ACPD Looking for Beer Pong Bandits

by ARLnow.com July 23, 2012 at 5:15 pm 8,365 16 Comments

Arlington County police are investigating an unusual break-in and theft that took place yesterday (Sunday).

One or more suspects broke into a locked house on the 5500 block of 7th Street S., in the Forest Glen neighborhood, at some point on Sunday. According to police, the suspects played beer pong while inside the house. They then allegedly stole two cars parked outside, leaving the residence “in disarray” with empty beer bottles strewn about.

The crime was reported Sunday afternoon by an adult female house sitter — a friend of the family that owns the house and the vehicles, according to police.

There is no suspect description available.

  • Al

    Did they bring their own beer?

  • Kate

    I bet “friend of the family house sitter” decided to have some bro’s over to party in the sweet pad and things got out of control.

    • Boss

      Yep, that would be my guess as well.

      • QP Doll

        That’s what I’m thinking too…

        • Just Me

          Same here.

  • Al Gore


  • ARLrez

    I agree with Al… Trev strikes again

  • Mary-Austin

    Sounds like some people who knew the owners broke in.
    Doubt it was Trev and co… that neighborhood is mostly families and long time residents.
    I actually knew some guys that lived over on that block. Wonder if it was their place.

  • Drunk_IrishChick

    Sounds sketchy!!! Get the hot doormen from Osullivans on it, I’m sure they can solve this caper.

  • No sense

    Lots of fingerprints to be found on glasses and cans, should be able to drum up some leads if they work at it. But Kate’s gotta be right – who breaks into a random house and does that? At the very least the people knew that the owners were out of town…

  • Collot

    Other than the stolen cars, this is seems like a simple case of what others described above.

    Stolen cars are on a whole ‘nother level

  • Cyrus

    Indeed. How would the housesitter know specifically that the robbers were playing beer pong vs. playing regular ping pong while drinking beer. Methinks the friend has been caught in a lie.

    And she would have gotten away with it if it weren’t for those meddling kids.

  • Pong Bandit

    Hide your Solo Cups and Ping Pong Balls.

  • househoor

    Sounds like the sweet little house sitter threw a party that got out of hand. It wouldn’t be the first time.

    Breaking and entry to play beer pong…riiiight:)!

  • bingo

    the sitter may have a nasty hangover and in 9 months a little bambino!

  • Id

    Red Solo Cup I fill you up Let’s have a party


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