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Murray Responds to Moran Sequestration Letter

by ARLnow.com October 22, 2012 at 11:15 am 3,422 13 Comments

Republican congressional candidate Patrick Murray is responding to a letter incumbent Rep. Jim Moran (D) sent to Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell (R) on the topic of sequestration.

Moran asked McDonnell use his position in the Republican party to pressure GOP congressional leaders to support a “balanced approach to deficit reduction” that could avoid sequestration. Murray has responded with a statement criticizing Moran’s leadership on the issue.

For months and months, Jim Moran has done exactly nothing while this debacle unfolded. Moran offered no legislation and he refused to sign on to existing legislation. He didn’t even bother to have a town hall meeting to inform his constituents about how heavily we are about to be impacted.

Moran’s only recommendation is to raise taxes on the middle class at the end of the year, a tax increase of almost $3 trillion that would impact 83% of American households.

We expect our elected representatives to put people over partisanship and to find solutions to problems, not to complain and point fingers. Instead of Moran’s angry hyper-partisanship, we need a congressman who will work across the aisle and put the people of the 8th District first. Instead of political posturing, I’ll stand up for the workers of the 8th District and not let petty politics stand in the way of meaningful legislation.

  • malaka

    So let’s all complain about “hyper partisanhip” by acting in a hyper partisan manner!

  • Mike Honcho

    The sitting Representative should be working to create solutions, not sending letters to the state governor. Moran is a Moron!

    • What?

      Um, reaching across the aisle to ask for help for your constituents is working to create solutions. I think you just wanted an excuse to write the tired “Moran is a moron” slogan.

    • arl resident

      if you had bothered to read the link, you would see that Moran was “responding to McDonnell’s October 9 letter urging President Obama and the Virginia Congressional delegation to support a House Republican “cuts-only” plan that would shift all defense cuts to safety-net domestic programs.” Should he not have responded to the Governor?

      Also, McDonnell’s most recent letter comes after he sent a letter last year urging a “balanced deficit reduction package.” But now, a month before the election, his advice is to take the spending cuts only Republican bill or else cause great harm to VA’s economy. And Murray thinks Moran is the one being partisan on this issue?

    • Mike Honcho

      It’s not reaching across the aisle when you contact the STATE GOVERNOR who has minimal ability to affect FEDERAL issues. Representative Moran should have contacted his Republican Peers in the US House of Representatives.

  • Paco

    “I’ll stand up for the workers of the 8th District and not let petty politics stand in the way of meaningful legislation.”

    I’ll avoid petty politics by slamming my opponent two weeks before Election Day.

    Nice red lawn signs though.

  • Self determination

    Dear Murray,
    You will lose.
    The electorate.

    • novasteve

      That speaks poorly of the electorate here given they keep on electing the Moron Moran.

      • b

        5th grade style insults never cease to amuse. if anything, it speaks poorly of his opposition.

        • 5th grader

          Hahaha that’s funny cause he’s got a name that sounds like moron!

      • the tin dog

        Arlington and Alexandria voters would vote for the Devil himself if he ran as a Democrat.

  • WeiQiang

    … and let’s not forget how “angry” Moran is.

    • darsasx

      It didn’t escape notice that BO failed to include him in the “one is too many” domestic violence PSA. They would have had to re-name it “a couple of times might be okay”


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