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Vehicle Overturns on Eastbound I-66

by ARLnow.com August 2, 2012 at 1:50 pm 4,925 35 Comments


(Updated at 2:05 p.m.) An SUV overturned on eastbound I-66 between Glebe Road and Quincy Street this afternoon.

The accident happened just after 1:00 p.m. Initial reports suggest the driver of the overturned vehicle got spooked by a merging vehicle and swerved into the median. The SUV then flipped on its side.

A second vehicle that was reported to have been involved in the wreck didn’t stay on scene, but stopped further down I-66, according to scanner traffic.

Only one lane of EB I-66 is getting by the wreck at this time. No word yet on any injuries, but an ambulance was called to the scene.

  • Andy

    It must have taken them quite a while to get spooked. The closest merge is a mile behind them at Lee Highway. Or maybe they are psychic, and got spooked by a future merge a mile ahead at Fairfax Drive?

    • Andy

      No, my bad. Eastbound, not westbound, so they were spooked right on time.

      • UA


  • JamesE

    Please ban all SUV’s from the road

    • 22201 for 12

      Just the scary ones.

    • Westover

      Good Grief.

      • happycyclist


    • Taylor

      From the pictures, it looks like a Subaru Forester to me — hardly what I’d call an SUV.

      • WD

        Have a Forester. It’s classified as an SUV.

        • Westover

          SUW, Sport Utility Wagon, from their old commercials.

      • CG

        However, this is obviously a late model Ford Explorer…

    • Tabby_TwoTone

      Require extra,costly licensing requirements!

    • happycyclist

      And give them their own roads to play in?

  • KARLington

    It takes so little for our area’s under-competent and over-distracted (cell phones, yapping kids, that bright shiny ball in the sky) drivers to get spooked and react badly.

    • Westover

      Usually this happens when a vehicle entering from the ramp side swippes another vehicle, the one that got hit is usually the one that flips. I would count on it most likely being the other vehicles fault here.

      • Ben

        At fault – possible – need to flip – probably not. During my younger, SUV days, I was side swiped by a merging vehicle (pretty hard too – caused about 5k worth of damage) and besides feeling a slight bump, nothing close to this happened.

        It was under similar circumstances – I was traveling at close to highway speeds when it happened.

        So even if it was the merging drivers fault – the other vehicle still over reacted.

        • Westover

          Our family members were sideswiped in our Cherokee on I-66 at Nutley a decade ago by a car coming off the ramp. The Cherokee flipped, totally other cars fault, no over reaction, just basic physics. Stuff happens.

        • ConstantCritic

          hard not to overreact when getting hit knocks your phone out of your hand and you drop your cigarette

          • Arlingtoon

            And you might even spill your beer.

          • JamesE

            party foul!

  • info81

    SUV drivers should pay double for insurance, they are always flipping over, running into things.

  • novasteve


    Anyone want to make a wager?

    • nom de guerre

      Please go back to chicken land.

      • bum


    • CrystalMikey

      Because a manual car never flips? 😛

    • DCBuff

      Steve, not one of your better posts, considering over 90% of vehicles sold in the U.S. are automatics. Higher on SUVs.

  • Marilyn Walker

    Like so many ramps, it is hard to tell what the oncoming or off-going vehicle is going to do. At that ramp I’ve merged over for a vehicle only to not be given space to move back right to make the next exit. Drivers just need to be more generous, especially when people are signaling their intentions. And as someone jokingly pointed out, forget your devices. Pay full attention to the road and other drivers.

  • Jack Tors

    “Got spooked.”

    Love it. Just love it.

    • DCBuff

      Merging car said “boo!”

  • Larry

    I wish Arlington would make I66 into a 2 lane road to cause such a massive car backup that no one would want to drive.

    • Trained Observer

      Gee Al Gore, I don”t think that will work.

      • George

        I think it would work. If all the roads in Arlington County – any with 4 or more lanes were reduced to 2 lanes only; with the remaining decommissioned lanes converted to bicycle, horse, skateboard, etc use then no one would want to drive thru Arlington County.

        The other method of preventing automotive accidents and reduce traffic is to remove the fueling stations in Arlington County. Every gas station could be required to remove all the pumps with the exception of one or two and replace the others with Electric power charging connectors, water and grain for the horses, CNG, coal or wood, and anything else considered necessary to aid any vehicle but fossil fuel burning cars.

        Larry has a point in that the goal should be to eliminate all private transportation methods with the exception of animals or human powered (bicycle etc) and the easiest way to accomplish this is to eliminate all the roads or progressively make it so difficult to drive in Arlington that the county no longer has to worry about traffic issues.

        Arlington needs to be truly progressive

  • John

    Driver of flipped SUWhatever over-reacted because s/he was mt paying attention to road and traffic. Driver over-corrected in a top-heavy vehicle and over it went. I driver an Italian sportscar most days; on occassion I’ll drive a Range Rover. Sudden moves in SUVs = roll-over. Period!

    • Westover

      That sudden move appears to have been another car hitting it. Why do you automatically put the blame on the SUV/W? I have made many sudden moves in my Jeep without flipping. I have been in a sedan that was hit and flipped over.

  • YTK

    “got spooked by a merging vehicle and swerved into the median” WHAAAA??? Rethink this person’s license.


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