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Dad Accused of Taking Nude Photos of Exchange Student

by ARLnow.com September 18, 2012 at 9:45 am 14,574 59 Comments

Police are investigating an Arlington man accused of surreptitiously taking nude photos and video of the female foreign exchange student his family was hosting.

According to a police report, the exchange student discovered the images of herself while she was trying to print out photos from her host father’s USB drive at a CVS store. The photos had apparently been taken through a window. The girl became upset and confronted the man, who then broke out crying, according to police.

The girl had been hosted at a house on the 2800 block of N. Beechwood Circle in the Donaldson Run area. After the incident she gathered her belongings, left the home and stayed at a friend’s house, before returning to her native Germany, according to Arlington County Police spokesman Dustin Sternbeck.

Sternbeck declined to release the girl’s exact age or the school she was attending because she is a juvenile. The girl has not yet pressed charges and no arrests have been made, but police are continuing to investigate the incident.

  • TomTom

    Hope the girl presses charges, and the father has his kids taken away + gets labeled as sex offender. I doubt this is the first time he did this

    • awesomepossum

      Pics or it didn’t happen!

  • Dawn Davenport

    The life of a heterosexual is a sick and depraved one.

    • WeiQiang

      Been saying that for years. It’s the flip flops.

    • Tre

      Trolling before 10am, wow. Also, there are plenty of homosexual female gym teachers that have made headlines for sick and depraved reasons.

      • Tre

        p.s. press charges ASAP

      • Historian

        You need to brush up on your John Waters, Tre.

        • Tre

          I like to take Tuesdays very literally

    • Quoth the Raven

      What an inane comment. What would the response be if someone wrote the same about homosexuals?

      • SteamboatWillie


        It’s a variation of a line from classic cult film director John Waters. The movie was Female Trouble.

        • Quoth the Raven

          My apologies – totally missed the movie reference. I think I’m just used to trolls and their insulting comments….bad assumption on my part.

      • drax

        It has the added value of being satirical of those who write the same about homosexuals.

  • Southeast Ben

    Who thought it would be a good idea for Trev to house foreign exchange students?

    • Arlington Cat

      +1 for the best Trev mention in weeks.

      As you know, it was not Trev, but perhaps we see a new club about to form in Arlington County?

      • trevor

        Photographers Anonymous…..been busy recently..looking for Kate Middleton in France

  • Lisbet

    Sick AND gross!!! I really hope she files charges, poor girl, what a traumatic thing to experience.

  • question

    Does she have to press charges? Is there not a statute that makes this illegal in Virginia?

    • Tabs

      Definitely. She’s a juvenile. Photos and video? Yeesh.

      I predict we’ll see this guy’s mug shot here before the week’s out.

      • tmoody

        htf is it not here already.

  • Mendy

    Is this the guy that lives next to the bus stop?

  • Yo

    Donaldson Run SMDH

    • sunflower

      must have been the threat of flooding that spooked him

      • Squirgina Vare

        If i had a dollar for every time i got spooked and resultantly took nude photos of girls in my house, I’d have $9.

  • WTF

    Another fine North Arlington Parent. Maybe he works for Mitt

    • Becoming indifferent

      Oh yeah, that’s right–Dems never get involved in sex scandals–Bill Clinton, Anthony “Twitter Man” Weiner, etc. One of the dumbest comments I’ve seen posted on ARLnow.

      • SteamboatWillie

        Agreed. And I’m a Dem.

        • hollywood

          Larry “Wide-stance” Craig and Mark Folley (both Repubs), and I am a libertarian. Can we agree both parties suck?

          • Choose Your Adverbs Carefully

            “both parties suck?”

            Maybe not the most appropriate adverb to be used for this story..

          • GrammarPolice

            What adverb? “Suck” is a verb. “both” is sometimes an adverb, but not here.

          • GrammarInspectorGeneral

            Good job.

      • Quoth the Raven

        See Dawn Davenport’s comment above – seems to be a competition for idiotic comments today…

        • Quoth the Raven

          I’ve been corrected on this one – see above! WTF wins…

          • tmoody


            i don’t get the connection atall.

    • anon

      Well the Donaldson Run area is notoriously Republican…so……yeah. And I live here. I’m surrounded by people I mostly disagree with. Help!

  • WeiQiang

    Was driving through WV last week and saw a sign in one of the most rural and development-challenged areas of WV for hosting an exchange student. I was reminded of this:


    These programs seem to be prone to sketchiness.

    • Visit the website of the Committee for Safety of Foreign Exchange Students and refer to the ‘Reports of Abuse’ page. http://www.csfes.org See how common it is for some student placement agencies to deliver these innocent victims to the doorstep of the predator.

      Notice that the article fails to include the name of the student’s placement agency?

  • craig

    what an A hole

    • SomeGuy

      Accused A hole.

      • jackson

        Accused pervert. Likely an a-hole regardless.

        And I hope the police have the USB drive in their possession.

        • SomeGuy

          What makes you think he’s “likely an a-hole?”

          • jackson

            By all means, let’s wait until after the trial and verdict to judge guilt or innocence, but those Kodak machines at CVS are big TV screens. It’s unlikely the girl was the only one who viewed those pics and can verify their existence.

          • SomeGuy

            I still don’t understand how big TV screens make this guy “likely an a-hole.” We don’t know his side of the story.

          • drax

            She could have completely made up the story.

            I’m not saying I think she did, but that’s why we have to wait. We (or rather, a judge or jury) have to not only see the evidence, but judge its credibility.

  • drax

    As long as she doesn’t have a bus stop near a registered sex offender, she’s safe.

  • Electricbill

    This is absolutely horrible!
    I hope they throw the book at him.

  • JimPB

    The young lady who was victimized has reportedly returned to Germany. So, can the police and state attorney’s pursue this case to a conclusion (arrest, charge and resolve in court) without the victim returning here (and if she has to return for the case to go forward, who would pay the not trivial travel costs)?

    • Just Me

      The county or state would pay for her travel. I wonder if the county or state will charge him anyway, I hope they do. I bet his wife is really happy now.

      The sick pervert is not a smart pervert to let her hands on the USB drive that has the photos.

      • Joehoya

        He probably was transferring them and forgot to erase them.

        Serious question: What crime could they charge him with? I assume he was taking pictures through his own window into his own house and she wasn’t subletting an apartment in the house or anything. Is their a law against hidden surveillance of your own property if it isn’t a public accommodation?

        • Tabs

          +What crime could they charge him with?+

          Um, really?

          For starters: Note D: Class 6 Felony

          § 18.2-386.1. Unlawful filming, videotaping or photographing of another; penalty.

          A. It shall be unlawful for any person to knowingly and intentionally videotape, photograph, or film any nonconsenting person or create any videographic or still image record by any means whatsoever of the nonconsenting person if (i) that person is totally nude, clad in undergarments, or in a state of undress so as to expose the genitals, pubic area, buttocks or female breast in a restroom, dressing room, locker room, hotel room, motel room, tanning bed, tanning booth, bedroom or other location; or (ii) the videotape, photograph, film or videographic or still image record is created by placing the lens or image-gathering component of the recording device in a position directly beneath or between a person’s legs for the purpose of capturing an image of the person’s intimate parts or undergarments covering those intimate parts when the intimate parts or undergarments would not otherwise be visible to the general public; and when the circumstances set forth in clause (i) or (ii) are otherwise such that the person being videotaped, photographed, filmed or otherwise recorded would have a reasonable expectation of privacy.

          B. The provisions of this section shall not apply to filming, videotaping or photographing or other still image or videographic recording by (i) law-enforcement officers pursuant to a criminal investigation which is otherwise lawful or (ii) correctional officials and local or regional jail officials for security purposes or for investigations of alleged misconduct involving a person committed to the Department of Corrections or to a local or regional jail, or to any sound recording of an oral conversation made as a result of any videotaping or filming pursuant to Chapter 6 (§ 19.2-61 et seq.) of Title 19.2.

          C. A violation of subsection A shall be punishable as a Class 1 misdemeanor.

          D. A violation of subsection A involving a nonconsenting person under the age of 18 shall be punishable as a Class 6 felony.

          E. Where it is alleged in the warrant, information, or indictment on which the person is convicted and found by the court or jury trying the case that the person has previously been convicted within the 10-year period immediately preceding the offense charged of two or more of the offenses specified in this section, each such offense occurring on a different date, and when such offenses were not part of a common act, transaction, or scheme, and such person has been at liberty as defined in § 53.1-151 between each conviction, he shall be guilty of a Class 6 felony.

          • Novanglus

            The phrases “knowingly and intentionally” and “reasonable expectation of privacy” are probably important here.

            It’s hard to imagine a scenario where these pictures could have been accidental, but that case could be made. And is there a “reasonable expectation of privacy” when standing next to a window? Either way he’s a pervert. The court will need to decide if he’s a felon.

          • George

            An interesting aspect of 18.2-386.1(A)(1) is that it covers filming a nonconsenting naked person anywhere (because of the language “or other location”). But the “reasonable expectation of privacy” requirement is an additional requirement even if the requirements of 18.2-386.1(A)(1) are met. So, the fact that she was in a bedroom is not enough; the statutory language certainly reflects that this is the type of place where one ordinarily would have such an expectation, but there could be exceptions. For example, if you were walking down the street and snapped a photo of someone standing naked in his or her bedroom in front of a window without shades, I think one could make a strong argument that taking a photograph would not be a violation of the statute. People are expected to take some steps to prevent themselves from being visible to the public. But as the French case involving Kate Middleton illustrates, one can argue about what a reasonable expectation of privacy is. And if this were a bedroom only visible from the yard of the house she was staying in, this argument would be implausible.

  • The Bible

    Why does she have to press charges? The county should press charges.

    • Ballstonian

      The concept of an individual “pressing charges” is largely a fiction. If the state or county wants to file a charge, they can with or without the consent of the victim. The reason why they often wont if the victim doesn’t “press charges” is that the victim will not cooperate, testify, provide evidence, etc., so the government really can’t make a case. But in a circumstance with non-victim-dependent evidence, the government can go forward.

  • Jay


  • Some student placement agencies make it so easy to deliver these innocent students to the doorsteps of a predator. Go to the ‘Reports of Abuse’ page of the website of the Committee for Safety of Foreign Exchange Students.

    Couldn’t help to notice that the name of the student exchange agency is not mentioned in this article.

  • Julie Bade

    He is a disgusting Scumbag!!!! I think they should have charged him with something…..what is scary is last year I met a couple who had taken in a german exchange student who went to Washington Lee. Ugh….i don’t want to point any fingers until I know more but good god.

  • Carol

    I agree with Tom Tom. This young lady should press charges & do it as soon as possible. Who knows how many other students this person’s done this to.

    Lke Danielle Grijalva’s comment “Couldn’t help to notice that the name of the student exchange agency is not mentioned in this article.” Why is that? There’s no harm in divulging this information.

  • Joe Blow

    I wonder if she was hot?

  • The sick pervert is not a smart pervert to let her hands on the USB drive that has the photos.


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