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Arlington Ranks No. 2 on New ‘Rich and Single’ List

by ARLnow.com October 29, 2012 at 10:30 am 6,754 28 Comments

Arlington is moving up in the ranks of havens for the rich and single.

A new Bloomberg list of “large U.S. cities with wealthy one-person households” ranks Arlington as No. 2, second only to Hoboken, New Jersey. (Twenty-five percent of workers in Hoboken are employed in finance, insurance or real estate.)

To compile the list, Bloomberg examined U.S. Census data from 2006 to 2010 and identified cities of at least 50,000 people where men and women ages 15-64 “lived alone and had median incomes greater than national averages.”

In Hoboken, 53 percent of the population fell into that category. In Arlington, 43 percent of the population was classified as wealthy and living alone.

In August, Arlington ranked No. 4 on a CNN Money list of “Best Places for the Rich and Single.” According to figures cited by CNN Money, Arlington’s population is 41.5 percent single and has a median family income of $132,580.

  • JohnB

    From the Bloomberg article:

    “Males and females ages 15-64 living alone make up 53 percent of the population in Hoboken and 43 percent in Arlington. Nationwide, singles account for 27 percent of all households, according to the Census.”

    Percentage of households is not the same measure as percentage of population. I know journalism majors have trouble with the maths but this is pretty basic.

    • CW

      I don’t know a ton about census data but it looked from this article as though the bloomberg study was somewhat more rigorous than the CNN study. They said that they “identified cities of at least 50,000 people where men and women ages 15-64 lived alone and had median incomes greater than national averages”, which to me made it look like they at least isolated single-individual “households”, whereas the CNN money article appears to just use all household income data and conflate it with the % of singles.

    • Bender

      A better headline would be “rich and alone,” or “rich and living in solitude.” To say “rich and single” implies that this is “best place to live,” a great place to find a mate, but actually the opposite is true.

      How many of those “wealthy and living alone” would rather not be living alone? How many of those are people for whom marriage involuntarily passed them by?

      By personal experience, I know MANY single people, getting older every day, who thought growing up that they would marry, but for whatever reason, they never found a spouse or never found someone who wanted to marry them. And these are not unattractive or undesirable people — many are smart, good-looking, fun, caring, etc.

      National surveys and statistics show that they are not alone — substantially higher numbers of people who wanted to marry have not and never will. The numbers of involuntarily single are rising steadily. Aside from the personal tragedy of the individual involved, with no spouse and no children, what is to happen when these people become elderly and lack those household support structures to help take care of them? They will put a lot of stress on already overloaded caregiving facilities.

      That Arlington should rank highly in this category is not reason to celebrate, it is reason for concern.

      • JamesE

        Ok Dr. Phil

        • Shawn


          • Mike

            3 is excessive.
            I would say + 2.4

      • James B.

        One problem is everywhere I go around here the young men outnumber the young women slightly to severely. Meaning the women can be very choosy, while most of us guys are just out of luck.

        That’s why I usually travel at least an hour away on the weekends. To go places where the gender ratio isn’t so bad for us guys, and I might be able to actually find a wife someday.

        Also, according to the government you are either single or married. So if a woman has a boyfriend the government considers her as “single.” This is useful info for tax purposes, but not very useful dating info.

        • CW

          The ratio is off but I see more good looking women with complete loser dudes around here than I’ve seen anywhere else on earth. And I don’t mean like dbag frat boys, I mean like balding fat guys. I guess money talks.

          • James B.

            Yes, from gold-diggers to call-girls, the whoring is quite commonplace around here. Yet another reason to avoid the local dating scene.

          • Thataboutsumsitup

            Someone who thinks and talks like that isn’t anyone I or my friends would want to date, if that sheds any light on your personal situation.

          • Hmm


          • James B.

            Sounds like I struck a raw nerve. As such consider the feeling mutual.

      • Sadly…


      • b0rk

        Wealthy spinsters?

  • Crystal City

    Rich 15-year-olds living alone?

    • James Moron

      She said she was 18

    • Right of Center


    • Little Richie

      I saw that movie !!

  • JnA

    Prediction – Arlington won’t be on any upscale list in 2022 years if Republicans control Congress and the Presidency for the next 8 years.

    • Touche

      If the Democrats control congress and the presidency for 8 more years, NO county will be on the upscale list, given their war against wealth.

      • Josh S


    • Curious George

      I am not sure any predictions over 2000 years out can be all that accurate. Unless this is a satirical comment on our edimification system.

    • bobbytiger

      You will have the opportunity to find that out after next weeks election.

  • Josh S

    Since when does an income higher than the average automatically equal “rich?”

    • Mike

      I think they just mean that Arlington has an unusually large number of guys named “Richard” – you could say there are a lot of Dicks, or a lot of Riches.

  • Jim Webster

    Pretty good place to live if you’re neither, like e.

  • Tumblebum

    Don’t blame me. I’m neither rich or single. (but I am maddeningly handsome)

  • Steve Keller

    Rich and single because they can’t get married in Virginia. Just need to count the number of wealthy gay and lesbian residents in the County.


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