BREAKING NEWS — Police Investigate Possible Meth Lab in Va. Square

by ARLnow.com August 27, 2012 at 11:53 pm 22,546 85 Comments

Update on 8/28/12 at 1:00 p.m. — Police confirm they have arrested two men in connection with the suspected meth lab.

Update at 1:05 a.m. — Residents of the second and fourth floors are being allowed back in the building. The bomb squad is packing up its gear, but police and the hazmat teams are remaining on the scene, according to Fire Department spokesman Capt. Gregg Karl.

An apartment building just a block away from the Virginia Square Metro station has been partially evacuated as police and firefighters investigate a possible meth lab discovered in an apartment.

The area around the Virginia Square Apartments, a 225-unit high rise at 801 N. Monroe Street, has been cordoned off by authorities. Police, firefighters, the bomb squad and a hazmat team are all on the scene, and a decontamination area has been set up. Numerous evacuated residents have gathered outside the Metro station.

So far police are not officially confirming that they’re investigating a meth lab, only officially confirming that they found a “hazmat situation” while responding to a domestic incident on the third floor of the building. Police and the fire department chose to evacuate the second, third and fourth floors of the building, according to Arlington County Police spokesman Lt. Michael Watson.

The homemade production of methamphetamine is dangerous and meth lab explosions happen on a regular basis across the country.

  • Rick

    I wasn’t aware Virginia Square had been re-named Montana Square. Hopefully airing out the building with this muggy air will mitigate a fire risk if they do indeed find a working setup.

    • Earl

      Leonard Fischer and William Hudgens going to have a rent reduction real soon!

  • PCity

    Saw a bomb squad truck rolling through P City tonight, wondered what was going on. Now I know. Ugh.

  • billj

    Here I thought Breaking Bad was on Sunday nights…

  • yrb

    Better call Saul!

    • b


    • Hollywood


    • FrenchyB

      Magnets, yo.

  • Erik

    Big props to ARLNow for being on the job at 11pm on a Monday night. Very impressive.

    • jan


    • Hollywood

      I second that, well done.

  • ing’s

    Amazing! and here I though Atown was a quite, passed the place a milking times never would have thought about it.

    • Greg

      iPhone autocorrect gone wild

      I must have driven by there a thunderous times.

    • 22201 for 12

      Did the autocorrect make you say ‘Atown’, too?

      • Rick


    • LP

      Don’t ever refer to Arlington as ATown.

  • Walter White

    Everyone knows the real money is in the P2P cook.

    I can’t wait to hear how Bob Bushkoff explains this one.

    And, say my name!

  • I got a text from a friend to get my ass down there with a camera. I live near 7 corners so it was a pretty fast drive at 1:00 in the morning. I got loads of pictures of the “person of interest” laying on a park bench before the arrest, people in hazmat suits, bomb squad trucks, hazmat trucks, fire, police, csi, everyone was out there. And police are now confirming that is is a meth lab. It started as a domestic disturbance call and then they found the meth lab.

    • DeportEmAll

      Description of perp?

      • Beth

        Skinny, white male with shaved head. Probably about 30

        • Rick

          Sounds about right.

        • BigBroHoss

          Jesse Pinkman.

    • craig

      pics or it didn’t happen sir

    • Drunk_IrishChick

      All more reason to get rid of Skylar!!!

  • Nunya

    Who knew Arlington was infested with meth queens.

    • Freddie

      … which is why I’m starting Methlab Mondays at Freddie’s! 4$ Pseudephedrine Sours!

      • nunya

        Freddie, there’s a new Scissor Sister’s song dedicated to Arlington. Everybody Twiki.

  • nag

    the washington dc methheads are on the up and up

  • iiandyiiii

    Wow. I lived in this building for three years, up until a few months ago. It was a great place for us, and the manager, Eileen, is a real peach. Glad no one was hurt.

  • Joe

    And people think Arlington real estate market isn’t “Booming”. Everyone knows its a cooker’s market now.

    • bman

      lol! +5

  • DarkHeart

    That deli across the street (next to the Starbucks) makes a tasty BLT.

    • QuangTri1967

      I have been in search of a good BLT. Thanks for the tip.

      Anything you can elaborate on about what makes it good? What kind of bread do they use?

    • nom de guerre

      So does Sam’s-their BLT features thickly sliced applewood bacon that is locally sourced from free range, hormone/antibiotic-free, vegetarian fed and humanely processed Bershire pigs, with a generous slice of organic, heirloom tomato, butterhead lettuce and shallot aioli on ciabatta that is toasted to perfection. We also feature a pint of locally produced (VA Square) homebrew IPA that provides the perfect marriage of flavors. Only while supplies last.

      • WLO

        This schtick is so played.

        • Shecky Green

          This stuff never gets old.

          • BlueLoom

            Agreed. I look for Sam’s menu every day, and I’m disappointed when it’s not posted.

      • Josh S

        Sam’s seems to have a fixation with heirloom tomatos and aioli.

        • nom de guerre

          Heirloom tomatoes are currently in season and are sustainable.

          Would you prefer mayonnaise?


        • Halo

          Don’t knock heirloom tomatoes: mine were handed down from my great-great grandfather and I hope to pass them along someday. Get them insured, seriously.

  • CrystalMikey

    This is a bit scary. Never thought there’d be a meth lab here in one of these highrises…

    • CrystalMikey

      And kudos to ARLnow for reporting it!

    • Greg

      Houses are too expensive. Even drug dealers can’t afford them.

  • George

    Yet another reason why all drugs should be legal so underground labs are not springing up with potential devistating effects.

    • John Fontain

      So if drugs were legal, no one would make their own?

  • EFC Observer

    Inquiring minds want to know:

    (1) was the apartment “market rate” or “committed affordable”?

    (2) would an exterior mural be allowed, as long as it didn’t show the word “meth”?

    (3) what did the property’s use permit allow?

    (4) were sales taxes being collected/paid to the County?

    • Beth

      1- regular market rate housing. 2 bdrms in building renting for over 2,000
      2- no definitely not

      • Artie Fufkin

        2 bdrms go for almost $3,000 in that building.

  • … so was someone cookin in there or not?? updates, plz…

  • Jon

    Your North Arlington, ladies and gentlemen.

    • Josh S

      Doesn’t quite work, does it?

    • DarkHeart

      Plenty of good places to hide a meth lab in Donaldson Run.

      • Tre

        ARLnow, can you please provide coverage on the underground Donaldson Run meth ring as well or does Donaldson Run not exist anymore?

    • Halo

      It’s Crystal Meth Light in North Arlington.

  • Not Remy

    … cookers in the north
    … hookers in southie

  • B22201

    I heard that they were putting the meth in cupcakes.

    • YTK

      Not in the Froyos????

  • Kyrtep

    Can someone please tell me why the entire building was not evacuated?

  • VA SQ Denizen

    Apparently it was NOT a meth lab, however, there is no explanation as to exactly what led the police to believe it was.


    Great reporting on this ARLNOW! How about an update? Enquiring minds want to know!

    • YTK

      “…………..they saw what appeared to be a meth lab and called the fire department.”

      Could it have been…..

    • nom de guerre

      or maybe this……………..


    • SomeGuy

      OMG! I hope you aren’t suggesting that the police are sometimes wrong and we shouldn’t rush to judge based on their assumptions!!!

      Does this mean we shouldn’t publish his LinkedIn profile, track down his exact address through public records, deface his social media pages (ArlNow’s handy posting of the accused’s pictures are sooo helpful with locating these), drag his name through the mud using made up stories and bold assumptions, and otherwise tar and feather the person of interest?

      • YTK

        No No, just take him to Eamonn’s.

        • Josh S

          I think they’re gonna have to go one way or the other.

          I definitely recommend the codwitch though.

      • jackson
  • Ahh-choo

    This explains the guy in front of me at CVS buying 600 boxes of Pseudoephed.

    • YTK

      He better watch out, the Pheds will get him.

      • Ahh-choo

        Thank you. Thank you. I’m here on Thursdays. Try the veal.

  • Just a school bus route error

    Tenant was attempting to map new Arlington School bus routes, but the documents were so cumbersome, confusing, and conflicting that they were mistaken for terrorist planning. Tenant was also babbling incoherently after hours of attempting to figure out any logic in the new school bus routing.

    • KnowItAll

      I heard he had a 1:48 model of Columbia Pike and was running remote control articulated buses up and down the model proving their efficiency. It was immediately identified by ACPD as a transit-terrorist mock training facility and neutralized.

      • EFC Observer


  • OldYeller

    Anybody seen my son? He just went out to catch a tarantula for a science project.

    • River

      Yeah, I think I saw him waving to some guys under a RR bridge.

    • Halo

      He was last seen dissolving his equities.

    • Dude Where’s My Car


  • nom de guerre

    ACPD just issued a press release that indicates they charged two individuals with Attempted Manufacturing of Methamphetamine. Mugshots!


    • PBA

      Guy #1: been there, done that
      Guy #2: how did my life reach such a low point?

      • Hank

        Guy #2 is Heisenberg!

        Guy #1 – I swear Mr. White, there wasn’t nothin’ in the lease against cooking, yo!

    • SkinnyP

      Does this mean that my application for Smurf Manager is no longer under consideration ?

    • Halo

      I recognize Tim Robbins but who is the other guy?

  • Earl

    Booked on Charges:

    44-year-old Leonard Fischer and 31-year-old William Hudgens

  • jspigs2010

    Reporter “One of the supsects detained had this to say to the authorities…”

    Suspect “I’m not in danger… i am the danger!”

  • Rachel

    This building is so dated! Needs a major makeover.

  • Nitin

    Lost is done I was confused, but I’m over it.I tried to start Mad Men but got stdeiracked probably finishing lost, or starting Breaking Bad. Either way it’s on my hard drive, so it’s not going anywhere.


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