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New ‘Ridesharing’ Program To Debut In Arlington

by Aaron Kraut August 1, 2012 at 12:05 pm 3,826 64 Comments

Zimride, a company that connects long-distance carpoolers through Facebook, launched its “digital ridesharing” operation in the Washington area today.

Arlington residents looking for rides to New York can pay an average of $50 round-trip for a seat in another person’s car, according to Zimride’s Nick Greenfield, who described the concept as “non-creepy hitchhiking,” and the “long-distance version of slugging.”

Users match up with drivers and potential carpoolers by listing whether they smoke, their musical preferences and other personal details. The program first gained traction on college campuses as a way for students to more easily afford travel.

Now, the company is hoping to attract users in Arlington by opening up the site for Northern Virginia to New York road trips.

At least one Arlington resident has posted a ride for this weekend to New York. For $80 round-trip, “Clinton L.” is offering to drive passengers to Manhattan in his Infiniti FX45.

“[I] drive around 90 mph on the highway [and] listen to electronic dance music,” Clinton L. wrote. “Will take a total of 4 people… to ensure the comfort of all passengers.”

  • Dan

    Don’t pay this jackass $80 for a ride to NYC…take the bus out of rosslyn for $30

    • Good Grief


    • Ivy

      I agree Dan! I also think starting with something like this to NYC is a bad idea because you can get there very cheaply by bus and set your own schedule.

  • 90 mph and dance music? Sounds like my ex. Who I am happy not to be roadtripping with anymore.

    • JamesE

      I try to stick to 85 mph and Metallica.

      • Clarendon

        10mph or less over the posted limit and an eclectic mix of reggae, jazz, metal, ska, hardcore, blues, punk cello and a few other things.

        • JamesE

          175 mph, Conan The Barbarian theme song on constant loop

          • Jackson

            I like the way you think, JamesE. I’ll bring the Cheetos!

      • South Awwlington

        lol driving 85 mph in my 95 Cavalier that smells like wet dog rocking Motley Cru.

        I love this town.

  • G Clifford Prout (now moderated for extra purity)

    Maybe the streetcar can be Zimiride.

    • FunReadArlNow

      +250 million dollars the Zimiride will charge for about 5 miles, with views (going west to east) of Arlington’s affordable housing built on the site of a gas station, a check cashing store being knocked off, empty former doggie-day-care building, hardi-plank sheathed ‘luxury’ apts/condos, johns and police officers at the Days Inn, bad drivers across the street at/in Bangkok 54, and people sitting in front of WJT. Sorry if I missed anything from the past few weeks. You know, it almost, almost, will be worth the price….

    • South Awwlington

      Please, I bet you…do not feed the Streetcar animals. You know they are rabid and have been forbidden from playing with them before.

      • South Awwlington


  • South Awwlington


  • novasteve

    That honestly doesn’t sound like a very good deal. I could probably rent a car and the cost of gas will barely be $50.

    • Tabby_TwoTone

      The tolls to NYC are substantial.

      Flying or taking the train would be cheaper than renting a car and paying for gas and tolls–and that’s before you get to parking.

  • nunya


  • jrlowe87

    This guy sounds like your prototypical Arlington douchebag…bragging about his FX45, speeding, and dance music. You’re cool buddy!

    • JamesE

      The G35 is the official car of Arlington Dudebros

      • novasteve

        G35? That’s not even the latest model is the G37 if you want to show off status, but it’s still not a BMW though.. To the insecure arlington people out there, what’s lower on the status scale a G37 or a 1 series BMW? Which shouts louder “I’m really insecure but need to show off” ??

        • CW

          G37 is for insecure dudes; 1 series is cute chick car.

          • novasteve

            Why not a 3 series for cute chicks? They are buying the lowest and least expensive BMW. Almost like it would be a wiser decision to buy a cheaper car, hence insecure for them too?

        • Really?

          Not everyone who drives a particular make and model do so because they are insecure and want to show off, although I admit some probably do. Many simply like the car.

          I think you shout loudest “I’m really insecure but need to show off”

          • novasteve

            Given I often see BMWs and Mercedes in susidized housing parking lots, I tend to think that despite them “needing” taxpayer help to pay their rent, they drive around in luxury cars, so perhaps they are insecure? OR I live in a Rental building, nobody owns their unit, yet I see plenty of BMWs OF COURSE 1 series.. You don’t think they’re insecure.

            Would it matter if they own or lease?

        • JamesE

          G37’s and 1 series are no where near status cars in this area. Ferrari’s are.

          • novasteve

            For insecure people, they are status cars. IT’s status to THEM.

      • South Awwlington

        What’s with the Infiniti hate on here?

        I think the BMW driving populace is far douchier.

        If you can’t afford a real car, get 1 Series.

        • Franco

          I would put Volvos and Priuses up against BMWs for douchiness any day.

    • drax

      And driving 90 mph.

  • Adam

    Looks like there are lots of different options leaving the DC/Virginia area — not all of which require riding in an FX45 at 90mph. Some are even as cheap as $15 or $25.

  • Jennifer

    What’s with all the haters? I would like to know what kind of car I’m going to be riding in for the money. For example, is it a safe car, etc. Also, it’s nice to meet other local people. I have never slugged before but it’s the same concept, except long distances.

    • 1RLI

      I hope we don’t end up reading about you on Arlnow.com. Seriously, does this program have “bad dudes” written all over it?

      • ARLwahoo

        One I randomly clicked on says “Only normal/safe people need apply”. Maybe if you add “pretty please, no axe murderers”, you’ll only end up robber or with a vomit-filled car?

        As a mid-20s female, I would never take this alone, even with a “female” driver. I would entertain this if I was going with another friend, preferably a male

        • novasteve

          What would you do if it turns out to be a van and the driver asks to help you load a couch into it?

          It puts the lotion in the basket or it gets the hose again.

      • Josh S

        What percentage of total trips taken resulting in some kind of crime perpetrated against the passenger would it take to confirm your fears?

        • drax

          You may spend 100% of the trip wondering if you’re going to be the .001% though.

  • novasteve

    Driving 90, in fact anything over 80 in Virginia is reckless driving.

  • 22201 for 12

    Clinton L. sounds like a tool. Even when I was under 30 I would have thought so.

    • Sim City

      kind of stunning that someone thinks total strangers will want to ride with him because of his plan to drive 90 on I-95 with music drowning out the outside world. This sounds like a sequel to the Sky Express bus disaster.

      • CW


  • Ren

    Sounds like the rideshare portion of craigslist which I used many times until megabus finally started a route my way. Always had a good experience. Megabus costs more, takes longer, and is less fun but for the safety and regularity, I take it.

    • DarkHeart

      But Megabus has free wi-fi….

      • AL

        Except it doesn’t work. Neither do the power outlets.

        • dirty biker

          What do you mean? I’ve tailed many a Megabus on I-95 and have never been unable to log in to their wireless from the passenger seat of our car…

  • WeiQiang

    I was out having my FX45 detailed … what’d I miss?

    • Omg I peed when I read that!

      Too funny! Totally on point, relevant, trenchant satire, yet completely unpredictable. Move over, nom de guerre, you’ve met your match for irony and wit!

      • WeiQiang


    • JamesE

      chrome wheels?

    • South Awwlington

      Thanks bruh. It looks decent.

      • WeiQiang

        lol. I was hoping that someone to pick up on the electronic dance music.

        • South Awwlington

          Guilty as charged.

  • Ren

    I should add (and I’m a female) that I think people let anecdotes influence their risk analysis. I have been in more megabus accidents (not the megabus’s fault but still an accident) than accidents with strangers and I never had a skeevy-issue. In fact, I met a lot of nice people.

    A family member always knew the name, number, and license plate number of who I got in a car with.

  • Hank

    “Heja C” is offering rides from DC to NY for a scant $200 each way. What a steal! No word on type of vehicle or music genre, though.

    • jrlowe87

      $200? That’s it? I’d much rather ride with Heja C than take the Acela or fly in half the time!

  • AL

    You better hope the driver carries insurance!

  • James Moron

    This will be around until the first accident and the company gets sued out of existence for facilitating this. This moron advertised that he is planning to break the law and drive recklessly. When we bumps into another car and kills someone, the prosecutor will cry with delight when they stumble across his declaration of premeditation.

  • Greg

    This is something I’d consider doing (driving, not riding) but I worry insurance wouldn’t cover it if something happened since you’re using your car in a business context or as a “taxi”… as a passenger, I’d be concerned about that as well. Might be able to “structure” as “you pay for tolls… or gas.”

    • Richard Cranium

      “gas, grass, or ass – nobody rides for free.”

      Best trucker bumper sticker of all time.

      • Dr_Klahn

        Still applies – noone is going to drive you to NY b/c they just enjoy the trip.

  • Clurr

    80 bucks round trip is highway robbery! Especially if he takes 4 people. Bolt bus will take you there and back for $40, free WiFi, bathroom and you’re not crammed into an infiniti.

    • Spit and Sit

      you tell him gurrrlll. How many McDonalds stops you making Clinton?

  • HH

    I will be offering rides to NYC in my VW Camper. The trip includes a state park overnight and the passengers get to choose any Grateful Dead music they wish to hear.


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