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Retired ACPD K-9 Passes Away

by Katie Pyzyk July 9, 2012 at 3:00 pm 2,581 31 Comments

The Arlington County Police Department has announced the passing away of one of its recently retired K-9 members.

Lobo worked for the ACPD beginning in 2004, and retired this past spring. Lobo had worked as a patrol dog and as an Explosive Ordinance Detection K-9, with his partner Corporal Tom Binckley. He successfully certified with the United States Police Canine Association in those two disciplines, and had been used as a tracker on numerous occasions.

During his seven years of service, Lobo also worked to keep Arlington residents safe at special events, such as the Arlington County Fair (pictured above). He was described as a social dog who enjoyed putting on demonstrations for civic and youth groups.

We’re told all of the ACPD members who had worked with Lobo were saddened to hear of his passing on Friday night.

  • LP

    Only 7 years old? That’s pretty young for a German Shepard to pass away. Any word on cause of death?

    • GSD Lover

      It says 7 years of _service_; I would guess the dog was about 3 when they put him in service, after a couple of years of training and the year of puppyhood that GSDs go through.

      • LP

        Good catch – thanks.

        Thanks for the service, Lobo!

  • Shirlington

    Good boy.

  • GSD Lover

    What a handsome puppy!

    Sorry to hear about this.

  • Wilbur

    Good Dog!

  • CrystalMikey

    R.I.P. boy.

  • Mike

    “Lobo had worked as a patrol dog and as an Explosive Ordinance Detection K-9, with his partner Corporal Tom Binckley.”

    Nice to hear that ACPD is so supportive of dogs that have same-sex partners.

    • Flying Spaghetti Monster

      Nice one. 🙂

    • Virginia Squared

      I was going to make an ordnance/ordinance exploding county code joke, but that’s too much terrible joke for one thread

  • Kim W

    RIP Lobo… My condolences Corporal Binckley.

  • NOOOOOOOO!! 2 terrible stories in a row. nothing worse than the destruction of trees & death of my fellow canines.

    *howls & cries for arlington’s lost*

  • Chris B

    Hard journalism!

  • Gabby

    Sad. In our Arlington neighborhood, Douglas Park, there is a Capitol Hill K-9 officer who just lost his partner dog yesterday. He’s pretty broken up about it.

  • BJ & The Bear

    You were a good adversary

  • Douglas Parker

    Pic #2 Lobo’s pointing his gun at the camera!

    RIP Lobo.

  • Bon Air Mom

    I knew Link personally – such a great dog and a wonderful partner. A big loss all around …

  • Bon Air Mom

    I knew Lobo personally – such a great dog and a wonderful partner. A big loss all around …

    • Bon Air

      A big loss all around?

      He was a dog. There are plenty more of them.

      • First Buffoonist

        You gonna say that if someone’s baby dies? Plenty more of those too.

        Stay classy.

      • bob

        And thankfully only one of you, Bon Air.

      • Bon Air Mom

        Obviously not an animal lover. Too bad – Lobo was a loving companion and, as a part of the police force, helped keep us all safe.

      • Eileen

        Jerk. My German Shepard was a WWII dog who served protecting our country. Bet you haven’t done anything like it.

  • The Gov..

    Years ago I worked as a contractor to a Federal Law Enforcement Agency which had K-9 units that were trained to detect explosives. One of the side effects of training dogs to detect explosives is that over time it is generally not good for the dogs. They basically have to sniff chemicals/inhalants on a daily basis. In effect their life span is usually shorter than the average patrol dog. Sad to hear about Lobo, RIP.

  • Tabby_TwoTone

    RIP, pup.

  • Dyan Smith

    This news makes me sad. Lobo was a cool K-9. I starting watching him as a young dog in training. Everytime I got to see him it was impressive and special to my husband and I.

    We are German Shepherd (GSD) owners and know how incrediable these dogs are.

    Arlington Co was lucky to have Lobo as a part of their protection.

    Please know my thoughts and prayers are with Lobo’s handler and the entire K-9 force.

    Sincerely, Dyan and Jeff Smith

  • James Moron

    Too bad he never ha a chance to get Trevor

  • Jane McAdory

    I remember meeting you and Lobo several years ago…so sorry to hear about lobo’s passing away…it hurts!

  • senior

    In loving memory of Corporal Lobo – faithful partner of Tom, bomb dog extraordinaire, and all around great dog!

  • eileen

    Senior forwarded the message from both of us!


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