Accident on Wilson Blvd Ties Up Morning Traffic

by ARLnow.com September 11, 2012 at 12:40 pm 4,103 26 Comments

An accident on Wilson Boulevard tied up traffic heading toward Courthouse and Clarendon this morning.

We’re told the accident involved two vehicles. No injuries were reported.

One of the vehicles involved, a dark-colored sedan, wound up on a sidewalk adjacent to the drive-through lane of the Wendy’s restaurant at 2038 Wilson Blvd.

Photo courtesy Lowell Perry

  • Richard Cranium

    No doubt Wendys was using an Automatic Drive Through Window.

  • I’ll Say It

    Must have been an automatic, driven by a cyclist, trying to avoid both a bollard and pedestrians walking against the light. And probably from DC or Maryland too.

    • ArLater

      While wearing brown flip flops on their way to the Grand Opening of the newest Frozen yogurt place in Ballston but only after getting a proper slice, bro.

    • SHLady

      while aiming at kids walking to school!

      • Bicyclist

        Who are wearing tuba’s around their necks.

    • Clarendon Cruiser

      Burger King chasing the Hamburgler?

  • guessing

    Sometimes you just gotta have that Mornin’ Melt™ Panini

  • novasteve

    Sorry guys, that was Chipotle addict trying to avoid having a pants accident after some delicious chipotle by trying to use the wendy’s bathrooms. Unfortunately it caused a traffic accident.

  • B22201

    Why is it always about color? Light colored sedans drive just as poorly as the dark ones.

  • craig

    that’s not an accident. Just have that idiot reverse the car and get the F outta my way!!!!!

  • FoodtruckFanForever

    I should have thought it was obvious – in light of the current enforcement effort by the ACPD, this was a food truck owner trying to surreptitiously load his (intentionally low-profile) vehicle through the drive-thru window. And when he saw an officer, he panicked.

  • Dezlboy

    I hope the tow truck came within one hour.

    • B22201

      It’s pretty close to the bank parking lot. I’m sure Advanced Towing picked it up and removed it within 30 seconds for not being a bank customer.

  • JamesE

    Driver really wanted a spicy chicken and frosty.

  • FlamingoFalls

    There seems to be an alarming trend of cars driving onto the sidewalks: a month ago, in front of Bangkok 54; a few weeks ago, in front of the GMU Law School on Fairfax Drive; and now this. People, please! Sidewalks are for pedestrians, roads are for cars. Let’s not confuse what belongs where.

    • novasteve

      One of these days a car will hit an out door/sidewalk eating area and there unfortunately will be many injuries.

      • Josh S

        One of these days a large asteroid will hit the Earth and that will be the end of civilization.

    • Sherriff Gonna Getcha

      actually, if you are some people on the county board, roads are not meant for cars.

      • Ren

        Yeah, really! This whole incident could become the next Streetcar Promo. “…Now with direct Pike to Wilson Wendy’s service!!!”

  • drax


    • Josh S

      FRED dont use punctuation?

  • it may be an optical illusion but HOW did the white truck get there? I always ask the same question – how?????

  • never mind – it is an optical illusion. The white truck is minding its own business in the drive through. Right????

    • Novanglus

      Yeah, the white truck is picking up it’s Wendys deliciousness from the drive through.
      The black Toyota looks like it veered off Wilson into the bank parking lot. As someone else said, I’m surprised it wasn’t towed in 30 seconds for not being a bank customer.

      • Sherriff Gonna Getcha

        we get it, you got towed there

  • bobbytiger

    “Make that to go”.


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