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Video: Inside Arlington’s Storm Response

by ARLnow.com July 6, 2012 at 3:45 pm 2,528 31 Comments

Arlington County activated its Emergency Operations Center in the wake of Friday’s derecho.

A new video posted by the county’s Arlington Virginia Network shows a behind-the-scenes view from inside the EOC during the storm recovery effort.

  • novasteve

    Yes, they needed the emergency center to make sure that tax sticker enforcement could continue on! Great work!

  • Elmer

    From one who in the past has worked in EOC situations in another Virginia county, kudos to the county staff and volunteers for their dedication and sacrifices-especially to the the Fire, EMS, police,utility and the power company crews.

  • James Moron

    Nothing behind the scenes about that. Pravda put out similar “info pieces” in the 80s.

  • Kimmy

    Big Deal. Power in my condo didn’t come back on for 4 days. After that I don’t need to see their excuses for emergency non-response..

    • daniel

      Move to Maryland and try Pepco out…

      • ly

        Lived in Maryland. Moved to VA expecting much better. So far I’m disappointed.

        • Enough already

          Move back to MD and take as many people as you can with you. Ease congestion in va

          • cyclist

            and may pompous people like you leave Arlington as well, the sooner the better.

          • Enough already

            Oh relax my little pedal pumper. Go for a bike ride, run some red lights, you’ll feel better

        • CW1

          Please move back. Pretty please.

        • drax

          There is no place on Earth where you can expect to get power back faster than four days after a storm that kills power for 5 million people. Welcome to life, get used to it.

          • Edison

            Hundreds of thousands of people here in Virginia had their power back by Sunday night. How long did you have to wait, Drax? My wait here in Arlington was six days. My experience has been that those who make comments like “welcome to life, get used to it” are those who are the least inconvenienced.

          • Edison

            To Clarify: that’s Sunday night, July 1, not a week later.

    • drax

      It’s not possible that they did the absolute best with their resources and you just weren’t as important as some other people. Nah.

      • Edison

        Not as important as you?

    • WeiQiang

      Wow … folks drinking a lot of Haterade.

  • April

    How about AVN producing a video about Arlington’s seniors transported to the hospital after falling ill, after days w/o air conditioning?

  • Buckwheat

    Nice windows in the EOC.

    Lucky they did not get taken out by the beautiful trees nearby. If the EOC goes down, is the back-up call center in Mumbai?

    I would have thought, more thought would go into an EOC in the National Capital Region!

    • nom de guerre

      The redundant back up center is currently located at the Donaldson Run Yacht Club. Power has yet to be restored and we are awaiting the arrival of the Canadian hosers. That is all.

    • daniel

      Dog parks with fountains first!

  • barry

    Can AVN produce a video that shows why there is never enough money to maintain street trees but always plenty of money to remove street trees and limbs downed during a major storm?

  • Loocy

    Nice to know about this. Now, before something like this happens again, can we agree that when there is enough of an emergency going on that the op center is working, there should NOT be any parades going on in Arlington? I understand that the Bolivian heritage festival was a big deal for its participants, but I think that they should have been told that the parade was cancelled, and to meet at their final location and just enjoy their festival there. Saturday morning, with all the traffic signals out and roads blocked by trees and wires, was NOT the time to be closing streets and towing cars for a parade.

  • Chris B

    There was a partial power outage in Clarendon tonight. Boulevard Woodside Grill and Faccia Luna had to close because their AC stopped working.

  • charles

    This news is two days old. On vacation?

  • Michael H.

    This just in from Arlington Alert:

    National Weather Service has issued a Severe Thunderstorm Watch until 10 PM. The thunderstorm is expected to reach the DC metro region in approximately 2 hours and may be capable of producing 60 miles per hour winds and large hail. Please secure loose items and stay indoors if possible.

  • Wilson-G.Mason

    It’s good to open the library, buy why only until 9 p.m. My home temperature hovered near 85-86 degrees all night. Doesn’t sound that hot but it was awful. We have two pets who were not doing well in the heat. Why couldn’t Arlington open something for people w/pets? We know from Katrina that some people will not leave pets behind. And, I worry about elderedly/disabled people who could not get to the Library or other cooling stations. Arlington County has been bragging and using a lot of money for “emergency preparedness” for the last couple of years. I found the “emergency” response wholly inadequate. Please consider adding more cooling stations, stations for people w/pets, free cab vouchers for any disabled or elderly person to travel to and from stations, and add some 24-hour cooling stations. Thank you

    • sunflower

      florida finally allows pets at some shelters: so it is possible

      • ConstantCritic

        Only dogs named Hanging Chad are allowed

        • sunflower

          just wanted everyone to know that, on occasion, florida does get it right

    • Elmer

      Good and resonable suggestions.Hope someone with the county is reading this.

    • JnA

      Next County Board meeting is July 21st, public comments start at 8:30.


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