Resident Warns of Possible ‘Scooter Scam’

by ARLnow.com September 17, 2012 at 2:15 pm 9,936 132 Comments

A tipster says a man on a scooter has been attempting to scam Arlington residents.

The woman, who didn’t want her named used for this article, said the man (pictured, above) pulls off to the side of the road, pretends to be out of gas, and asks passersby for money. She said she informed police about the possible scammer, but wanted other local residents to be aware of him as well.

On Saturday, a friend told me that she saw a man on a scooter who was panicked and asking for gas money. This was in Rosslyn near Ft. Myer. She said he seemed legit, was middle-aged, and refused to use her phone when she offered. She ended up giving him cash. Half an hour ago, I was walking on Highland St. in Lyon Village and saw a man on a scooter pull up on the sidewalk, putz around with the mechanical parts (it sounded like it was sputtering), and then ask the next young woman who walked by for cash because he was out of gas. It appeared to be the same man. He is about 5’10”, white, reddish-blonde hair, middle-aged, and was wearing a maroon shirt, black pants, and white Adidas shoes. He was on a silver scooter. Just wanted to give a heads up… that this guy is a scammer (especially because he appears to be approaching young women in particular). Don’t fall for it.

  • James Moron

    Hardly the most offensive scam on Arlington streets. And arguably more legal that a dude selling pirated DVDs.

  • SomeGuy


    The lady who sits by the Rosslyn metro every evening has told (written) every story in the book on her stolen USPS mail bin. “Kids need school uniforms,” “Kids need coats” in the winter, “Need money for fans” in the summer.

    I’ll be happy to photograph her and warn the public if ArlNow wants to publish it.

    • B22201

      That sounds like something I’d write about. . . .

      I just like the 4 birthdays she has a year. By my calculations she should be close to 200 years old.

      • SomeGuy

        The speed at which her kids outgrow their coats makes me think they’re aging at the same rate. And the frequency with which she replaces fans suggests she really likes to be on the bleeding edge of non-AC cooling technology.

  • Boring Day

    It must be a boring day today. Reporting on potential scams without any evidence….

    • jackson

      It sounds less like a scam and more like he doesn’t want to buy his own gas. He probably bummed cigarettes instead of buying his own pack when he was younger.

      • SomeGuy

        He might even violate bro code by going out with 3 buddies and rotating who’s buying rounds of drinks, but then go home before it’s his turn.

        Call the cops!

  • Alex

    In front of the Starbucks across from the Whole Foods this morning, there was a man on a similar looking scooter acting as if he were having mechanical problems. He was not talking to anybody yet, but he was being quite dramatic about his engine not starting.

  • Entrepeneur

    Huh…not a bad idea.

  • JamesE

    Every day there are scammers outside of 7-11 asking for money.

  • Mike T

    This is bull crap. what evidence do you have to make these accusations . there are to many people with to much idle time in this city. get a job or something!!!

  • Louise

    Clever guy . . . thanks so much for sharing this–and thanks to the tipster for sharing with you. Go team Arlington!

    • Not Me

      I agree. It’s a good bit of info in the event this is a scam.

    • bum

      Hmm.. I too root for team arlington..

  • charlie

    That 7-11 is just a toxic addition to that mess called Rosslyn Heights.

    • ArlingtonDad

      anything with the word “heights” is already a toxic mess

  • VaGurl

    slow news day, huh, Arlnow?

  • BD

    My internet is running out of bandwidth, please send money for my cable bill. Thanks.

  • novasteve

    Will there be an Arlnow article about a woman who got scammed when she was told at the bar by a man he was packing 9″ but really was only packing 5″?? We need to expose horrible scams like this!

    • drax

      What did she say before she left your apartment, steve?

    • Clarendon Skank

      That happened to me!

      • novasteve

        Maybe a compensation fund could be started?

      • SomeGuy

        It wasn’t a scam. I was just intentionally ambiguous about where I was measuring from.

  • speonjosh

    Seriously, this is a new low for ARLNow “journalism.” Not even a police warning, just some random person speculating that someone may or may not be attempting to scam people. Based upon ….?

    • SomeGuy

      I feel like KEV will have some valuable insight to add about such a bum, and how this particular bum weaves into the overall Arlington bum fabric.

      • SomeGuy

        (Sorry, that wasn’t an intentional response to speonjosh. Just a general comment.)

      • drax

        Time for a scooter roundup!

        • SomeGuy

          Well done. That’s actually a very effective channeling of your inner KEV.

      • Justin Russo

        What happened to KEV anyway? He’s either stopped posting or arlnow is deleting ALL of his posts.

        • malaka

          or he shot himself in the foot

          • Ed

            Or he shot someone else in the foot

    • BrianKal

      ARLNow has been on this ‘low’ yellow journalism spew for a while now — whatever gets page views which translate into adveritser revenue

    • Would you rather we only run crime-related stories when the authorities are willing to comment on them? That would limit what we’re able to publish. Clearly the comments bear out that this is a legitimate issue.

      • HayyDiosMio

        Nope, not legit issue amigo….PURA PENDEJADAa for you ARLNOW. If this guy didn’t attempt to grope the woman or do something you know…. harmful… it’s pura pendejada Bro.
        i get approached asking for money at least 5 times walking from end to end of union station with 10 different excuses.. want to write about that too?
        and when the police ask you to publish stuff, you twist it like you did with the witnesses of the hit and run on the pike…

        you my friend, are in the Pendejoo zone.

      • CLH

        I must be blind, because this is not clear to me. The only thing i read from the comments is that this is a “STUPID” story to report about. If you would like suggestions on what to report on how about reporting on any of the following.

        1) The county vehicles that are always illegally parked in front of the Courthouse on Clarendon Blvd.(the signs clearly say NO PARKING)

        2) The Parking Enforcement Officers who always decide to block traffic with their vehicles instead of pulling over to the side.

        3) The vehicles with MD tags that are always speeding and driving recklessly through Clarendon when there are people walking all over the place.

        4) The fallen power lines or the open electrical boxes that still have yet to be replaced in the residential areas.

        I am sure you can find one of those or many better things to report about.

        • drax

          It’s clear to pretty much everyone else that this is a good, useful story. I’m glad to know about not just this guy, but several scammers outed in the comments.

          Go start your own blog with your own stories if you don’t like this one.

  • Arlington Hall

    Reminds me of the Rosslyn metro lady I see twice a week chanting “Does anyone have $0.40? GOD IS GOOD!”

    • B22201

      Lady? The handicapped metro guy that screams “God is good” at Metro Center gave me a fist bump the other week when he sat down next to me on the Metro. Made my day. . . and caused others to laugh around me. (as I’m NOT a fist-bumper, and the fact we both did it like we knew one another without hesitation was just odd).

      • Greg

        Guy looks a little like Redd Foxx? I’ve seen him all over the place, Rosslyn, Ballston, Metro Center. Definitely not a lady.

      • John Fontain

        The “god is good” guy at metro center has one of the best unintentionally clever gimmicks around. First off, I don’t think the guy’s mental faculties are all there. So when he asks for 40 cents I don’t think he even realizes how smart that is.

        By asking for a seemingly random amount of money, he makes many people think he needs that specific amount of money for a specific purpose (like for exit fare). Therefore, people are more inclined to help. People hand over the 40 cents and then a minute later, he’s asking for 40 cents from somebody else.

        If he asked for a dollar or just asked for money without being specific, I’m sure he wouldn’t get nearly as much as he does by asking for 40 cents. Brilliant. Unintentionally.

    • SomeGuy

      I think guy legitimately needs every bit of change he can get. But it is interesting that he’s always exactly 40¢ short.

  • Tamar

    Yes, I ran into him during the summer by Bon Air Park — he asked me for money too.

  • novasteve

    I think I ran into this guy at the parking lot of BJ’s Wholesale (oh god, that sounds bad).. He asked me for 4 bucks, I thought it took balls to just panhandle like that, so regardless of whether he was lying or not, I gave him the money.. Recall these things have only 1 gallon tanks, so that’s $4, so if you give any more, you are, um, well…

    • Flying Spaghetti Monster

      and 1 gal gets you 80 miles, really no need to give the guy a complete fill up just to get him home.

  • Mary-Austin

    This reminds me of a guy that was doing something similar outside of the Harris Teeter in Ballston.
    Middle Aged, Vietnamese guy in Sunoco jumpsuit. Said his car broke down and he needed money for the bus to get home.
    I was going to help him but saw him writing down a fake address for the Sunoco he worked at.
    Makes you realize you just can’t trust people. Sad.

    • novasteve

      OMG! THis one time I was walking home from Cowboy Cafe on lee highway and some asian guy pulled and asked me in broken english for gas money.

      • speonjosh

        Steve, did you just use the phrase “OMG!” This is really unlike you. I’d suggest your programmers work on adjusting their schemata. Teenage girl seems so far out on the long tail as to be effectively impossible.

        • Glebe Roader

          I rest my case.

    • ConcernedCitizen

      Hey Mary-Austin, did this happen recently. There have been many reports about this asian man dressed in a car repair uniform around Northern Virginia who has been harassing women saying he needs cash/car ride home. There’s actually a Fairfax County police officer working on this and he’s been arrested once before. So please be careful around him…

      • Mary-Austin

        Yes, it was about six weeks ago.
        I would like to talk to the police officer about it because I remember some specific details about him that might be able to identify him.
        Do you have a contact?

        • b-money

          I’m a 26 year old male and ran into this guy on Sunday near the Harris Teeter in the dark area under the mall. He said his car broke down and he needed to borrow my phone. I declined, and pointed him to the HT where they’d have a phone at customer service.

          I remember quite a few details if you want more info as well.

    • John Fontain

      Arrggghh! This guy got me about two years ago outside the Home Depot in Falls Church. I pride myself in never getting duped, but this guy got me.

      I walked out of the home depot and a man in a gas station outfit came up to me asking for a ride to the bus stop. He looked completely non threatening and so I did what I would normally not ever do and gave him a ride out route 50 towards Graham Road. As I drove him, he said his car was broke down and that he needed money to catch a bus to Baltimore where he lived.

      He showed me his passport which said he was a Norwegian citizen. He said he had moved there as a child. Told me his whole life story.

      I ended up giving him $32 bucks to catch a bus to baltimore. He promised to send me a check in the mail. I obviously never got the check. And I count this as the one time I was dumb enough to get duped by a scammer.

      Oddly enough, I still carry in my wallet the name and phone number the guy gave me at the time. His name was “Pham” and he said he worked at a gas station in Fairfax Circle.

      • drax

        Pham the Norwegian gas station worker, huh?

        • John Fontain

          In hindsight, it sounds pretty obvious doesn’t it. He said he was Vietnamese and moved to Norway then to the US. Showed me his passport and everything.

          • SomeGuy

            So a younger John Fontaine could be wrong sometimes? I would like to have commented on a local blog with that guy…

          • drax

            Hey, no problem. Nice guys are the ones who get scammed.

        • Mary-Austin

          It did say Pham on the Norwegian passport and the picture looked like him.
          He said he went went there from Vietnam as a child (I assumed as a refugee) and then came here.
          I think there is a good chance he is actually a mechanic around here as he started talking to me about my car…but then again he is a scammer.

        • jackson


      • Mary-Austin

        Well that is exactly the same story he is using.

        I’m the same way I would normally never fall for this kind of thing.
        But you’re right he seemed VERY legit and not threatening at all.
        I imagine this has happened more than a few times and maybe there is something we can do.
        He also showed me the Norwegian passport and it looked real. There cant be that many Vietnamese guys with Norwegian passports in Northern Virginia.
        I was going to give him 40 bucks for the “bus to Baltimore”. He wrote down his contact info on an index card (Hieu Pham). I noticed he put down his work place as “Sunoco 2382 Lee Highway” which struck me funny and I figured it didn’t exist. So I told him the atm wouldn’t give me the money.

        I though about making a thread on here but figured this didn’t happen to anyone else. I wonder how many he’s gotten away with.

      • Trish

        He should come up with a more plausible story. How many gas station workers make enough money to commute to northern Virginia from Baltimore? And does he have a Norwegian accent?

        • Arlie

          How many gas station workers can’t get their car repaired?

      • Jenny

        I got hit by this guy, too. The best buy parking lot at bailey’s crossroad the day before Christmas. He told me the same story about needing a ride to the bus stop because his car was broken down. Same story and he left an index card with the sunoco gas station at 2382 lee highway on it and some fake phone numbers. Seems harmless and relatively genuine. Seemed a bit antsy and his excuse was that his phone died and his friend didn’t know where he was so he needed 1. a ride to the bus stop and 2. cash to get from union station to baltimore. Vietnamese, maybe 5’2 to 5’5…i don’t really remember, small frame. I thought i was doing a good deed and it was christmas. I came home and my aunt told me that she ran into that guy a couple weeks ago at the bradlick shopping center and she gave him a $20. Felt so duped after that. I hope they catch that guy. Jerk.

    • Ed

      Oh no, I gave Asian gas station dude a couple bucks and also a spare paper metro card outside West Falls Church metro a couple years ago.

    • Bon Air

      Dude i gave that guy bus money. Holy crap. I thought he was legit and felt good about myself.

      • Bon Air

        how did you know it was fake?

        • Mary-Austin

          He said he worked at a Sunoco by the other Harris Teeter in North Arlington.
          Then he wrote down his info on and index card and wrote the address was 2382 Lee Highway which just sounded fake. I gave him a ride but then at the atm I said it wouldn’t let me take out the money.
          You should still feel good about yourself that you were willing to help someone. I know he did seem really legit.

  • JimPB

    There but for the Grace of God I might be:

    No job. No home. No family.

    What to do? Go into the woods and die?

    No home. No money. What’s the pathway to job and home?

    What’s our role?
    Verily, I say to you, Inasmuch as ye have done it to one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it to me.

    • bman

      it’s the governments responsibility.

      i can’t be bothered.

      -your democrat pal-

    • Typical Republican

      Deport him!

  • Kylie J.

    Same exact guy tried to scam me in front of Arlingon hospital center. He’s not very convincing though, I knew it was a lie.. Good idea, poor execution.

  • Chris B

    Slow news day.

  • DarkHeart

    Highland and Edgewood?

  • CW

    Wait, you mean that there are people out there who ask for “gas money” under possibly false pretenses? Why I never would have even imagined such a thing. The imagination.

    • JamesE

      I’m going to start asking for car tax money

      • Sean Hannity

        But wait, I thought Jim Gilmore eliminated that. That’s what they told me.

  • WeiQiang

    I carry a gas can in my car just for this purpose.

  • Suburbs4U

    Wow. I think Arlington is way too urban for some people here… perhaps you should love farther out? This is rediculous. Should we write about the lady at Crystal City that always needs $1 for exit fare…every day? She’s a scammer!

    • Suburbs4U

      *move, but love works, too.

    • CW

      Before you know it, we will have unscrupulous taxi drivers, bank robberies, aggressive towing, and even the occasional violent crime.

      • craig


  • Skipper

    This has happened to me twice in Rosslyn…

    • Teddy

      Fool me once….

      • George Bush

        shame on me

  • Ballston

    This is a real thing! He was in front of the Greene Turtle in Ballston and asked me for money becuase his “his gas line was broken and all his gas leaked out.” I didn’t trust him so I said no. He then started his bike no problem and drove away. One of my friends also ran into him around Ballston several hours earlier that day running the same line.

    • Tre

      This same scam happened to me once, except instead of that random dude and a scooter it was my wife and her Audi that ran out of gas a block from our house. The things people will do for free gas.

      • CW

        Cool story bro. What did your wife do, and to whom, for the gas?

        • Tre

          She texted me and then I walked there with a gas can. Story seemed newsworthy. And get your mind out of the gutter cycleman!

          • CW

            Gutter bunny

      • Penthouse Magazine

        Stop stealing the storylines of our fake letters.

        • malaka

          Imagine my suprise….

  • OldYeller

    I think it’s sort of ironic that someone who supposedly needs gas for his moped is asking people WHO ARE WALKING for money.

    I would give him $5 as long as he left me to watch over his moped (and keys) while he walked to the station to get gas.

  • emp04

    Yep– he is been right outside of Potomac Towers before. I have seen him a couple of times.

  • Joe

    oh man… this guy got me a few months ago. His story sounded legit, he was by the Hilton by the ballston metro. I gave him 5 dollars..

    • craig


  • Arlingtonian

    Who cares? Can’t be any worse than the panhandlers at 66 and EFC metro. At least this guy has a scam going and isn’t just begging for money outright.

  • Steve

    Guy tried that on me a couple weeks ago in Georgetown. I wasn’t sure, but ended up giving him $2. Then I biked around the block and followed him for a couple blocks. Saw him try to hustle someone else. I went up to him and physically threatened him. He returned the money.

    • tough guy

      Yup…always worth the risk of physical violence for 2 bucks

    • Ricardo

      You should have asked for $4.

      • jackson

        And then he shot you in the foot.

  • SB

    He almost got me at East Falls Church Metro one day. (My husband warned me off.) Then the very next day the same guy on the same scooter pestered me at the Chesterbrook shopping center. And this was a couple of years ago, so it must be a successful scam.

  • Johnny B

    I ran into this guy months ago, so it sounds like he’s been doing it for awhile! On Clarendon Blvd. around lunchtime. I kept walking down the sidewalk and saw him a few blocks later, asking someone else for money.

  • BK

    I remember either this guy or a someone with the same story, was doing this at harrison shopping center for a week or two.

    There is also that woman who goes around saying her kid has cancer and she need to pay for treatments, she is usually around Whole Foods. (sometimes in Clarendon but also in Maryland) She has been at it for years and has even set up a web page for her kid but I don’t think she is really sick.

  • Really

    Is this news?

  • Ricardo

    I’ve seen the same thing with three different car drivers (one male, two female) in Ballston, on 11th Street, claiming to be out of gas.

  • Joe

    That clown lives on my street. Hes literally wearing the cloths in the photo right now

    • Really??

      GO ask him how much he “made” today!

  • ScammedinLV

    I will sadly, and now, somewhat embarrassed, confirm that this guy IS pulling a scam, and I fell for it.

    About a MONTH ago I was walking to lunch near Wilson Blvd and a guy on a scooter matching this description drove by on what seemed to be pretty obvious motor-distressed scooter — strong smell of gas, etc. I caught up to him again about a block later, where he’d pulled over and was apparently fiddling around with something mechanical under the seat. He asked for money to go get gas, said something along the lines of “the compression on this thing is totally shot,” and how he just needed a couple of bucks to get home. Probably shoulda set off my BS detector that he wanted gas for a scooter that had much bigger issues than being low on gas, but the guy seemed legit. I gave him some money figuring that if he was lying to me, he had quite the beat up scooter to go with the story, and I’d like to think I don’t assume the worst of people without a really good reason. Live and learn.

    Is this “news”? Yes, in the sense that if you see this guy in your neighborhood (and clearly, he’s getting around), you should be aware if you see this guy that, despite seeming pretty legit with this whole “pull over on a sputtering bike and check the motor” act, he IS scamming people. If you know his story is BS, you’ll ignore him and not feel sorry for what is otherwise quite a performance.

  • dirtdog

    I find it hard to believe that this publication would actually put someone’s photo online based only on 1) the word of an unnamed source and 2) for something that could hardly be described as a “crime.” Homeless people and others have been using this tactic for YEARS and YEARS all over the country. Say “NO I don’t have any money” and get on with whatever life you have. Asking people for money isn’t a crime and panhandling isn’t outlawed here unless it’s done aggressively.

    • Mary-Austin

      There is a difference between what seems to be a somewhat sophisticated scammer and a homeless person asking for a dollar and buying a 40oz later.

      • dirtdog

        A “sophisticated scammer”? What is so sophisticated about this? And since when was it a good idea to give money to an alcoholic so he could buy more booze? Is the guy holding a gun to people’s head? No. Is he offering to sell a product which he does not follow through with providing after he takes your money? No. He’s asking for HANDOUTS. When people are desperate enough for money they will make up all kinds of stories…happens everyday. Don’t give people on the street handouts if you don’t like the idea that they could be using the money for purposes that they fail to disclose because in 99 percent of the cases THAT is what they are doing.

        • jackson

          Don’t get mad because someone posted a pic of you and your scooter, man.

    • John Fontain

      “I find it hard to believe that this publication would actually put someone’s photo online”

      Oh come on, you can’t even see the guy’s face.

    • drax

      Fraud is a crime.

  • dirtdog

    Also, do you realize how many people are out there asking money for “food” when they are actually using it to buy drugs and alcohol?? Is this a “scam” too?

    • Trish

      That’s why I don’t give them any money and simply offer to people to walk into Subway with them and buy them a sandwich.

      • o yeah

        I think your pants are on fire

        • Trish

          Why? Just because I’m careful with my money?

      • dirtdog

        Reality is, there are plenty of government and charitable resources around Arlington and DC where people in need can get food. If they say they are using the money for food chances are they aren’t being truthful. Those with a genuine concern about what’s going on in their communities should already know all this.

  • David Mitchell

    A person with the same MO was working the corner of Key Blvd and N. Oak St. a couple of months. Over a period of about 10 minutes, person after person gave him money. Reported him to Arlington PD but he had left by the time they arrived.

  • alex1138

    Hey ARLNOW,

    I’m not another hater (as I hope you know) but something about this particular article just doesn’t feel right. I hold your work in very high regard and it’s well deserved. You have maintained a standard of journalistic excellence that should not go without recognition. I can’t put my finger on it exactly (or perhaps I don’t wish too) but this report is not up to your standards in my opinion. I respect your work and reporting and I will continue to be a loyal reader. -Alex

    • Josh S

      I’ll go out on a limb a speculate that the initials of the woman who didn’t want her name used are KP.

  • emj

    This guy asked me for money last January at lee Harrison and then a few weeks ago by the ballston metro. Same story about a broken scooter both times!

  • Mewe

    He drives a scooter because he lost his license for DUI. Drives right past my house at 3am all the time. scooter is very loud. Asking for $$ isn’t a crime, so not sure why it’s news, except if he were to harm anyone it would suck to have not been warned.

    • Phil

      You still need a license to legally operate a scooter.

      • Trish

        Partially true. Here’s a good explanation: http://www.scootrichmond.com/shopping-tools/virginia-moped-and-motorcycle-laws

        Whether or not you have to have a license depends on the cc’s of the scooter because in VA, anything 51 and up counts as a motorcycle and requires a license, and anything smaller counts as a moped and only requires that you have ID on you. That said, though, you can’t drive a moped-level scooter if you’ve had a revoked license for DUI.

  • MariaCal

    To ARLnow: Thank you for posting about this scam. I WANT to be told about scams. This article was interesting and helpful, too. On a related post, I was taken in by the Crystal City Metro woman panhandler. After I have her enough money to put on her fare card, I saw that she continued on to other people.

    • John Fontain

      I agree. This is a public interest story and one that has obviously impacted many readers as evidenced by the experiences shared in the posts above.

      In the past, ARLnow readers have started Forum threads about door to door solicitors for charities that they thought were scams. Nobody had a problem with those discussions and many viewed them as being helpful and in the public interest because they might help prevent others from being fleeced. I see this story as being no different.

      If this story helps prevent others from being duped or, hopefully, makes this guy stop his scam, our town will be a little bit better off because of it. How can anyone not like that outcome?

  • kj

    OR … wait for it …. he was out of gas and out of money.

  • You don’t HAVE to read this

    However, those who clearly are now surprised that they were scammed by someone (or the other person mentioned in the comments that seems to be really getting larger sums of money from residents in our community with a believable story) are proof that this same “story” happens over and over and some people will try to be decent and “help” really thinking the guy can’t get home. So maybe you’re too smart to ever fall for this, or your a [email protected]** who trusts no one, and you’d never fall for this without seeing it. But maybe this is saving someone a dollar or two by making people who read ARLNow aware that this guy isn’t legit and there’s no need to “help” him because he’s scamming you for money he doesn’t need to get home. Morally it’s no better or different than people panhandling outside the metro, but when it’s presented as needing help for a one time accident on the side of the road it seems to pull at people’s heart strings to jump in and help, and that’s why it’s really a scam because it’s not as clear and obvious that this person in just panhandling in a different way.

    Lighten up for those of you that don’t think this is newsworthy or important because you’re just smart. This has never happened to me, but if I see a guy on the side of the road on a scooter that asks me for a couple bucks to get home I’m less likely to empty out my wallet and give him the $$. Plus in situations like that, say he was drunk or high on something… pulling out your wallet for that $2 actually puts you at a much higher risk to get your full wallet snatched were he to get startled to snap, or elevate as a scammer… if people are aware he’s less likely to be able to get to that point. At least here.

  • ArlingtonDad

    Between a “fool and his money” and a “sucker born every minute”…

  • Marie Antoinette

    Don’t you need a tags to drive a scooter? I see them everywhere now. No license plates at all. If that’s the case, I might turn in my stagecoach and try to save some money.


  • YTK

    You know what they would say to this scammer in NYCity?


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