Homey don’t play that.

  • South Awwlington

    Mousing over the picture provides another tidbit. Picture from previous arrest. She’s got history.

  • Mary-Austin

    Blame it on the bath salts!

  • sherry


    For you: F-ky, F-ky, $5.

  • sunflower

    at the very least, maybe we could learn something from this. why can’t we as a community act toward prevention rather than leaving mental and social problems up to the police as a last resort?

    • esmith69

      Because prevention involves money and there’s too many people who will throw a massive hissy fit when they learn that X taxpayer dollars go to fund such and such a social program, etc.

      I can just see the outcry from novasteve, Kev, and others…

      • drax

        Yep. They’d rather have crime and human suffering than try to prevent it, and we all end up paying even more in taxes for that.

        • sunflower

          how unbearably sad!

          • drax

            It’s stupid is what it is.

          • WeiQiang


          • sunflower

            i agree, but i admit i’d be among the first to protest, for example, a halfway house in my backyard, and i consider myself a liberal–albeit with a somewhat diminished flame over the years.

          • drax

            Nobody said it had to be in your backyard.

          • drax

            P.S. But the homeless may camp out in your backyard if they don’t have a shelter.

      • sunflower

        and that’s in ~liberal Arlington. good luck with that in the rest of the country. It just seems unfortunate that the buck has to stop at the police station rather than a facility equipped to handle the mentally ill.

        The result is criminalizing mentally ill behavior with the people ending up in jail rather than being helped.

    • HayDiosMio

      oh sunshine, you tell me how we could prevent this. and also how to prevent trev from being scum as well… enlighten us.

      • sunflower

        thank you for your confidence in my judgement, but i have no answers–only questions

  • 5555624

    Her rates will go up once the streetcar starts running.

  • arlingwoodGirl

    I didn’t need that story, especially that picture. Poor woman.

    • Stacy

      Agree, look at her tear stained face and the gloved hand having to hold her up. Very sad indeed.

  • HayDiosMio

    Hey Katie, if the PD puts out the release, and the photo, you feel free to report it, screw all this making the criminal the victim WTF–KY??? It’s not like she went all TMZ style stalking LiLo waiting for sh-t to happen.

    Do any of you know why she’s crying. no. is she crying because she is sorry for what she did or cause she got caught?? who knows.

    Do we know ANY of the other assumptions, no. SO REPORT THE DAMN THING as It happened. if I see this lady wandering in the park where my kids are playing, I’d like to know.

    couple people making jokes. whatever. grow thicker skin or don’t read the comments!

  • transplant

    I didn’t see anything wrong with this story. Please don’t start censoring the crime report because you don’t want to piss off the PC police. Did anyone else read the part where it was she who approached the police officer? I’m happy to hear that the officer was doing his job.

    • HaydiosMio

      Katie broke down and removed a booking photo (from a prior incident).

  • WheresHerBoyfriend

    She may have been simply looking for her boyfriend — you know the one — the guy that yells at buses and buildings by the old Las Delicias. Luckily enough, though, he rarely yells directly at people…. Maybe he’ll get picked up too and they can play some Peaches and Herb…

  • NrNy2ArlVa

    The portion of Columbia Pike near the Fairfax border seems to be turning in to Arlington’s red light district, not to say I have had experience with such behavior, but $10 to f*ck, sounds like someone was trying to beat the competition. Hopefully revitalization will stop this from becoming more of a problem.

    • Mary-Austin

      where have you been for the last 20 years?

      There’s even some new yuppie buildings going in. The place that the 5500 building replaced now that was sketchy!

      • NrNy2ArlVa

        For the last 20 years I have lived in North Arlington, sorry to say now I am a resident not far from the 5000 block of Columbia Pike.

      • alenope

        Wow! I never witnessed anything like that, when I worked there.

  • MB

    Credit to ARLnow for stepping in the right direction with these blotter stories. There’s zero news value in attaching photos of people, esp. as in this case.

    Speaking of news value – it’s funny how ACPD releases booking photos of insignificant people, but stonewalls most requests for useful information (crash reports, status of criminal investigations, etc.).

    • meh..

      Yeah, it only took him until 9:30pm last night to get around to it…

      • Ballstonia

        Wait, I thought you wanted more photos highlighting the diversity of Arlington?

        • KalashniKEV


    • CW

      Aside from all this other stuff, I do wish they would do more follow-ups.

      For example, it looks like Mr. Frye has a hearing set for 6/27, and Mr. Canales has one on 7/9. Will ARLnow be following up?

  • KalashniKEV

    I completely missed it… I want the mugshot!

  • sunflower

    if a picture evokes a response of sympathy, concern, serious thought about the plight of the mentally ill, homeless, or unfortunate in at least one poster then let it stand.

    • KalashniKEV

      I won’t know until I see it though… please re-post!

  • B

    “No soul brova! Too buku, too buku!”

  • brian


    That’s a clown price, broh!


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