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Wednesday Storm Recovery Update

by ARLnow.com July 4, 2012 at 2:45 pm 3,624 45 Comments

Dominion appears to be making good progress in restoring power to customers still affected by Friday’s storms.

As of 2:30 p.m, there were 3,960 Dominion customers in Arlington without power. That’s down from 15,654 as of 10:00 yesterday (Tuesday) morning. Dominion says it’s a day ahead of its storm restoration target.

“Service for virtually all customers in Northern Virginia and the Richmond metro area who lost electric service because of the storms should be restored by Friday night,” the company said.

“We have more than 5,000 employees, retirees, contractors and utility crews from 18 states and Canada who will continue to work straight through the July 4th holiday and will not stop until we get the lights back on for everyone,” said Rodney Blevins, Dominion vice president of Electric Distribution Operations, in a statement.

Arlington County, meanwhile, said this morning that 17 County roads remain blocked following the storms. Crews are working through today’s holiday to clear road of downed trees and debris. The county said that two trees came down on roads last night, and cautioned residents to be aware of damaged trees and tree limbs, which can still pose a danger.

Four county intersections are without functioning traffic signals, while five traffic signals are on generator power.

Arlington Central Library (1015 N. Qunicy Street) is open until 9:00 tonight for residents who want to seek relief from the heat (or read a book).

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  • Really

    Dominion blows. Despite being emailed and called about the elderly people at risk on my street, they won’t come pop in a simple fuse on the transformer. 5 days, really?

    • Bob the Builder

      Fine, you get to have Pepco while the rest of us keep Dominion. Good luck!

    • help a fellow out here

      So how exactly is it Dominion’s responsibility to care for the elderly after a substantial natural disaster?

      What about neighbors, i.e. YOU, to provide ice and other care for them?

      • Wilbur

        ^^ THIS ^^

      • I don’t think Dominion blows, but…

        I had to comment in response to this. I studied disasters (both natural and man-made) from a health point-of-view at length, so I had to pipe up here.

        While you have a good point about the concept of community, “Really” has a decent point as well. Everybody knows that ice has been, at times, scarce since the storm. But restoring power with a simple fix, as “Really” mentioned, would really be a great solution. The elderly don’t regulate their temperatures as well. Many have multiple medical conditions, requiring numerous medications that need storage in certain environmental conditions. What is “Really” or anybody else except Dominion Power supposed to do for that? If “Really” doesn’t have electricity, and his dwelling is just as hot as everybody else’s on his street, he’s SOL.

        An easier fix like this one — as opposed to lines being strewn all over — could restore power to several households with higher-risk populations, helping them with places to store perishable food, and with air conditioning. If “Really” doesn’t have power as well, he/she is likely a little limited in how much he/she can do to help.

        • drax

          All this presumes that the problem really is just a fuse. How does Really know that?

          • I don’t think Dominion blows, but…

            They could have been told this… Of all of the people I knew who lost power who were renting property, a few of them were told by their landlords/managers what the issue was directly (see: Quincy Towers issue, for instance).

  • novasteve

    O’Malley threatened to sodomize BGE and Pepco if they didn’t get power back on soon.

  • Bob the Builder

    BTW, crazy to see the comments come to a proverbial halt when there are no office drones at their desks.

    • Arlington County ONE

      Some of us drones are on duty 24/7.

  • nom de guerre

    As as tribute to foods that have a long shelf life and need no refrigeration, Sam’s Corner is offering their 75th anniversary special dedicated to Sir-Can-A-Lot-thinly sliced Spam with a topping of Cheese Whiz on artisanal Wonder Bread with a Hostess Twinkie for dessert. Only while supplies last-Cash only and/or VIBRANT credit cards.

    • Tabby_TwoTone

      Trevor Fryes with cheese extra $1

      • Jason B

        Do they serve those “fryes” soaked in garlic or do you have to put the garlic on the “fryes” yourself?

        • nom de guerre

          Since the demand for Trevor Fryes have taken a nose dive in the past month we have raised the price to $15. We had to do this due to decreased demand and the high rental costs of doing business in the Clarendon area. We regret the rudeness and the lack of proper notice to the community. Additionally, customers will be asked to apply the garlic themselves as we are unable to afford additional staff to perform this important artisanal task. On a positive note, the powdered garlic will feature a domestic artificial parmesan cheese blend. You must provide official identification that proves you are a bro and are capable of bench pressing at least 25 pounds without an approved spotter and downing at least a suitcase. Only while supplies last and cash only since our communications are still down. That is all.

  • Where are the temporary 4-way stop signs?

    County tree crews doing great job. Cut, remove, clean-up, and restore traffic flow.

    Contractors are barely cut and leave branches blocking road.

    • Observer

      I saw a county truck hauling an intact stump that was roughly the size of a Ford Explorer this morning. Can’t imagine the tree that was attached to that thing.

  • Tumblebum

    Private contractors are getting trees off of houses, cars, etc and moving on to the next emergency call. (there are plenty) If they are hired to do the whole job (a fair number are insurance jobs) they will be back to do the clean up. Avert your eyes and don’t cut the corners too closely. You’ll be fine.

  • ML Fieidl

    Sorry but I am one of the 3,000+ still without power sitting in view of constructions sites and restaurants with power. Not sure what is unique about our courtyard in Colonial Village but we are feeling left out of attention and power.

  • Wilbur

    We were one of the late ones to receive power. The destruction in our neighborhood was massive. Huge trees down. Cars toasted. Fires. Lines lying around like spaghetti. Honestly, I think DomPow has done a great job – as it regularly has done in the past. This was a *massive* storm. They did a massive job.

    There are elderly people everywhere throughout Arlington. We checked in on them. We brought them coffee. We brought them food. The solution in an emergency is to be a community. To get out there and contribute.

    What would I like to see better? Better communications. And better cooling stations. It took Arlco a long time to figure that one out, as record heat was hitting us. This should all be in a notebook in the emergency response center by now – just pull the plan off and implement.

    • Dan

      Out of curiosity what neighborhood are you talking about ??

      Hope that the clean-up goes well.

  • Rvue

    The Rosslyn Vue building on N. Quinn is still w/o power. There was a Dominion person out today that told a fellow resident that he had a crew in the neighborhood, but they were scheduled for other work today. He said It looked like a problem with the transformer connected directly to our building. Sigh.

  • JnA

    Best solution – persuading the elderly w/o power and A/C to visit friends and family with power and A/C, as I did with two elderly neighbors last Saturday morning.

  • Yards555

    Fairfax Drive without power still. Terrible holiday.

  • CourthouseChris

    Colonial village is back online!

  • my condolences to all of you without power. It really has been a rough time. Good luck!!!

  • Rachel

    We’re still without power in Arlington Heights at 9th and S Highland. Crew came yesterday, said they’d be back in a couple hours with a taller truck. No sign of them, no power today. In a hotel for the night, couldn’t take another sweltering night in the basement with my 17 month old. Truly irritated with the slowness in getting power, since our front-door neighbors and people down the street have had it since Monday night. Infuriating.

    • Tabby_TwoTone

      Very frustrating. Sorry to hear it.

      • Rachel

        And now the power is back! A 20 minute fix. So happy to have AC, and hoping it comes quickly for rest of the people affected!

  • Hannah

    Well I personally think Dominion has been doing a good job. I’m a Dominion customer and my power was back on by actuallly saturday. No joke. I hope Dominion helps everyone in time to get their power back.

  • chanel

    Still no comcast service (cable and high speed internet) since the storm hit..pentagon city..

  • Really

    Dominion showed at about 330pm. Fixed the fuse, cut some branches. Happy we are up and running. elderly neighbors are happy too.

  • Garden City

    I’m not real impressed with Dominion’s response. There was a broken pole with a transformer on it on N 25th Place at N Emerson. On Sunday early evening a Dominion truck came and dropped a pole. No one came back until Wednesday morning when a Pike crew of 3 trucks showed up. The previous day I had talked to that same Pike crew’s chief on N 26th Street. I asked him if he knew about the pole and transformer on N 25th Place. He said, “Oh, yeah. That transformer’s been the subject of a lot of discussion over the past couple of days.” Apparently his crew had been put on it, then pulled off it, then another Pike crew put on it, then that crew pulled off it. I just can’t fathom what Dominion was thinking.

  • WeiQiang

    SARWOK+ … still 7 houses without power. 7 houses on half a block. The squirrels are claiming “eminent domain”.

  • Yorktown Blvd

    The top end of Yorktown Blvd is still closed by a fallen pole and tree, which brought down numerous wires. No sign of repairs, and a number of houses still without power.

    • Westover Leftover

      I have always wanted to be part of the 1%, but not the 1% without electricity in Arlington.

      And yes I am at work, AC, free internet, lots of charging stations.

      • WeiQiang

        Testify. Still a dozen random houses dark between 16th S & 18th S and between S Joyce and S Lynn.

        • MyHood

          I saw DP out there this morning working on a transformer on 18th S just before (East of) Kent. Maybe that will do the trick for you. Good luck!

          • WeiQiang

            Yeah, we talked to the guy this morning. Might do the trick. How’s the dog?

          • MyHood

            Happily ensconced in the house. I think he’ll be happy to get back on schedule. I have to ask, are you on the South or North side of 18th? I have a feeling you’ve figured out who I am and I am trying to narrow my guesses down about you. 🙂

          • WeiQiang

            I think that we’ve met. I believe our dogs have and that we’ve used the same dog walker. If that’s the case, we’re on the same side of the street.

          • MyHood

            Ah ha! I think that I know who you are your P’s person? and I am R’s. Do you have power yet?

          • WeiQiang

            Exactly. We both guessed correctly.

            SARWOK+ update at 1343h local:

            6 guys
            5 trucks
            4 hours
            3 transformers

            = power ON!

            Best wishes for a speed repair to those without power yet.

  • jmb

    Power to the Greenbrier section of Arlington Forest was restored on Tuesday afternoon. There’s still a big tree down on lines going into Lubber Run Park, at the corner of N.Edison and 2nd Street N. That must be affecting somebody, but I can’t figure out who.

  • JnA

    Half of America has been on vacation the past week. It’s vacation time across America and Europe Grandma could be visiting the grandkids in New Hampshire right now. YOU could be in Montreal right now. WHY are you sticking it out here when you could be cool and having fun elsewhere?

    • NoPower

      Because the melting freezer is dripping out some really nasty smelling stuff and if I don’t stay here and clean it up I’ll never get the stench out of my house?


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