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Power Outage in NW Arlington County

by ARLnow.com October 19, 2012 at 8:45 am 3,298 13 Comments

Update at 10:00 a.m. — According to Dominion, the number of customers without power in Arlington is down to 258.

A power outage is affecting the northwestern section of Arlington County this morning.

Dominion is reporting that 1,673 customers in Arlington are currently without power. The company’s power outage map says the outage is a result of a circuit problem, and estimates that power will be restored between 10:00 a.m. and noon.

Impacted neighborhoods reportedly include Dominion Hills, Madison Manor and East Falls Church. Among the intersections where traffic lights are dark are Wilson Boulevard and Patrick Henry Drive, and Wilson Boulevard and N. McKinley Road.

  • Westover

    Our old building lost power way too much this summer, and it seems I’m cursed and should never buy groceries again… anyone from the Westover area know if we’re generally “on”? 🙁

  • someguy

    Thanks ArlNow for posting my tip so quickly!

  • Westover2

    Reprise from Friday 2 or 3 weeks ago when they had a similar “circuit issue” in the EFC/Arlington area. My guess is it’s related to the patchwork job they had to do after the big storm this summer. Not blaming them, but in the rush to fix everything fast they may have created some circuit distribution issues that need to be sorted out long term. I saw two bucket trucks rolling on Patrick Henry and Washington around 6:00AM yesterday. Thought that was weird.

  • Chris

    Westover on( for me at least), traffic lights on Willson from roosevelt down to at least Patrick Henry are out.

    • Westover

      Then I’m hoping I’m good, though again we’re in the really old apartments so we’re often off even when our grid is on. If Swanson is on we should be. Thanks!

  • someguy

    Power has been restored!

  • dallynd

    I’m inclined to agree with Westover2. In 20+ years we only lost power during major weather events. Since the derecho it’s been out a couple of hours here and there for no apparent reason. It would be nice if Dominion set up some system whereby one would know how long the power had been out. Were I gone for the weekend and food might have been affected and rechilled or refrozen, how would I know? Better yet, get the grid reliable!

    • Ridiculous

      No, no – build a trolley. Priorities, and all that.

  • someone

    Dallynd – I keep a zipped bag of ice cubs in my freezer at all times. If I’m out of town (like when the derecho hit), I check to see if the bag is still in cubes to see if my freezer defrosted at any point while away.

  • Quackers
  • justin

    Big surprise. Any time the wind blows more than 10 mph North Arlington loses power.

  • bum

    Power outages are the new car flips.

  • Chris

    That’s why there are no streetcars planned for N. Arlington!


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