SUV Flips on Its Side in Lyon Park

by ARLnow.com September 20, 2012 at 12:05 pm 5,346 143 Comments

An SUV flipped on its side on N. Fillmore Street in Lyon Park last night.

The accident happened around 9:30 p.m., in the middle of the block, approaching the intersection with 2nd Road N. According to police on the scene, the adult female driver was likely distracted when she ran into a parked vehicle, causing her SUV to flip on its side.

The driver was not hurt and remained on scene. Nobody else was in her vehicle or the other damaged vehicle. No word on any changes against the driver.


  • novasteve

    100% chance of an automatic transmission.

    • chris (no not that one)

      Can’t text and “drive” with a stick shift on local roads.

      • novasteve

        Good point. Another reason why automatics enable incompetent, stupid morons to risk other people’s lives.

        • John Fontain


          I join you in your valiant efforts to return to automotive technology of yesteryear (namely, the manual transmission). In fact, I think we should also go back to hand-crank starters on the front of cars rather than key operated ignition/starter switches of today.

          Your friend,

          John Fontain

          • DCBuff

            So posts someone who can’t drive a stickshift.

          • Rich

            HA! Poor John Fontaine, can’t drive a manual, stuck driving the boring way.

          • cyclist

            You’re all wusses.

          • DCBuff

            Bet you got one of those fancy Schwin ten speeds…

      • JamesE

        Sure you can, leave it in 1st

        • Parkington

          Or second, or third, it’s really not that hard.

    • Ol’ Smokey

      Nah, probably just someone fumbling with their cigarette or getting some ash eye.

    • NoVapologist

      So I have been reluctant to ask, but how do you “manual rulez” people feel about the flappy paddles in my Quattroporte? Technically, it’s a manual. How about my Range Rover? I can choose automatic or manual. It isn’t really about a stick shift. You guys think every car should have a clutch pedal, no?

  • We need to put a stop to cut-through traffic.

    I do my own part nowadays by taking a mag light with me on my nightly walks with the dog. Every time someone comes by speeding, I flash my beam in their faces. They are usually startled and slow down.

    I encourage everyone to do the same.

    • sunflower

      sounds like fun, but may not be the “brightest” thing to do

    • DrBoutrosLaserEyeCenter

      Hey how about pointing a laser in their eyes instead! Maybe that’s what caused the accident.

      • Dr.BoutrosBoutrosGhali

        Great idea, Dr. Boutros!

    • Autoexec.bat

      No offense, but if I paid for a road with my tax dollars it’s fair game to use as a cut-through. Speeding is a different issue.

    • MrPasivAgresiv

      That’s a good idea, then who’s at fault when your dog gets run over by someone whose been blinded by your “mag light”?

      • The Boss

        Mannfred Mann?

        • Mannfred

          revved up like a deuce,
          another runner in the night

          • sunflower

            thank you for “deuce” and not the many other examples from the hearing impaired

          • Quoth the Raven

            I never knew what that word actually was. I always thought it was “that other word” (trying not to get moderated) and couldn’t figure out what it meant.

            Of course, “deuce” doesn’t make too much sense either.

          • CW

            A deuce is a ’32 ford. Common hot rod platform. Revved up like the engine thereof. Also see “Little Deuce Coupe” (C) The Beach Boys…

          • drax

            You just have to punctuate it.

            Blinded by the light. Revved up like a duece–you know, the runner in the night.

          • WeiQiang

            Thanks for these explanations. Given that “deuce” has an alternative definition referring to a certain excremental function, can I avoid moderation by using “deuce” to refer to certain flip-flop wearing inhabitants of ArlCo and others who offend my sensibilities as an ArlCo resident?

          • Quoth the Raven

            CW – thanks for the info! Never knew that…

          • The Boss

            I wrote that song !!

      • NYCSRN8

        some silicone sister with her manager’s mister?

    • ashton heights speeder

      we need to stop this vigilante speeding justice nonsense. i do my own part by letting my dog crap in flashlight-wielder’s yards and peeing in their jack-o-lanterns around halloween (coming up!!). i encourage all to do the same.

    • Hollywood

      That is incredibly stupid.

    • CW

      Hey Ashton Heights – I’ll cut you a deal. I’ll stop using “your” road as a cut-through IF you agree to pay me back the portion of my tax dollars that go towards you having street parking. Fair?

    • ArLater

      Please present evidence that this person was cutting through.


      • dirty biker

        No parking zone sticker can be seen in the photos… not at all proof but makes it more likely.

        • ArLater

          Didnt the car hit a parked car? And who is to say this person doesnt live up the road and was leaving their own neighborhood?

        • John Fontain

          Not required south of Pershing

    • (Not the same) Ashton Heights

      Everybody in this world wants to drive and park their car on any street they want, but do not want anyone else driving or parking on “their” street. It make me sick.

    • John Fontain

      Ashton heights,

      Considering this happened in Lyon Park, you don’t have jurisdiction. Not that your post was serious anyway, but just saying.

    • CA

      While driving through a quiet neighborhood recently (my neighborhood), some vigilante walking their dog at night SCREAMED at me to slow down. Except I was going the speed limit (25 mph). Even though I’m pretty even tempered, I was suprised that I got enraged enough that I almost stopped my car, got out, and angrily confronted the person.

      Keep that in mind when you are waving flashlights in people’s eyes that you might not know how fast they are really going, and more importantly, you might wave that flashlight into the wrong person’s eye.

      • DarkHeart

        There’s at least one of those, People of the Scream, in Alcova Heights.

      • PikerShorts

        Be careful. He may have shot you in self defense if you saw you approach aggressively. Stand yo ground.

        • WeiQiang

          Flashlight fights … didn’t I do that at summer camp?

        • Charleton Heston

          Lyon Park is a gun-free zone.

          • bobbytiger

            So is Virginia Tech.

          • Mandy

            Correction: Lyon Park is a gun-safety free zone.

            Guns are okay, but safely using guns runs afoul of the personal desires of the neighborhood crank.

    • BK

      that make sense, find a speeding driver and blind them. Are you driving to have them crash into your parked cars or hit your children?

      • CW

        I guess it would wipe a whole lot of “stupid” out of the gene pool in one shot…

    • Flying Spaghetti Monster

      ID checkpoints at every intersection!

    • Me ke

      That’s just the dumbest thing I have ever heard. You can believe that if you do it to me. I will stop my car, take picture of you and report you to the police for creating a hazard. Dare me please..your sort of self righteousness is as dangerous as those maniacs who are speeding

      • BK

        or accidentailly run him down as he blinded you and you could not see nor control the car

    • Speedster

      I encourage you to move to a gated community, Ashton Heights. I bet you can afford it.

      • DCBuff

        I think shining lights in people’s eyes is dangerous clown behavior, but why do you think AH can afford moving to a gated community?

    • WeiQiang

      Aside from creating yet another source of distraction for drivers and pedestrians who already use too many sources, that’s a really dangerous thing to do. Instead of being able to see you and avoid you, the driver may be subject to night blindness which puts you back on the target list.

      Requisite personal ArlNow anecdote: I have a neighbor who walks his dog-aggressive [toy/terrier] dogs at night, using a bright headlamp and a bright flashlight [in addition to his armed-robber-style reflective construction vest] that he shines on every moving car and pedestrian that he hears. If anyone is trying to maintain situational awareness for traffic, suspicious people, tripping hazards or the like, he pretty much makes it more difficult to do that.

    • Greg

      Dude, you live in Ashton Heights. I would be seriously concerned about someone getting out their car and beating your face to a pulp (or stabbing or shooting). You’re a tough guy with a flashlight and a dog until someone confronts you.

  • X

    You sure “need” those SUVs in those “tough” country-roads of Arlington County. 🙂

    • John Fontain

      What I find hilarious about our local SUV drivers is that even though their cars are designed to handle off road conditions, they are most often the drivers who will go out of their way to drive around manhole covers, minor potholes, or minor road imperfections, etc. Has anyone else noticed this?

      • Deshotz

        I was amazed one night when I saw a pickup truck driving very slowly and gingerly over a section of road that had been milled and not repaved. As I came up behind it, I realized it was a Ford SVT Raptor. That’s a truck designed for dedicated off-road use!

      • drax

        Or the opposite – they’re the hotdogs who think they are invincible and
        can speed through snow or ice and end up in a ditch.

        Of course, what they really are, all the time, is a tipping hazard – as this demonstrates.


        • WeiQiang

          tipping hazard = suitcase

      • X

        What I find most interesting about SUV drivers is that they blow $50K to buy a vehicle that is not needed in this area at all, and to make things worse, that vehicle eats gas like there’s no tomorrow, has tons of blind-spots, and it’s hard to park (because of it’s huge size). I don’t get it.

        • Quoth the Raven

          I love all the SUV hate on here. Next time I’m in the market for a car, I’ll be sure to run it by arlnow commenters to make sure it’s OK.

          In other words, keep your generalizations to yourself. I love my SUV. And I’ve never had an accident in 30 years of driving. Other than the standard blind spots that cars have too, there are not “tons of blind spots”. And if you know what you’re doing, it’s easy to park. I can fit tons of stuff and tons of kids in it. So what don’t you get?

          • John Fontain

            For the record, I’m not an SUV hater and I have one myself. What I still find funny is watching most of the other SUV drivers dodge minor bumps in the road.

          • X

            Ask the drivers that constantly get cut-off by SUVs (because of the blind spots, and sense on being invincibility) what they think of SUVs. And needles to say, those “tough” Arlington roads sure need that 4-wheel drive, not. Oh yes, you do need it for those 5 inches of snow that we get 2 days out of 365 days per year. “Nice”.

          • Quoth the Raven

            You’ve never been cut off by a car? Or a taxi? Seriously? Sure, there are plenty of lousy SUV drivers out there. Just like there are tons of lousy car drivers out there. But “SUV drivers” are not some coherent group universally deserving of your hatred.

          • It’s that or a minivan

            Had to take the SUV to carry the soccer teams. Don’t like it but just can’t do the minivan…

          • X marks the spot

            How do you know the SUV owners didn’t buy those cars because they like to go skiing in the winter, or do a lot of tailgating, or have a large family. Most people buy cars based on their overall needs. Not everyone that lives in Arlington spends 100% of their time in Arlington.

          • JamesE

            I don’t have an SUV, but I am sure we could find something wrong and unnecessary with what you drive.

          • drax

            So you’re the guy who jams his car in a parking spot and makes it impossible for everyone else to park next to you, or to get in their car if they’re already there. And you’re the guy who I can’t see over.

            Yeah, YOU love your SUV. Good for you.

          • Quoth the Raven

            No, I’m not that guy, but thanks or asking! As a matter of fact, I don’t do that. Frankly, if I’m going anywhere with tight parking, we take our car. And if you can’t see over me, you’re following too closely. Stop tailgating!

          • Quoth the Raven

            “*for* asking.” Oops. Hard to type while driving this SUV. I think I just ran over some know-it-all in a little car. Drax – you OK?

        • I hate those SUV drivers…

          That’s why I just bought a diesel F250 to drive around Arlington.

          I hope that’s okay with you?

  • SueEmDanno!

    “…the adult female driver was likely distracted…” ARLnow how can you write and publish that? It’s just a guess. Hope she isn’t a liable or defamation lawyer for your sake.

    Let’s see what other reasons we can make up for the accident:
    – swerved to avoid a cat/dog/squirrel/small child in runaway baby carriage
    – shocked by listening to 50 shades of gray audio book
    – dropped a dube on the floor ala the Dude
    – ????

    • novasteve

      I have a feeling that bit of information came from the police.

      • EatingCrow

        Yup see that now. Sorry ARLnow – your reputation remains stellar. “According to police on the scene…” I’d delete comment but don’t see a way to do that.

        • CW

          The police aren’t allowed to say that the sky is blue. Only a court can do that. The police can only allege.

          • drax

            The police can say whatever they want. Only a court can convict someone of a crime though.

            Subtle, I know.

    • Westover

      – blinded by flashlight of local curmudgeon.

    • sunflower

      how about libel instead

    • antagonist

      – swerved to avoid bollard

    • dave schutz

      well, I see a speed hump in the picture…

      • Josh S

        Speed humps cause cars to flip over?

    • DarkHeart

      Exploding manhole cover?

  • chris (no not that one)

    The number of people I see on 395 texting and driving is becoming enough to scare me back onto Metro. That is how bad it is getting. Today the count that I could actually confirm was 4.

    • ArLater

      Maybe instead of focusing on other drivers texting and driving you should focus your attention on the road….?

      • chris (no not that one)

        I am focused on the car in front of me that stops in traffic because she is texting. I am focused on the guy that nearly hit me from behind. I am focused on the guy on the phone who decides his lane isn’t moving fast enough and instead of looking in his side mirror moves into my lane and forces me off into the small strip on the side. I am now setting up a camera on my drive in just to prove how often this happens.

      • WeiQiang

        During the Great Blackout Of 2012, I sheltered in Alexandria, which required a trip down *gasp* 395 to *gasp* Duke Street. On the daily trips, I was a passenger and eyeballed every car near us that I could. On all 4 days [inbound and outbound and 4 Jul was a holiday], the percentage of distracted drivers was above 40% every trip. Reading, make-up, texting, dialing … and combinations of those. Highest was 62%. The sample size was 50-80 cars. If was I inclined, I’d like to sit on Clarendon/Wilson Blvd in the RBC or 18th St S near CC Metro and collect the data on pedestrians who venture into a jaywalk while head-down in their mobile phone.

    • BK

      and on metro you can get stuck in traffic too, even 2hrs on trains!

      • cyclist


  • RightWingWhacko

    It’s good that SUVs are designed to land on their sides. They actually drive better when you do that though it’s tough to change the station to WMAL.

  • Glebe Roader

    Danno, you chose to quote only part of the sentence in order to attempt to make a point. Then entire quote is:

    “According to police on the scene, the adult female driver was likely distracted when she ran into a parked vehicle, causing her SUV to flip on its side.”

    So, it was “according to police …”

  • JimPB

    Identifying (attributing) the source of information should be standard operating procedure for the media.

  • Arlingtoon

    Next time just hit “send” when the light turns green.

  • Dr_Klahn

    And here’s the latest winner of our famous “I Flip for Arlington” bumper sticker…

  • TuesdaysChild

    I like how you can see the “Speed Hump” sign in the background of the photo. Clearly the speed hump did not deter this driver from speeding.

    • I Hump For Arlington

      It was the hump that “launched” them………

    • bum

      Whatever happened to the teenage punks that were changing the signs to “Pee Humps”? They’ve been slacking.

  • veeta

    The amount of speeding that goes on in our neighborhoods is terrifying. When you add the texting in, it is hard to even walk or bike down a street.

    • John Fontain

      Sidewalks are made for walking. Try them sometime!

      • veeta

        Not every street in Atown has sidewalks, streets must also be crossed, and I bike in the street as I am entitled to by law. The speed limit is 25, but you would never know it. I have driven for 20 years, so I do know when a car is speeding.

        • Me ke

          A-town…come on…it’s freaking Arlington…why do we need some trendy name like Soho or Dumbo….it’s just Arlington..who came up with this jackass term anyway,,,,,must be cool to say when you are drinking at the Red Lobster in Ashburn

          • John Fontain

            +100. When I hear people (usually new transplants) use that term I think they are complete tools. That and “the DMV” for District/Maryland/Va.

          • veeta

            Abbreves are totes adorbs.

          • Penny Hartz

            they’re a-MAH-zing

        • DCBuff

          Another intelligent posting by John Fountain. John, if you knew anything about Lyon Park, and many other Arlington neighborhods, you’d know that there plenty of streets without sidewalks on one or both sides.

          • John Fontain

            Thanks DCBuff for educating me. As you and I both know, the vast majority of streets in Lyon Park have sidewalks (on both sides too). But let’s pretend that the opposite is true!

          • DCBuff

            I’m not sure what your point is here. I stated, very accurately, that in Arlington neighborhoods, including Lyon Park, that there are plenty of streets which lack sidewalks on one or both sides. You state that the vast majority of streets in Lyon Park have sidewalks on both sides, and seem to think our two statements are opposites. I don’t. But, then again, I don’t need to pretend.

          • John Fontain

            Oh my bad, I thought an article and discussion about speeding and sidewalks in Lyon Park pertained to Lyon Park. And you did say “if you knew anything about Lyon Park” didn’t you?

      • CW

        In a lot of N. Arlington residential neighborhoods the sidewalks start and stop and switch sides every other block seemingly at random. You clearly know a lot about development/architecture/etc from your other posts so I’d think you would be aware of this. I hate walking in the street too but sometimes the sidewalk just dies without reason.

        • John Fontain

          Maybe I’m misreading veeta’s post or projecting onto her post what I all too often see: people walking in the street even when a sidewalk is available.

          The other day some tool was running down the street instead of the sidewalk. I normally don’t have any problem with this as long as the person uses common sense and tries to run close to the side of the road as possible. But this tool was running right down the center of the road (a residential street) even though cars were obviously approaching. He just didn’t give a sh**. I honestly thought that it wouldn’t be a bad thing if he succumbed to a Darwin incident.

          • CW

            Yeah, that’s pretty dumb. See my numerous complaints re: Key Blvd kamikaze joggers in the forums. Was just pointing out, though, that often even the most safety conscious pedestrian finds themselves without a sidewalk.

          • WeiQiang

            The issue really isn’t whether a particular neighborhood has or doesn’t have a percentage of sidewalks on one or both sides of the street. The issue is that, whatever sidewalk conditions exist, they’re well known by the residents – as is the fact that people run stop signs and speed in their neighborhoods. If only out of self-preservation, individual responsibility would suggest that we do whatever we can to mitigate risk and protect ourselves and our families/pets. If the lack of a sidewalk contributes to a persistent unacceptable risk in your neighborhood, there are procedures to get a sidewalk. Until it installed and people actually use it, don’t do stupid shiz that will put you or your loved ones at risk. Drivers have a similar responsiblity.

            Requisite whiny anecdote: In Arl Ridge and adjacent CA areas, the CA presidents have been sidewalk crazy with ‘Missing Links’ and NIP funds that have been adding curbs and sidewalks like Brangelina add kids. Whole blocks now have sidewalks on both sides. In these areas, where do people walk their dogs? Where do nannies walk their charges in their strollers? Where do runners in headphones run? In the middle of the street. All the sidewalks and stop signs and humping in the world won’t keep us safe unless we exercise some responsibility.

          • John Fontain

            WeiQiang for president!

          • drax

            Well, yeah, but come on – it’s not that easy. It’s not like there is money just sitting out there to grab for sidewalks on every little street. And if there is no strip of grass available to put them on, then what? It requires narrowing the road and completely regrading it, then installing new curbs and new storm drains. It is NOT just a phone call for some guys to come put in a slab of concrete.

          • WeiQiang

            It’s a LOT easier than you think. The CA president next to our CA went on a sidewalk binge and bragged about how each neighborhood was only supposed to get one or two Missing Links projects per year. He got 8/yr AND your neighbors and the CA can fill out all the paperwork to have a sidewalk put in front of your house without your knowledge. If the CA prioritizes sidewalks, you’ll get plenty of sidewalks plenty fast … either through Missing Links or NIP. For examples, check out S Joyce between 18th St S & 23rd St S. 19th St S between S Fern & S Ives. S Kent between 17th St S and 18th St S. 18th St S between S Ives & S Joyce.

            The sidewalks will be curved around and over all sorts of obstacles. In some cases, they will be

            No one claimed that it was just a phone call to get it done. But Missing Links projects really are just some guys throwing down some forms and pouring some concrete [after your neighbor and the CA sign the forms] … and, again, like I said, folks should consider doing whatever it takes to keep themselves safe until the concrete arrives.

          • WeiQiang

            … In some cases, they will be running along the curb away from the property line and, in others, they will run up against the property line. Grass? They don’t need no stinkin’ grass; they can put in a ‘traffic calming’ protrusion in to the street and run the sidewalk over that. See the examples above.

          • drax

            No, it’s not that easy.

            It’s easy in some places, sure, but in many neighborhoods, there simply isn’t an easy way, as I explained above.

            It’s nice that you can get a few sidewalks completed here and there where there is a right of way for them. It’s not always that simple.

          • WeiQiang

            I don’t know what you mean by “that easy” … I’ve said that “there are procedures” and “It’s a LOT easier than you think”. You contributed the strawman that “It’s not like there is money just sitting out there to grab for sidewalks on every little street.” You’re right … and no one claimed that.

            There is Missing Links money for the type of projects that qualify and there is NIP money for neighborhoods that want safety fixes, even if it’s not a sidewalk. As with any post about any proposed [and brilliant] solution posted here on ArlNow, the solution is based on the extant circumstances. Instead of advocating for blinding laser gun hats for dogs and toddlers on Lyon Park streets, I offered a solution someone might not be familiar with or might think too complex or lengthy. It’s workable and it works in a reasonable timeframe. If the particular circumstances [and those circumstances are more often individual neighbors not wanting the proposed solution than right-of-way or other technical issues] don’t support a specific desired solution, my recommendation remains, “don’t do stupid shiz that will put you or your loved ones at risk.”

          • drax

            What a silly little discussion we have here.

            It’s fairly easy to get money and authorization. It’s sometimes easy, and other times very difficult, to install a sidewalk, depending on the location.

            Okay with you?

      • WeiQiang

        there’s not a sidewalk in front of my house in Arl Ridge … so stay off my lawn!

      • YTK

        “Have you ever seen a sidewalk walking– well i do….”

  • CheddarRob

    She should have her license revoked…it takes a ton of skill to hit a parked car, flip your own car, in a 25mph zone, while sober. Couldn’t pull that off if I tried 100 times.

  • The Truth

    Obviously, the school board’s fault. Accident caused by a banana peel tossed on the road by a kid who needed to eat in order to make the long trek home from school.

    • CrystalMikey

      Or Donkey Kong tossed that banana.

      • DarkHeart

        The new Donkey Kong inspired movie looks, not so much.

    • Ralph

      …while wearing a tuba around its neck.

  • Flying Spaghetti Monster

    Surprisingly Unsafe Vehicles

  • Brownflipflops

    Seriously, how fast do you need to be going to flip a car on a residential street like that? Not surprising though. There’s an accident involving a parked car every month or so on Washington Blvd between N. Pershing and Rt. 50.

  • dang!

    chick drivers !!!

  • DCBuff

    Speed hump! Thank goodness this didn’t happen a little earlier in the evening, when Long Branch ES had back-to-school night.

  • Me ke

    By the way. You can in fact flip a car or an SUV at 25 or below…all it takes is panic and overcompensating at the wheel. We saw this happen on Cleveland and the woman was not driving at a fast speed..so before everyone has their fun rushing to judgement and making arm chair assumptions…why don’t you just leave it as a police matter and Thank God it didn’t happen to you

  • Eds

    I know some people try to avoid speed humps but this is a little extreme…

  • susan

    Holy crap, that’s the house I used to live in! My car got hit in front of it once, and pushed half a block by a drunken jackass that came flying over the hill. There have been tons of accidents on that street.

    • Calm the Traffic

      Arlington County had a plan to reduce speeds on that dangerous hill by installing a traffic choking design at the bottom of the hill, but Arlington County failed to complete the task. Why? Because one neighbor objected and because the County failed to notify that neighbor until the work crews were on site. Seriously, a simple knock on his door during the planning stage would have likely enabled the County to complete the traffic calming project. The County simply threw up its hands and walked away and today that hill encourages race-car like driving.

  • CW

    Super late to the grammar party, but shouldn’t it be “onto its side”?

  • Flyover_country

    We had a similar accident recently where a SUV ended up on its side after apparently running a stop sign and getting t-boned. The stereotype is that the speeders and cut thru traffic are all over caffeinated Leesburg residents commuting into DC. Traffic enforcement stats generally show that it’s the neighbors, not the former. Got no problem if you drive safely, keep the noise down at night, and don’t spew trash into the street as if it were your personal trash can.

    Finally, FWIW the speed limit is a max, not a min speed; and VA Code section 46.2-861 says you can be driving the speed limit, but cited for excessive speed for the conditions. Generally is used for when there is snow or rain, but see no reason why it couldn’t be used for driving by the bus stop in the morning with kids playing in the street. A few others of possible interest, enjoy:


  • John Fontain

    reliable sources say the vehicle was occupied x2 and the DD was texting when she hit the parked vehicle. said collision then caused the roll over. Not much point in DD’ing if you are going to text while you drive.

    • dk (not DK)

      Hmmm. My reliable source reports exactly the same. I wonder if we know the same reliable source? Six degrees of Arlington?

  • GodFila

    “No word on any changes against the driver”…

    From fender bender to gender bender!

  • GodFila

    Attention boorish bloggers:

    There is no such thing as a cut through on public
    thoroughfares unless explicitly posted.

    • Calm the Traffic

      Not really accurate. Certain roads are designed and maintained as primary roads for moving traffic and other roads are designed and maintained as residential roads. Roads are not randomly established for all uses by all drivers. When residential roads become primary transportation roads due to heavy usage, problems develop. Transportation planners try to funnel traffic by speed control, traffic light control, stop signs, etc.

      • GodFila

        Looking for a law or statute here – but thanks for the ArlNow
        correct version of a reply.

        • flyover_country

          Could start here:


          then maybe more generally go here:


        • Calm the Traffic

          From Arlington County’s website:

          Street Classifications

          Each of Arlington’s roadways has been placed into one of the following categories:

          • Controlled‐access highways.
          • Arterial streets (both principal and minor).
          • Local streets (both principal and minor).
          • Alleys.

          Arlington’s street functional classifications are based upon definitions used across the United States to categorize streets by their travel function. The primary determinant of a street’s category
          is the degree to which vehicular travel on a street is for access to the immediate or proximate properties. Streets upon which most of the vehicular traffic is generated by, or destined to the immediate properties, are identified as “local” streets. Arterial streets are those that primarily provide for “through” travel rather than solely for access to adjacent properties. The functional classification system is focused exclusively on vehicles as opposed to taking all modes of travel into account.

          The functional classification of a street often determines its priority for maintenance service (for example: controlled‐access and arterial roadways are the first to be cleared during a snow storm)
          and operational changes (for example: neighborhood streets are favored for speed control devices like humps and traffic circles.) Examples of controlled‐access highways are I‐395, and the Spout
          Run Parkway. Examples of arterial streets are Columbia Pike, Wilson Boulevard, and Lee Highway. Local streets include Neighborhood Principals such as Key Boulevard and S. Quincy
          Street, Neighborhood Minor streets, and commercial streets. Alleys are narrow travelways that serve only a limited number of properties, usually via the side or rear of the properties.

          http://www.arlingtonva.us/departments/EnvironmentalServices/ProjectsAndPlanning/file77496.pdf (page 19).

  • Zontar Philmont

    Has anybody noticed the alarming number of SUV flips in Arlington? Wonder what the numbers are compared to national average.


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