Video: ACPD in Dramatized Hostage Situation

by ARLnow.com September 25, 2012 at 4:55 pm 3,429 42 Comments

A newly-released video shows the Arlington County Police Department at work during a dramatized hostage situation.

The video, which is just under a minute long, shows ACPD officers negotiating with an armed man who took two people hostage. Then, after the hostages are released, the department’s SWAT team moves into take the fictional suspect into custody without incident.

ACPD spokesman Dustin Sternbeck said the video is at least a year old and is used for recruitment purposes. It will be featured on an ACPD jobs website that’s expected to launch “shortly,” Sternbeck said.

  • ccres

    Only thing missing is a screeching bald eagle towards the end

    • internet tourettes

      I totally missed them helping anyone and thats my main criticism of the arlington Police. The back of our 711’s and empty school parking lots are safe but they, for some strange reason can pull off a prosititution sting operation every 3 months at the same hotel. They have a “bait car” to stop car thefts but they do not do regular patrols which would pretty much eliminate car theft from the same places they do their “stings.” But what I hate the most is the total asshattery they display for the most minor infractions. I recieved a speeding ticket (at a bottom of a hill in a 25 mph zone going 32 mph) and got yelled at to the point that my kids said said what a jerk the officer was. Most of the cops here would not last an hour in a bad neighbourhood in Philly or NYC bullitt proof vests or not.

      • Fool

        So you were speeding but that’s not your fault, right?

        • internet tourettes

          Yes, but I wasn’t the one who was a dick about it. A good cop is professional, my incounter was not. To tell you the truth I should have gotten the warning in that he said that he had me on the radar and thet there was no reason to let off the brakes at the bottom of the hill. What really upsets me is that he was such a jerk and we have relatives who are police officers (in Camden NJ, Philly, and the Bronx) who do out of their way to to treat everyone with respect which you can see when you go out with them in the areas where they patrol. People know them by name where they work and they are seen as helpful and are respected by the community. They always tell my kids that to be an effective police officer you need to be professional to very one you deal with be it a drug dealer, bum, or citizen in need. I just don’t see that here. I see alot of weapons and task forces but I don’t see patrols in neighbourhoods. I see a lot of petty theft and car break ins and three police cars parked for hours at a time behind our local elementry school at night. So yes I got a ticket in a speed trap which is no big deal but I still think that police here are missmanaged and gererally ineffective except for inspection stickers and hostage drills.

  • novasteve

    I have complete confidence the ACPD will be able to make sure the hostage taker and hostages have their Tax sticker affixed to their front windows.

    • Stillwell87


    • Complain much

      Steve, you complain often on this site. Are things that bad that you need to constantly complain on this board? Expired or no tax stickers, expired inspection, expired tags, and similar violations like that are known as compliance issues. They are dismissed with an appearance to the court or a visit ahead of time to the Commonwealth Attorney’s office, provided you show proof that it was fixed. It is that easy to get it dismissed, and most people do just that. It is not a revenue maker, it is a compliance issue. Get it taken care of and it goes away, with no money spent on the ticket. So, try to find a new issue to complain about. This one is not about revenue like you suggest.

      • LEFant44

        Oh, for Pete’s sake! Get off the bash Steve bandwagon. So many of you post juvenile, unnecessary comments on this board, but as soon as he says anything, you jump right in with both feet. Nothing in his post suggested anything about revenue! You’re just trying to bait him and I’m, personally sick of having to wade through this junk just to see if anyone has anything of substance to say.

        • Regis

          So true. I visit this site a lot less now since it’s become such a crapfest of people trying to one-up their imagined rivals. So lame.

          • other side of the river

            Or you could just read the articles and skip reading the comments.

        • NorthArlingTim


    • LOL

  • ABP

    ACPD cops are over-equipped and under-needed. They’re at the point where they essentially manufacture crime and start infringing upon people’s rights. More cops in Arlington? No thanks.

    • Complain much

      Example? Probably not.

      • Clarendon Cruiser

        Oh I can cite numerous examples, to wit:

        – The ACPD patrol vehicle that is constantly parked and unmanned at the Walgreens (Kirkwood and Lee Hwy). Who is using this? Why is it parked on private property?

        – The fact that they patrol with only one person per vehicle. What is the logic behind this? Shouldn’t they use a buddy system?

        – The Two ACPD police that were illegally parked (both vehicles) by the Clarendon Metro station (blocking left turn traffic from Clarendon Blvd). They were having coffee together and not enforcing a thing. I was about to ask if I could park like that and have coffee.

        I’m sure I will see more today when I run…so stay tuned.

        • Tommy

          Here are the numbers you will need for when you finish your run. They can probably help answer your questions.

          Emergencies: 911
          Non-Emergencies: 703-558-2222
          Both numbers are TTY/TDD compliant

          Telephone Reporting Unit: 703-228-4300

          Arlington County Police Department
          1425 N. Courthouse Road
          Arlington, Virginia 22201
          24-hour non-emergency: 703-558-2222

          Office of the Chief of Police
          TEL 703-228-4040
          FAX 703-228-4127
          TTY 703-228-4613

          • internet tourettes

            Like, they would listen to a civilian?

          • Tommy

            You’re right, better to not call and instead post on comment feeds.

          • Clarendon Cruiser

            I guarantee that somebody from ACPD is paying attention to this blog today. Want to bet they are not? How could they resist watching their own recruiting video?

  • Evil

    I like that the perp has a Yankees hat on. Everyone knows the Yankees are evil and are hated by all.

    • J “O’s fan”

      I was thinking the same thing, too.

    • Westover

      That is a well documented fact. Go Nats! Go O’s!

  • DynaFlash 8

    This is a much better recruiting video.

    Don’t screw around with Joe Friday, you’ll regret it.


  • Mary-Austin

    I wonder if ACPD has any comment on the dramatic situations I’ve seen their officers cause in the last week. I seriously don’t understand why officers feel the need to turn on their lights to speed through busy intersections just to turn them off and drive normally a few blocks away.
    I saw a cop almost kill a guy on a scooter the other day doing this at the light on Carling Springs and Glebe.

    • CW

      +1, been complaining about this for a long time. It is worst in the early morning hours (5 or 6 AM). Complete abuse of authority and someday someone will be hurt because of it. And, when it happens, the cop probably won’t be liable because I bet you anything that there is a piece of statute saying that you have to yield to a cop with his light on, with no provision for the fact that he only turned them on once he was already in the intersection.

      • Mary-Austin

        Yea today I saw a guy at 50 and Manchester turn his lights on to go around a bunch of cars and make a left on 50 and tear out like a badass. I was making a right on to fifty and when I got to the top of the hill I could see him about a half mile up with the lights off doing about 40.

        • Clarendon Cruiser

          + “tear out like a badass” mph

    • Clarendon Cruiser

      I’ve almost been a victim of a speeding ACPD patrol car while I was in the middle of a crosswalk. His excuse was paying too much attention to his widdle waptop.

  • 5 0

    Sometimes police just use their lights to clear the intersection and respond as otherwise silently as possible to a call in progress… sometimes police run the light because they are the police.

    • Yep

      Yeah, I actually saw that happen once. An Arlington cop was speeding down the road with no lights on and then turned them on to get through a red light, then turned them right back off and sped along. It wasn’t until I got down the road about another half a mile that I saw he was responding to an accident.
      I was pissed at first when I saw what I thought was the abuse of power, until I saw him at the scene of the accident.

      • CW

        And what would have been the downside of him using his lights the whole way?

  • Always a Fool

    A win-win opportunity: The Police could practice hostage rescue by freeing people on the Dandy.

  • Greyroadster

    The ACPD hero officer is super cute, so it’s all good 😉

  • Joehoya

    Shoot the hostage in the leg. Take him out of the equation.

    • + a few points for SPEED reference

      RIP dennis hopper, one of the greatest actors of all time

  • Jon Sheldon

    I was pulled over for speeding by an ACPD cop recently, and I had one visit my house after someone stole my GPS from my car, in both cases they were the friendliest most professional law enforcement I have ever met.

    • Arlingtoon

      That’s always been my experience as well.

  • Hollywood

    The guy in the video had parked his car in one place for more than 60 minutes, hence the Arlington death squad.

  • Westover

    I just wonder is EVERY jurisdiction in the DC Metro area needs its own fully equiped SWAT team. We could save millions by having a joint team among Fairfax, Arlington, Alexandria, Falls Church and Vienna.

  • Chimi-churri

    so nobody caught the mistakes? flashlights on as they are aproaching outside in high noon sun?

    tear gas deployed, hostage taker crying yet acpd has no gas masks?


  • Newtdog73

    Gotta love all these great comments?

    First of all….when a ACP cruiser goes around traffic he/she is probably responding to something. Its not rocket science.

    Second…you don’t need a SWAT team until you do. I am not sure if you watch the same news I do but I am glad we have some form of one at the Arlington’s disposal.

    And third…you have no idea what they are responding to. Yes, I repeated myself because you still have no idea. You should just ask a Cop sometime. I am sure there is a logical, rational explanation for his/her behavior. pulling into a parking garage or public parking spot isn’t great for response times.

  • DynaFlash 8


    Heh, heh … heh, heh … you said, “Doodie.”



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