Patrick Murray: Why You Should Vote For Me

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Last month we asked the four candidates for the U.S. House of Representatives, Eighth District of Virginia, to write a sub-750 word essay describing why the county’s residents should vote for them on Election Day (Nov. 6).

Here is the unedited response from Patrick Murray (R):

Although Jim Moran can point to a number of accomplishments in his thirty plus years as an elected official in Northern VA, his tenure has also been haunted with repeated instances of divisive language and questionable ethics, largely self inflicted. Despite the latter, Jim’s 8th District seat has always been considered “safe,” owing to the majority of Democrats who live here. I get that, probably better than most having run twice now for this seat.

The favorite question I get from members of the media is “Why are you doing this?” The answer is that I want to put people over partisanship and forge bipartisan solutions so that we can move this country forward.

I don’t seek big government or small government; I seek good government. I have taken no oaths or pledges other than the one I took to support and defend the Constitution when I joined the Army in 1985.

I want to balance our budget, but not on the backs of government employees and veterans. I do not support amnesty for illegal immigrants, but I do believe we need a solution toward residency their children who find themselves here through no fault of their own. I am a pro-Life individual who also finds the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) to be unconstitutional.

I’ve met President Obama and find him to be a good man who wants the best for America but whose policies I differ with. If he is reelected I will be the first to volunteer to work with him to find solutions that move America forward. I’m not interested in playing politics; I’m interested in solving problems.

Jim Moran has done some good things for our District, but as can happen when someone’s tenure extends too long, his actions attest to the fact that his head and his heart are no longer in his work. He is missing votes at double the rate of all other Members of Congress despite representing the District next door to Washington, DC. He has been completely absent on the critical issue of Sequestration even though our District will be among the hardest hit in the entire nation. Given this issue and many others, he has not even bothered to hold a town hall meeting for his constituents in almost 600 days.

Now Jim Moran is embroiled in a highly disturbing voter fraud scandal, with two (as of now) separate criminal investigations probing his campaign. Enough is enough. Jim has had his turn, but it is time to move on. I intend to put people over partisanship; to do that, I need your vote on November 6th.

  • addctd2badideas

    I’m a lifelong moderate Democrat who has voted for Moran 5 times. After this voter fraud scandal, I’m not too keen on him and his circle of family and supporters who seem to have grown a little too comfortable.

    Murray seems reasonable, at least judging by this piece. However, I am very apprehensive about voting for a Republican, moderate as they may be if they seek to impose cultural values on the rest of the country more indicative of the 1950’s rather than the 21st Century.

    Is there a convincing argument for Murray that ensures he’ll oppose the extremists in his party? I legitimately want to know that my vote to get rid of Moran will still ensure the protection of women’s rights, minority rights and smart (and not apocalyptic) fiscal policy.

    • JohnB2

      Read Jason Howell’s essay when it gets posted. He’s an independent so you don’t have to worry about using the evil R word.

      • DCBuff

        +1 vote

        • CrystalMikey


    • drax

      Do you really need an answer to that question? Do you really actually believe it’s possible that a Republican Congress will “ensure the protection of women’s rights, minority rights” or even “smart (and not apocalyptic) fiscal policy.”? Come on. Look at them.

    • KalashniKEV

      Ummm… have you not seen the show “Mad Men???”

      The 1950’s were AWESOME!!!!!1!

      • DCBuff

        Uh, the show takes place in the early ’60s when JFK was president. Watch it sometime.

        • drax


      • Not so much

        Yeah, if you were white and a man.

        But since you think they were so awesome, does that mean you’d be for going back to the income-tax rates under Eisenhower?

    • malaka

      So for you a scandal is as easy as having some right wing operative act like some kind of nut job, talk to his son and he doesn’t immediately and persistently tell him to F off.
      Totally fabricated. Scandal my arse.

      • KalashniKEV

        Did you watch the video???

        If you did, it was pretty scandalous… talk of forgery, fraud, etc…

        • malaka

          yep all talk and no action – and all the talk initiated by the nut case right wiong operative. Like I say he should have just told him to F off but he wasn’t that smart.

        • not scandalous at all

          just business as usual from right-wing hacks

    • VC

      Two years ago I asked Murray directly and he wants to overturn Roe V. Wade. Am almost sure his agenda is as far right as the rest of the Tea Party, certainly not good for women.

      • itstim

        Good for the female babies though!

        • Emilie

          Good for the female… embryos, you mean? Who cares!

    • johnny b

      But you’ve been OK the last 5 terms of Moran? I don’t ever recall him opposing the ‘extremists’ of his party! In fact, Moran is a member of the ‘extremist’ Congressional Progressive Caucus (76 of the farthest left wing dems in the House)….hardly a ‘moderate’ democrat.
      Perhaps you also need a history lesson on ‘minority rights’….Civil Rights Act of 1964 passed by Republicans….Democrats tried their best to kill it. ‘Extremist’, former(?) KKK ‘kleagle’, Democrat Sen. Byrd filibustered to beat the band to try and stop the Republicans from giving Civil Rights to ‘black people’.
      If you want to vote against Moran, then Murray is a sound choice.

      • addctd2badideas

        I think your argument of what party members supported 50 years ago is very poorly thought out. We haven’t lived in an era of across-the-aisle politics in some time.

        • johnny b

          “We haven’t lived in an era of across-the-aisle politics in some time”

          Wow! How soon a moderate dem like yourself forgets about Bill Clinton….a master politician who ‘worked across-the-aisle’ with Newt to pass and sign into law 90+% of Newt’s ‘Contract With America’.
          Clinton goes down in history as one of the best presidents ever and if it hadn’t been for his ‘working across-the-aisle’, we’d only remember him for creative cigar humidors!

    • Nope

      Have you read his campaign materials or met him? Murray is not moderate, he is far right and not representative of Arlington. If you are a woman, you are crazy to vote for him. If you are not a woman, please think of the women in your life and how you would like for them to be treated.

      • Quoth the Raven

        Just curious, but what about women who are anti-abortion? Do they count? Or are they just silly, unenlightened folk?

        • addctd2badideas

          You can be anti-abortion, but women’s health is not limited to that issue alone. Much of what Republicans have tried to do in the past decade is roll back access to contraceptives and female-specific health screenings (such as mammograms). Yes, Planned Parenthood performs abortions.

          What I don’t get is that if people want to eliminate abortions, things like Universal Healthcare and the elimination of abstinence-only sex ed will at least drastically reduce their numbers. But of course, it’s tied into “Jesus said both things are bad,” so people don’t want to prioritize.

          • johnny b

            Quote: addctd2badideas:
            “Yes, Planned Parenthood performs abortions.”

            But they DON”T do mammograms! Only referrals.

            There are options available to get a referral that do not entail far left activist orgs such as planned parenthood.

            Since you brought up PP, let’s take a look.

            Planned Parenthood has been front and center advocating for and helping to get laws passed in many states that allow abortions for minors without parental notification or consent…although if there are complications, those same parents are responsible for the care and costs of those complications.


            From the IPPF website….this is what they want worldwide:

            “Ensuring that young people give their consent before any personal sexual health information is disclosed to parents, families, spouses, partners, or communities.”

            “Autonomy to make decisions about one’s sexuality in line with the evolving capacity of young people and without forceful interference from parents, guardians, or other adult figures.”


            Can’t drink legally, can’t smoke legally, but hey, ya wanna chop off yer junk and become a girl because at 15 you’re certainly mature enough to make that decision; the Planned Parenthood folks are behind ya 100%….and ya don’t have to tell yer folks!

            Personally, I don’t want any tax money going to these creeps.

            Vote the Republican ticket!

    • arl resident

      for a look at Murray’s true feelings on minority rights, you may be interested in the way he used LGBT rights as a wedge issue in his 2010 primary against his openly gay opponent,

      he opposed the repeal of DADT and objected to Berry’s support for gay marriage in states that approved it. but now he says he finds DOMA unconstitutional.

      btw, Moran voted against DOMA when it passed in ’96, one of the few who did so.

    • Jim Moron

      Keep recycling those Obama campaign talking points!

  • timetothink

    ^addctd2badideas, why don’t you consider Jason Howell, independent?

  • Marie Antoinette

    I cannot wait until next Tuesday night! Tuning in to MSNBC and watching the expressions as the GOP takes 1600 Penn, the Senate and retains control of the house? Priceless.

    • novasteve

      I wish I shared your optimism, but I don’t. Dems have had so long to buy votes, indoctrinate in the public schools that I’m shocked that elections are even remotely close. The dems should be dominating everything.

      • KalashniKEV


        There’s never going to be another Republican president ever again in American history.

        • sensible person

          I really, really hope that is true, They have done far too much damage – since the 1960s at any rate..they were almost reasonable and enlightened before then. However I fear that money talks – and it talks loudest with a republican voice – as they bow down to the corporate elite.

          • yup

            republicans make us alll dependent on global corporations

          • johnny b

            ” – and it talks loudest with a republican voice – as they bow down to the corporate elite.”

            Is that why my Arl Democrat sample ballot that came in today’s mail has a NO vote checked on the Eminent Domain question???
            If question 1 fails, then fat cat developers/corporations can take your property and put in a more valuable product (for profit). The ‘public use’ is defined as more tax revenue for the county/state.
            A result of Kelo v. City of New London, 545 U.S. 469, a case decided by the Supreme Court of the United States involving the use of eminent domain to transfer land from one private owner to another private owner to further economic development. In a 5–4 decision the 4 liberal and 1 moderate Justices ruled in favor of the land developers.

            Democrats are everything they accuse Republicans of being, times 2.

            VOTE YES ON QUESTION 1 !!!

      • wing nut

        You really believe that don’t you? last time I checked it was Newt giving out cheap gas on Columbia Pike. Where’s my dem money!! Who do I get in touch with?

        • novasteve

          I didn’t realize Newt was a government official. I think that was HIS money he was giving out. Dems make people reliant on government and in return they get votes.

          • mister oilypants

            yeah right he owns New American Energy Corp…..(F’wit) …has he ever actually had his own money….other than corporate donations to his many campaigns and special interest gorups?

          • not scandalous at all

            no, it is not his money. it is sheldon adelson’s

      • Hank

        How do democrats indoctrinate (in) public schools?

        • DCBuff

          Watch the shiny coin…you’re getting sleepy, very sleepy…when you wake up you will be a liberal!

          • Hank

            Damn, that’s what happen to me! I thought I turned liberal because of the values I was brought up with and the fact that I’m literate.

        • novasteve

          Are you serious? The public school system is the reproductive system of liberalism.

          • novasteve

            It’s getting so crazy that at Liberal Evergreen State University, where they have high school kids use the facilities for sports, they have men exposing themselves to underage girls in locker rooms, but since they are “Transgender” it’s perfectly okay.. Liberals use the schools to indoctrinate kids with liberal ideals, some of which is maintreaming and normalizing mentally ill thoughts/behavior.


          • Hank

            Wait, did you seriously use Fox News radio to provide support for your argument?

          • News Guru

            Wait, do you actually think there’s a media outlet out there without an agenda?

          • newsman

            some news organizations – in fact most of them – seek to present a well balanced argument supported by facts. Not spread lies and misinformation like Roger Ayles

      • drax

        Its so easy to blame others for your failures, isn’t it? It’s indoctrination and buying votes! It’s not just your ideas being rejected.

        • GC2

          Handing out free money does work, otherwise the election would not be this close. When nearly half the US population does not pay income taxes, it is a very slippery slope. “The problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people’s money [to spend].”

      • damn those liberals, teaching our children science! SCIENCE! what’s next, math? MATH! heaven help us, the children are going to grow up with LOGIC!

        • roger ayles


        • novasteve

          How do they have time to teach math and science when liberals are busy dumbing down the schools to get a feel good moment then taking time away from math/science to indoctrinate kids by teaching gay history, etc? Our schools are getting worse and worse because LIBERALS keep on lowering the standarnds so they get equality of outcome, whereas other countries do NOT do this, and why our students are falling so far behind.

    • addctd2badideas

      I would have less problem with that scenario if your party wasn’t full of creationist, war-mongering, anti-intellectual lunatics. Even if I think Romney’s ideas for the economy are not insane, I can’t support a party whose platform is so blatantly anti-woman, anti-immigrant, and anti-science.

      • Middle Man

        Yeah, I think the Republicans are doomed in future elections unless they lighten up on LGBT issues and the whole “Intelligent Design” garbage.

        Most younger folks simply don’t align with the Republicans on these issues.

  • sam the cat

    I will happily vote for Mr. Murry, however Jim Moran and Son have already registered my fish, cat, dog, a box of doughnuts and several other random objects and ‘assisted them’ in casting a vote for Jim Moran. I doubt my single vote will override the fraud that Moran has gotten away with.

    • i’m pretty sure arlington and alexandria will go fully dem without any extra help. nice try, though.

  • John Fontain

    So to summarize his submission, he doesn’t have much to say about any particular issue other than “Moran needs to go.”

    • dk (not DK)

      He knows he can’t win on his view of the issues. Better to avoid saying anything at all.

  • bluemont runner

    John hit is right on the head. His pitch is that he’s not Moran. Well, in that case, every other Arlingtonian should be elected. Weak, weak stuff.

  • novasteve
    • not scandalous at all

      you, dear steve, are a lying sack of stuff

    • Down with this sort of thing!

      enough of this liberal crap!

  • GC_Now

    Why aren’t Murray’s positions on DOMA and immigration reform on his website?


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