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by ARLnow.com November 1, 2012 at 9:00 am 4,858 30 Comments

November is Here — Today is the first day of November. Thanksgiving is three weeks away and Christmas is just under eight weeks away.

Daycare Workers At Fort Myer Accused of Abuse — Three childcare workers at Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall have been charged with assault after Army investigators, using surveillance cameras, observed them hitting, pushing and pinching young children, according to court documents. [WJLA]

Dems Set Fundraising Record — The Arlington County Democratic Committee has set a new fundraising record. ACDC raised more than $38,000 through its “Dollars for Democrats” campaign, compared to last year’s record haul of $21,258. [Sun Gazette]

Absentee Voting May Set Record — Arlington election officials are predicting a record number of absentee ballots cast in advance of the Nov. 6 general election. [Arlington Connection]

  • YTK

    OMG– those poor kids at the DayCare center!!!!

    • KalashniKEV

      Isn’t it pretty much a given that bad things will happen to your kids when you drop them off with a total-stranger, minimum wager earning adult for long periods of time on a daily basis?

      • Sam


      • YTK

        Mom never left me with a baby sitter other than my beloved Grandmother.

        Mom was LIVID when the nuns entrusted to teach us Cathecism would jerk all the little kids around and scream at them (us included). Mom (5’2. 110 pounds) gave them hell and us kids were very surprised when those nuns started to SMILE at us!!!.

        • Bacon

          Don’t mess with nuns. You go straight to hell if you mess with nuns.

          • 1RLI

            Yup. Or at least we felt like we were in hell after messing with them!

          • SteamboatWillie

            Not according to the Clash. Cue “Death or Glory” at your leisure.

      • Hank

        Yeah, I don’t think that’s a given. Most daycare providers do not abuse children. And are they all minimum wage? No. Daycare providers’ salaries are about twice the minimum wage. And, most parents send their kids to school whose teachers are likely total strangers. Unless said parents are weirdos who home school their children.

        • drax

          It’s Kev.

      • drax

        Daycare providers are total strangers?

      • drax

        So you’ll homeschool your kids, Kev?

        • KalashniKEV

          No… I’m finally going to get what I’m paying for- I’m sending them to The Arlington People’s Glorious Diversive Escuela de VIBRANCY.

          • drax

            Sure, Kev.

  • Concerned

    The daycare thing is very disconcerting. Had my kid in there for a year after 2-3 yrs in another DoD daycare from another services’ base. Never liked the vibe..but couldn’t attribute it to anything specific except the daycare worker I dealt with with was too “strict” for my personal parenting style. Chalked it up to conscious and subconscious biases, as I thought DoD daycares to be a step or two above “commercial” daycare, even world class. Had the option to keep kid there another year but passed based on vibe. Guess maybe i should have acted more on my instincts. Service members, at least I, very much relied on the peace of mind of thinking your kid was well taken care of. This certainly shakes that confidence. One more thing a deployed parent shouldn’t have to worry about. Maybe those cameras should not be temporary.

    • bman

      “using surveillance cameras, observed them hitting, pushing and pinching young children,”

      Sounds like regular discipline.

      So what’s the problem?

  • CaptObvious

    Today is the first day of November? HOLY SMOKES!!! In other breaking news, tomorrow is Friday, Sunday is three days away, and it’s Fall – the next season coming up is Winter.

    • kj

      and this just in: Generalismo Franco is still dead.

      • Bacon

        Has there been anything on the news about Daylight Savings time ending soon>

  • BluemontFred

    More important than it being November…it’s Movember!

  • Mary-Austin

    Um absentee voting is down. Unless they process 10,00 voters in the next two days it will be down.

  • Jay

    I like that ARLNOW is giving us morning wood pics.

    • drax

      The beavers in Pentagon City LOVE morning wood.

      • SomeGuy

        Careful though. They’re known to use their teeth on it.

  • Sam the Cat

    I like being reminded every day how long I have until Christmas, because November could be longer than its assigned 30 days.

    • Leapin’Lizard

      You never know when they are going to start moving around Leap Day like they did with DST.

    • SomeGuy

      How long til New Year’s Eve this time around?


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